Did you get an iPhone 4?


Apple has finally released iPhone 4 -- at least in the first wave of countries -- and many of you pre-ordered for delivery or reserved and stood in line just to get yours. I'm curious as to how many?

Anyone not get an iPhone 4? If not, was it because you couldn't or you chose not to?

Vote in the poll up top and let us know which iPhone 4 you got, or why you didn't get an iPhone 4, in the comments below.

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Did you get an iPhone 4?


Did not get mine. I was at the mall at 5:45 and in line when they opened the doors at 6:00, but still about number 125 in the reservations line. My travel plans changed and I was about number 50 when I had to leave at 9:00 to catch a flight.

I'm getting the white one for my wife next month and then one for myself a little latter. Hopefully by then they will have worked out whatever issues are plaguing the phone.

I got one, had an Apple store reservation, got in line at 6:30am and was done around 10am. It took longer than I thought it would, but no issues with getting the phone activated or with the phone itself. So far my only complaint is that it won't fit my TomTom car kit. Still using the old phone for that for now.

Yep. Arrived at Green Hills Store in Nashville at 4 am because we didn't manage to reserve phones. There were about 150 people in front of us. We walked out after nearly 12 hours at 3:45 pm, but at least we got the phones. Were told the stores server crashed which accounted for the lines not moving for a couple hours. They were taking 4 reserved people for every non-reserved person. In total there were 1200-1500 people. It was nuts.

Not planning on a new cell phone until Sep 2011 when my contract runs out. At which time, I'm sure there will be an HSPA+ 14.4 Mbit/s iPhone with 64 GB storage and at least a single core A9. Who knows maybe even a duo core A9.
In the meanwhile, maybe I'll even hold out for 4.0.1 before upgrading my 3GS to iOS4.

I want one so bad but my 3GS contract isn't up until next June. I updated my OS software which is awesome, but still rather have the 4. Seems I'm not alone. There are a lot of people that got the first iPhone in June, yrs ago, then got the 3 last year, and now have to wait a yr.

I actually had a good friend who is the manager at a local Radio Shack that got me one. He called me yesterday said that he had the phone, all I had to do was go pay for it and pick it up. Painless and no crazy lines to stand in. I love the phone, no issues with it at all.

Outside Vodafone store in UK at 6.45am and 1st in queue. Doors opened 8am. Walked at 8.10am with a 32gb one and very pleased. Even more bizarre was the o2 stores had immense queues, Orange stores about 30 people and similar by the carphonewarehouse stores. What was funny, was the Phones4u staff were waiting for their store to open. The store was 2 doors down from Vodafone. They told me they had 8 in stock. And nobody was queuing there!

Got mine and things could not have gone more smoothly! Preordered on 6/15 at my local AT&T store (out of the store in less than 30 minutes). I had the FedEx tracking number and stalked the FedEx page yesterday. As soon as I saw that it had arrived at my local AT&T store, I went in and was out in under 15 minutes. The phones had literally just come off the truck and the sales guy had it up and running very quickly. The longest part of the whole process was "restoring" the phone when I got home - it took a little over 30 minutes to transfer all my apps and music onto the phone. I absolutely love how going from one iPhone to another is so seamless - no re-entering information or organizing apps - it's all right there!
Some initial impressions (going from the 3Gs to the 4) - the 4 is noticeably faster than the 3GS. The screen is amazing and the ability to shoot HD video is awesome if you're someone who shoots a lot of video with your iPhone. I have not really had time to use the imovie app yet, but plan to try that later today. The front-facing camera records video quite nicely too; it's a great feature for folks who have vlogs or need to record themselves. The built-in flash is a huge improvement, especially when recording video in low light. I used that last night and was really impressed at the video quality. Battery life is definitely improved - I was able to keep location services and WiFi on all yesterday, something I never did with my 3GS because it drained the battery. I really hope that this improved battery life will encourage more folks to leave WiFi on at all times, thereby easing the load on AT&T's network (for those of us who live in big cities, there are always WiFi hotspots because there's a starbucks on every corner. If I keep WiFi on when downtown, I'm almost constantly on a WiFi network).
That all said, I think the biggest improvement with the iphone is the new operating system. I saw some modest improvements in battery life with my 3GS when I went I upgraded to OS4 last week. The ability to create folders, change backgrounds, and multi-task (albeit Apple style) were huge improvements for me.

I am planning on getting one, but I didn't want the first batch off the assembly line. I'll wait another week or so. First run is good for comic books, but not for Apple products.

I got mine, idk if im alittle dissapointed , being that the phone is not so diffrent from the 3gs

So i got my pre-order in before the computers went down and for some reason stupid a$$ AT&T still hasn;t even shipped my iphone from their warehouse

pre-ordered it for delivery on July 2, but just cancelled. Too many teething problems. Yellow dots, antennas. Will wait a month for them to get their production process sorted out. No need to hurry in like a child into a candystore. we're all grown ups here. or at least I am.

I got the 32gb black. Stood in reserved line at the Apple store for 7 hrs.
The store in Fort Worth had over 1,200 iPhones on reserve! They were letting 50 people from the reserve line in and only 1 (one, not a typo) in from the walk-in line at a time. It was great though, they fed us donuts, red bulls, coffee from Starbucks, snacks, and eater for the entire reserve line. A+ rating and experience for me!

I must say Best Buy came through for me with flying colors! I made an appointment, picked it up, they had already installed my screen protector. They had a large number of cases and accessories to select from. They did my switcheroo of my lines so that it reflected my line two number though line one was eligible for upgrade. They even made sure I got to keep my 30$ unlimited plan even though the line I was actually upgrading did not have a data plan. So they used my line 2 BB data plan. It was so painless. I did go into ATT on the 23rd to discuss my data plan dilemma and they told me that they could not guarantee that I could keep my data plan since technically the phone I was upgrading didn't have one. I'm starting to think there isn't anything ATT can control.

I entirely agree with a little patience, but it's ok for people to get it as soon as possible. They get to use it earlier at the risk of some possible bugs.
For us types, we're happier just waiting for the bugs to worked out as much as possible before buying. It's fine either way. It's fun to see the enthusiasm. It's not something we should knock.

On Wednesday, went to the Apple Store and had my 3Gs replaced (after MONTHS of problems using 3G, beyond #attsucks' normal bad service). Walked out happy that I had a new phone that actually worked and did everything I wanted it to, without actually having to pay for a new phone.
I love Apple, I love the iPhone, but I'm not buying another phone that's attached to #attsucks. When my contract expires, I'm canceling the account, reactivating my old LG on Verizon, and wait until some other carrier offers the iPhone before I upgrade.

I went to radio shack on pre-order day.....did I mention I was number 1 with a PIN and guess what I'm not holding an iPhone....never going there again!

Pre ordered mine on the 15th throught apple premier and still haven't received it :(. Finally got through and talked to someone yesterday I won't be recieving mine till Monday WTH! I ordered mine early in the morning too.

@shrike and worpman, I'm with you both! I'm still somewhat undecided but leaning towards getting the 4. But even if I was sure about getting it, I would definitely wait for their bugs to be sorted out. I'm not testing anything for anybody. For my money, it just has to work!

I got mine yesterday afternoon. Display is defective with a vertical line of bad pixels from top to bottom. Called Apple and they set me up with an appointment at the Genius bar. They said they could fix bad pixels...I am not so sure they can or that I want it fixed. I'd rather have a new phone. I did not activate it so I am hoping they can replace it.

Don't have or use credit cards so. I'll be getting mine on the 29th with cash. Which a lot of companies now a days don't like.

Pre-ordered a 32GB from Best Buy. Still waiting. Apple diverted stock from the channel to attend to walk-up crowds at their own stores. Pretty weak move on the part of Apple. Not gonna wait on line, and the more time Apple & Best Buy give me the more I will reconsider even getting one.

Waited in line for 3 hours and I'lll be the first to say that the phone isn't all of that...I'm not that impressed with any part of it other then the screen being a brighter resolution. Other wise they charged $30 for a bumper which goes around the outside of the phone, not the back of it. I'm thinking it's going to go right back and switch to the dark Side...Android here I come..Just don't make any since to pay extra for data any more when other carriers don't do it...Dang Apple and AT&T.

Best Buy screwed up. They said they called me, whereas I have the phone records to prove that they didn't. In any event, the guy at Best Buy Mobile hung up the phone when asked whom he spoke to. I hate using them. I got my $50 deposit back, and I ordered online. Now I have to wait to the ships by July 15th date. Oh well. Don't preorder your phones in the future from Best Buy. Just go to Apple right away.

I have an iPhone 3G and quite honestly I'm not in that much of a hurry to buy the 4G. I will order one soon but when I'm ready. However, it's not like when the 3G came out and I was migrating from a Treo to the iPhone for the first time. I have an iPhone, it has iOS4 now and I'm pretty content - there is no burning need to upgrade on roll out day just to get a device, no need to interrupt life as I know it just to be on Steve Jobs' timetable. Thank you, but I'll spend my $300+ (32G plus accessories) when I'm ready and if they're out of stock I'll wait a few weeks longer like I did 2 years ago.

Got one delivered early at 10 am on the 23rd but ... I can't activate it yet! I used my wife's upgrade and plan to do an upgrade swap to activate it on my line, but she's traveling this week and I can't activate it without deactivating her phone. (Which can be fixed with a call to AT&T to swap the lines and reactivating her old phone in iTunes- but she needs to be here for me to reactivate her old phone.) It's extremely frustrating staring at the "Connect to iTunes" screen while everyone else is enjoying their new phones. Can't wait for the weekend: "Honey, I'm so glad to see you! I missed you so much! ... Can I borrow your phone for a few minutes? Ok, thanks- let me just go to the office for a minute..."

I Pre-ordered on Tuesday 15th, AT&T cancelled my order, but I have a charge on on my credit card and a new two year contract and no IPhone 4

Was put on a waiting list for reserve at radioshack. Got the call there was one available waitin for me. Got off work and picked it up only paid for tax w trade in. Pretty amazing 

Was number seven at my local bestbuy and grabbed mine yesterday. I'm glad that live in a rural area bc I didn't even preorder to the 16th. To everyone that not satisfied with the phone did u not check out the keynote or blog sites (tip.com

I stood in line not once, but twice!!!! talk about dedication. Actually I stood in line starting @5:30 in the morning for mine, and then, went back around 5pm to get my wife's iphone. She wasn't with AT&T so I had to get all that situated first (port her # over) SO I pretty much spent the whole day at the mall. HAHA

@Björn, shrike & worpman. Likewise!
I should think I'll be getting one for myself and another for my girl, but most definitely not first-run. I've been burned this way before.
We both have 3GSs running iOS4, so waiting ain't that painful.

I have to wait until Tuesday, when AT&T does "first come, first serve." I couldn't pre-order, because I didn't have the money at the time; and I didn't stand in line, because I'm in the military (MP) and work day shift. But I will camp out Monday night if I have to to get the 32 gb model.

I reserved my on the Apple app. I went down to the Apple store and the reserve line was two hours long. They came out and gave us bottle water and cupcakes. Alittle later black clouds rolled in and when some Apple workers saw it. They brought out umbrella's for us.

Second place? iPhone 4 sales estimates are 1.5 million in one day versus a lowly 60,000 for your precious EVO. Tell me which phone is in second place? Not the EVO. EVO is somewhere at the bottom with the Pre. Have a nice day!

Got mine wed. And I have had none of those problems, the only thing weird that happened was some app's crash not sure why?

Didn't upgrade. I think it's a compelling upgrade but my major reasons are: 1) current financial considerations, and 2) would like to wait it out until my ATT contract expires in December and then evaluate the offerings of the broader smartphone industry at that time.

I'm a truck driver and have a 3G. My new iPhone 4 arrived at my house the afternoon of the 23rd. I'm in Salt Lake City, Ut (800 miles from home) waiting for a load that will get home.

I bought the EVO and returned it 10 days later. It's a mess. That Friendstream thing is a joke. It doesn't update correctly. The layout is so disorganized.
On top of that, I wasn't receiving text messages until 1 day after they were sent and the phone didn't start ringing until the caller heard the 6th ring on their end. When I returned it to the Sprint store, the guy said "oh yeah, that's been happening to me the past couple of weeks too". SERIOUSLY, WTF!!!

I tried pre-ordering numerous times throughout the day on the 15th. Finally, after 7 (pacific time) I got one, shortly after they switched to later deliveries... Then Monday night when I was installing iOS4 on my 3G, I got the email that my delivery would be the 23rd!!! I was very happy because I had a flight Wednesday night and was anticipating not getting my new phone until I returned... So, Wednesday, I kept checking fedex to see if it really delivered, but the site was not updating,,, My iPhone 4 arrived at my house at 3pm!! I got home at 3:30 :) I tried to activate it around 5 and kept getting the activation timed out message, oh noooooo! AT&T didn't even try to help because the phone was early... Apple was trying to figure it out when I googled it and found a note that said to restart iTunes. It WORKED! My old phone deactivated while I was talking to Apple. Everything installed quickly. I left for the airport at 9pm. I used airport wifi and listened to the iPod the whole time. I sent texts and yahoo IMs and then used it as normal all day Thursday. It finally hit the 20% battery left at 10 (central time) last night! Worth all the hassle right there! Oh, and it is sooooo fast! And looks sweet!

Ordered mine on the 15th through AT&T's website, had the confirmation email just after noontime. Still no phone. My order status is listed as 'backordered'. I'm really not happy about this.

I am not buying mine until I get my Otterbox Defender for it. Otterbox will send me an e-mail when they have them and I will take it straight to AT&T so it will be protected from day one like my 3G was. The anticipation is killing me reading all this stuff about the speed. I have a feeling it will be like going from my old 1998 Packard Bell desktop to my 2009 HP laptop.

Apple's marketing team is the best in the world - they hype up the iPhone so much so as to make everyone "believe" it is the most incedible smartphone ever conceived, and that we must have it in order for our lives to be complete. WE are all being brainwashed!! I will not buy another iPhone. I upgraded the OS of my 3GS to see if iOS4 would make me love my phone - it did not. And now reading about all the problems with the actual iP4, and Steve Job's utter disrespect to the buyers who are experiencing problems - yes they may have sold 1.5 million units, but people are already starting to return them. Major Failure Apple!!

Got my 32GB iPhone 4 yesterday. Luckily for me a friend of mine's the store manager at a vodafone store. He reserved mine as soon as the stock came in. No queuing up for me whatsoever, I just simply waited till I finished work, walked in and picked my phone up.
And I have to say, the iPhone 4 makes the 3GS look and feel very dated. The level of precision in the build quality is nothing short of astonishing. In fact, this thing looks like it was built by a bunch aliens, it's that precise. I love it!

No order for me. I purchased both the 3G and 3GS right around launch, but the new one just isn't doing if for me. I really wanted a larger screen, pixel density wasn't the big issue with the older devices, screen size was. I'm not sure we need a 4.3" screen like the Evo, but 3.8" - 4.0" would have been a worthy upgrade (especially with the higher rez screen). Also disappointed we don't have a 64 GB option, as I'm tired of shuffling things on and off my 32 GB device already.
From a hardware standpoint, I think Apple has been trailing for some time and iPhone 4 doesn't change that. Their software and the fantastic app store have been why I've had a hard time leaving. If Android had 1/2 the quality apps that iOS does, I would have already left, as it is I'm stuck chosing between inferior hardware, or inferior software/apps. SOMEDAY, someone will get it all right, won't they?

No iPhone 4 for me. I just don't want to pay full price for a phone that does little else my 3GS does. I already have the 32GB model, so I'd gain no storage benefit from the 4, and would almost never use FaceTime, really...especially since I don't know anyone else with a 4 yet. I'll wait until I'm out of contract next fall and consider whatever Apple has, along with whatever else is out there.

Mine was delivered on time, but I've still not opened it. As a Nexus One owner I just don't feel any excitement for it at all. It's still in it's shrink wrap! I need to decide very soon if I'm actually going to keep it or send it back as at the moment it's just a £499 paper weight.

NO, waiting for the white iPhone & the bugs to be fixed. plus i'm hoping the dev team finds & releases an unlock for it before my upgrade in august

Hello! This is Fedex Lina. Enjoy your iPhone! We appreciate your business. Have a wonderful 4th July holiday!