How is your iPhone 4 battery life under iOS 4.0.2?

iPhone 4 iOS 4 battery life

How is your iPhone 4 battery life under iOS 4.0.2? Since iPhone 4 launched we've gotten tons of email and tweets from readers surprised at just how much battery life they're getting out of iPhone 4, but iOS 4.0.2 seems to have raised that bar (even if only slightly).

I know my iPhone 3GS would be in the red by early evening, yet even pushing around four times as many pixels with that huge Retina Display, iPhone 4 seems to just go and go. Especially impressive is stand by, where I've left it off the charger overnight only to wake up and find the battery levels had barely budged.

What's your experience so far with iPhone 4 under iOS 4.0.2 battery life?

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How is your iPhone 4 battery life under iOS 4.0.2?


Yea all good for me too :-) I'm in an area with high signal all day (Telstra, Australia) and I can go nealy 3 days between charges, even using lots of data and iPod....

I never updated past 4.0 because I don't like the look of the iPhone Signal Bars. It makes me think I bought a fake iPhone.

When i got my iphone 4 my battery life was great now im not so impressed. I upgraded to 4.0.2 and it still isnt what it should be. I've had an iphone for the past 3 years so I know just about everything about it, but is there something that you guys are doing that I am not to get this battery life?

Not impressed with the battery life on my iPhone 4. Its feels the same, if not worse, than my 3G. It is absolutely not better for me.

It's definitely better than my 3G, but it's not a huge difference. I still have to charge every night. Of course, because of the speed, screen and great camera, I actually use it a lot more than I ever did my 3G...

What a world of difference! For the first hour of me listening to music my battery goes down only 1% and after that it's still great! I listen to my music eight hours a day straight (work nights in empty store) and after that and of course texts, IMs, some web browsing and the like I'm anywhere from 45%-70%.
Better than my iPhone 3GS and my Bold 9700.

ah ... maybe they changed the way battery is calculated also, new algorithm , lolllll ...

I had the same problem. I was not impressed by the battery life, it was not much better than my 3G, however I did a restore to factory settings and installed everything again, and the battery life is great. I used to toggle of the 3G network and use wifi but now I get 2 full days standby and 10 hours use. And when I wake up the next morning the percentage may have dropped by 1 or 2% or none. Check if you have Skype and fring running in the background they do eat the batt
I have two Push emails and half brigtness settings

It's just as great as it ever was for my i4. I can get about 8 hours of actual usage (such as a couple of quick phone calls, some email and web browsing, but mainly streaming music from Pandora over WiFi with the screen on all the time so I see what is playing) and with that usage I also get 18 hours of standby. So basically I never have to worry about plugging it in before I go to sleep. If I'm conservative with my usage I can easily get over 48 hours of standby and that's in areas of weak 3G reception with push services still on.
For those with terrible battery life, do you play lots of games? (games can still suck the life out of the battery) Have you also tried rebooting your phone? While the iOS backgrounding features should ensure better battery life I have encountered some quirky behaviour from a few apps and there was one day where my battery life kept going down with nothing running as if something got stuck in a loop. Rebooting fixed that.

My iPhone 4 has much better Batterie Life than my iPhone 3GS had before (both under iOS 4)
I have noit noticed any differences in Batterie Life between 4.0.1 and 4.0.2
Before i had the iPhone 4 i had to Power it every NIght. Now i can work with it almost 2 Days and that's really impressing.

Took a hit initially when I JB'ed my iP4, but with a couple Cydia updates since then, pretty much back to normal. At about 30% at night when putting on the charger, and that is about 16hrs standby an anywhere from 5-8 hrs usage. Pretty impresse so far. I did notice that reconditioning - full drain then full charge - after about a month seemed to help.

Awesome battery, especially on standby
Lord only knows how they managed to get so much juice out of this thing!

Watchout for programs running in the background I had to uninstall fringe cuz it was killing my battery

My iPhone 4 battery life is (and always has been) roughly similar to that of my old 3G - not awful, but significantly less than a day of use.

I find it HIGHLY suspect when people "claim" to get more than a day of battery life with "HEAVY" use.

iOS4 has completely screwed up my 3G, everything seems to be worse - battery life, responsiveness, stability. Surely this should have been tested more thoroughly before they advised EVERYBODY to upgrade. Very frustrated with the whole espisode to be honest.

@Jacky Liang
That has got to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Who cares what the battery bars look like? I don't spend all day looking at the bars. iOS4 is a better platform than 3x by far!

I'm still on 4.0.1 (love my jailbreak) and am always running Skype, IM+ and ilocalis (to track your iPhone) in the background. I had a similar configuration on my 3GS. The battery of the 3GS was always dead by the end of the day and had to be recharged either via USB or in my car when coming back from work. Now with the iPhone 4, I still have anywhere between 20% to 30% left by the end of the day. I call A LOT, regularly check several RSS feeds and send/receive E-mails all day long (with push enabled). Before the iPhone 4, I used to carry an extra battery just to make sure I got trough the day. Well, not anymore. So, yes, I'm very happy with the battery life. I really don't understand why some people complain about it. If you have problems, I would recommend a complete restore, because battery life should be nothing but great.

You have got to be kidding me? There are actually people who won't upgrade passed 4.0 just because the battery bars are slightly taller on the left side? Even if there are other improvements and the PDF vulnerability is fixed? You do know that by simply visiting a site or clicking a link from email can have your iPhone infected or destroyed right? Just because of taller bars? It's going to get worse now since the source code for that jailbreak web site is out letting anyone take advantage of it.

I recently took a flight from NJ to CA. During the flight I watched 2 movies, played numerous games, and listened to music. When I landed in CA I still had 30% remaining! My 3GS would have been dead. The one app that absolutely kills my battery is Palringo.

LOL not updating because of what the bars look like is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. Grow up! LMAO

I feel like my battery life has gone down a bit with 4.02, but it's still 10x better than my 3G. I used to be a solid every other day with iPhone 4 - but it's been daily now with 4.02, but it's very possible I'm using more data than before. One thing I do to help with battery life is turn on Airplane mode when I'm sleeping overnight or any time when I konw I'm not going to have my phone on me for a few hours - like when I'm in the gym, playing basketball, etc.

Not impressed. I come to iphone 4 from the original iphone (gen 1). Even up until the last day I used it, I would get two full days use from it. With the iphone4, around 3:00 in the afternoon I have to use it less until I get to a power source. I'm down to 10% by 5:00. I'll have to get a universal dock for work to remedy this.
Agree with MikeD ^
Are you serious Jacky? It looks like a fake iphone???

I agree with the few people that are questioning how you can get more than a day with "heavy" use. I love the battery life on the 4. I can make it through a full day even with a lot of usage, but if I use the phone a lot it's down around the 10-20% range. About 7 hours is the most I've gotten. Usually it's 5-6.

Why are so many people that are not using 4.0.2 replying in this blog? Please read the blog title before posting so we can read the correct feedback.

Very impressive. First smartphone from any platform I have had that doesnt need charging overnight. I know leave wifi on too.
Push email, pim, simplytweet v3, push notifications on a lot of apps.
Can listen to music for absolutely hours, days.

My wife and i both have iPhone 4's and we both love the battery life. We use our phones constantly, specially her! We can go through the day without charging and leave it on over night and still no need to charge. I can't say i get 3 days worth without charging. But we def. get 2 days out of it. Anyone who has problems with theirs should look at their settings. Maybe some tweaking may help. Also make sure you dont have 50 apps (sarcasm) running in the background.

I consider myself a moderate user and my 3G needed a nightly charge. I'm up to a day and a half now, but once the newness wears off and I'm not playing with it as much, I feel comfortatble the 4 will be able to go two full days between charges (maybe even 3). I'm going to NY next month (from TX), so I'm looking forward to giving it a real workout keeping me entertained during the flight, and seeing what's left when I land. As someone above said, my 3G wouldn't have made it the full trip.

Some people are not upgrading to 4.0.2 because that involves them giving up their jailbreak. Not so much because of the look of the new Reception bars.
Giving up your jailbreak is a BIG DEAL.

I hadn't updated my i4 when I got it because my dealings with 4.0.1 on my 3G was TERRIBLE! I went from 86% to 7% in 8 hours just texting and nothing else. I've since then been without internet while on vacation except through Wifi or when at a family member's computer. So I plan to fully test out my battery life on iOS 4 once I get back next week. Then once I have a good idea of how it lasts with my typical usage I'll upgrade to 4.0.2 and see how it compares. I will then upgrade the 3G if it's allowed if there is bettery battery life after all.

It seems like 4.0.2 gives better battery life than 4.0 and 4.0.1. I may have switched off some apps' push notification, which would help. But I also leave 3G enabled full-time now, whereas I used to turn it off on my old 3G to yes, increase battery life. And even with 3G on full-time, battery life seems really good.

BTW, a slightly off but related topic. I notice that a full charge takes longer on my iPhone 4 than on my old iPhone 3G. Has Apple raised iPhone 4' battery capacity?

Until updated I got 1hour of solid usage for every 10% and about 30hours of standby until it died. Now I'm at 47% and only used for 2 hours and 10hours for standby.... Might need to reinstall.

Also the Unlock slider for calls and alarm sticks and when killing apps the phone stops for about 30secs.

still have the iphone 3g and my battery life is non existent, full overnight charge lasts about 1 hour...less if I use the safari. Apple really messed up for 3g owners

I've had much better battery life with my i4 than I ever had with my 3Gs and 3G. I was totally taken back and amazed @ the battery life.
I haven't noticed a difference with 4.0.2. I hope I dont. But I'm wondering if people didn't let their i4s run all the way down to shut off a couple of times in the first weeks they had it.
I always allow a device to run till it turns off a couple of times in the first 2 to 3 weeks of ownership.

the usage rates are a testament to the power of the iphone 4. i get close to the same stats as my 3g but that's deceiving; the "density" of usage is about 3 times more in the same time period. the iphone 4 is now my exclusive book reader,email and web device; almost replacing my laptop completely. sure i charge it within the same intervals as my 3g but i use it TONS more between the charges. both my parents were "complaining" about the 4's battery life but when i checked their usage stats, they were through the roof. they hadn't realized that they were using the thing so much more than their 3g phones.

If use the Iphone just for calls, SMS, check the email, msn, you probably will have 2days of batt. But, if you use safari a lot or let the push option on, your batt will down vary fast. The problem of iphone´s batt is the internet navigation. A hello from Brazil - Belém.

Well it's 5:27 pm and I have 64% battery. I'd say I've used my phone just as much today as any other day. Usually around this time my battery is about 20%

I've definitely had way better battery life on the iPhone 4 than the 3GS regardless of whether it was iOS4.0, 4.01 or 4.0.2 (not much diff between 4 and 4.02 that i've noticed). Up to two full days with moderate use including iPod, email, RSS, browsing, calls, sms, 10+ apps, push notifications etc daily. I can now have push on all the time, 3G, location services, wifi, 50% brightness etc. Bascially, most of the services that had to be turned off using the 3GS to get through the day can now be run and still have 20-30% battery left at the end of day two. I agree with the other posters. If you're not getting 1.5+ days out of your iPhone 4 either your settings need tweaking or you've got a bad battery. It Rocks!

Apple definitely did a good job with iPhone can last me a full day of heavy usage, whereas the 3GS would be red or even die by evening

Battery life slightly better with 4.0.2. Can last all day with one charge and stand by battery life is awesome also.


Not much improvement (if any) over my old 3GS. No improvement whatsoever with 4.0.2. I'm a creature of habit with my phone. 40 minutes of iPod and web surfing on train to work at 8am, then the phone is locked away while I work at a secure site, and then 40 minutes of web surfing and iPod listening on the way home. By 7pm, I'm at 30%.
I'm assuming it's because I keep my brightness at around 70%.

75% battery life left,
usage is 2hours, 9 minutes
Stabdby is 14hours, 43 minutes.
battery life for all!!!11one!

My iP4 often gets warm for no reason. If I leave it be, sometimes the battery drains in 1 hr

Just updated yesterday from 4.01 to 4.02 and i see my battery draining even in stand by mode : seems it will drain whithin the day even if i do not use it !!!

After 2 hard resets , cancelling and recreating my exchange account and de activating all spotlights fiels my iphone is now back to a normal battery life time (2 days in stand by). ..

I updated my iphone 4 to 4.0.2 and it drains my battery even in stand by mode. In 20 mins it used 9% of my battery. When before the update I was using 10% in 6 to 8 hours. I'm going to restore my iphone back to the older version tonight to see if it fixs the problem.
Looks like Jean-Paul is having the same issues, anyone else having these issues?

I'm experiencing the same issues as Jean-Paul and Nathan S. Battery life running on 4.0.2 is definitely worse than when I was running 4.0.1. Turned down my brightness, turned off push and no improvement. Can someone tell me how to revert back to 4.0.1?

Battery life us great UNLESS I'm running Skype (in the background) and then my battery drains at about 10% per hour - totally unacceptable! I hope Skype/Apple can fix this 'multitasking' issue.

Since I upgraded my 3GS to 4.02, battery life has been drastically reduced. Double-pressing on the Home button showed me that all my apps were actually appearing in there. I just closed them all manually and can't wait to see if this will help. Has anyone already tried this, and noticed a big improvement?

Jean-Paul, Nathan, Emptysea. I too have been experience about a 5 hour battery life, watching the battery reduce 20% every hour. This also just started happening over the last few days. However, i have not upgraded to 4.0.2. Do you know which apps you have updated over the last few days that we may all have in common. Facebook app just updated with the "Places" maybe that is processing in the background.?

My battery has improved by 100% I used to fear going to the dinner and the club to only have no battery life left; now i can march around town with enough power to stay connected with the world.

I'm having the same battery drain issue as you other guys. I upgraded to 4.02 and have been seeing very rapid battery drains ever since. I took my phone off the charger this morning at 8 and it was dead by 1. I'm not running anything in the background but I have all settings as they were before, when it was lasting day and a half. I'm bummed.

What a load of bunkum. My wife has a 3GS about 18 months old. I have a 3G about 15 months old. Both worked fine until we loaded the 4.02 software. Then, "mysteriously", they both started having charging problems. Each progressed over a couple of weeks to the point where they would only hold a charge for a couple of hours. We have been using the same chargers we have used since day one.
I must congratulate Apple for having the chutzpah to input kill software into their upgrades, so they can once again soak the public for another pound of flesh. It is not at all surprising. I am also the guy who's Windows XP laptop dies mysteriously on the same day Windows 7 came out.
The FTC is already following these "coincidences". I have a bottle of Veuve Cliquot chilled for the day this kind of slimy practice is exposed and stopped.

If you press the ‘home’ button twice a list of applications you’ve got running in the background come up. Hold on one of them until they start quivering and a little minus sign comes up in the corner. Minimise them all and your battery life will increase 2 to 3 times. My battery was only lasting 7 hours because I discovered I had maps, navigation programs, safari etc running in the background. I charged it 9pm on Wednesday night and have used it continuously and the battery is only down to 30% now.

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