Are you using iPhone 4 FaceTime?

Some of you have had your iPhone 4 over the weekend now, plenty of time to try out Apple's "one more thing" for 2010 -- FaceTime.

Have you made any FaceTime video calls? Many? Can you see this becoming part of your routine? Is it a fad destined only for geeks and sexting 2.0 er... long distance romances? Is it the next great step in communications or just the next great scandal for some poor hollywood star?

You know the drill -- weigh in above, give us the details below.

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Reader comments

Are you using iPhone 4 FaceTime?


I can understand it being WiFi only for now. Applenusuallu takes it's time perfecting these type of things, but it Gould at least allow for video with iChat / AIM platform from the get go. I haven't been able to try it, and honestly don't feel like doing so with some idiot dressed up
Like big bird at apple's headquarters.

I love face time, I used it a few times with my brother and it's really cool. If this could work over wifi and with other phones, it would really tKe off.

I haven't had time to use the FaceTime yet, so I can't say much about it. As for the evo, I played with my sisters and she was showing me the video chat thing and it was really slow and distorted on her phone and there was so much delay and she had full service. I wasn't impressed with it. I hoping that the FaceTime on my phone is better than what it was on her Evo.

I used it twice to see my son in California. (we live in NJ). Worked flawlessly. Fantastic quality. My wife and I loved it!

It's a good technology and well implemented. However, until I can use it over a mobile connection, its not perfect.
I've already use it on business trips so that I can talk to my wife and see my little 1 year old son at the same time. For me, that's worth the cost of purchase alone.
And for the moron who claims the EVO perfected this technology, you sound as ignorant as many Sprint users do when it comes to tech. EVO didn't perfect crap. There are several apps that utilize the EVO's camera, but the folks who designed the phone didn't do squat. And on top of that, those apps that do claim to do video conferencing suck. The apps don't work half of the time, and the people you talk to have to have the same app - and open - to even receive calls. How is that "perfected"? Like I said: moron.
Apple is the first company to implement the technology WELL. And even though it requires wifi... Wifi is everywhere. I've demonstrated FaceTime from a half dozen restaurants, and even more public spaces. And it works every. Single. Time.
Now, I'm no Apple fanboy (I still prefer a PC over a Mac), but I know that Apple is behind on a few technologies because they won't implement them until they can be done right, and reliably. And that's exactly what FaceTime accomplishes.

Must say I am in love with the option. I find myself talking to my family members more and more every time. Yes we all received the new iPhone because we preordered early in the day. I also got my wife an iphone because of this feature. I think it is awesome that we can finally do this with our new iPhones. Rock on Apple, now all i need is a jailbreak and I will be one of the happiest iPhone owners.

Hubby is the only other person that has an iPhone 4, and we see enough of each other. :P I would love it though if more of my friends and family members had it - especially those who live in other parts of the country, who I never get to see.

No one to try facetime with yet. I think once more people get iPhone 4 and they incorporate it into the ipad and future iPhones it will take off.
Hopefully some of my friends or family will get one soon. My wife just got her iPhone 3GS a few months ago so we will have to wait a while before she can upgrade.

I expected it to be a gimmick, but after using it with a few friends, it's amazing. The clarity of the picture is incredible. I've been given tours of other people's homes and yards that I've been unable to visit (due to distance), and seen people I don't get to see often enough.

I have tried and I love it! But until it is able to connect with other platforms use will be very limited

I don't know anyone with an iPhone, let alone an iPhone 4. All my friends are old with cheap flip phones. :lol:

Only person I can Facetime with is Bill @ 1-888-FACETIME. I kid. Tried it with my friend, pretty cool, but I don't need to see him when we talk.

Works fine but the use case is so limited (only to other iPhone4's and only on WiFi) that right now its just a gimmick. If we could at least talk to and from PC's as well that would be a major step in making it useful.
I don't think anybody else is going to adopt Apples protocol so I hope Google or Skype are able to make video chat apps that use the iPhone 4's front facing camera so I can get some actual use out of it. I feel certain there will be an Android phone that does that before Christmas, so Apple better get on the stick.

Love it, but I only know one other person who has an iPhone 4 and he lives with me. Most of the time we are only around wifi is at home. So cool, but not a useful feature yet.

I have used video calling with someone with a sprint evo using fring. Need more friends with a iPhone 4 to use facetime

FaceTime was the feature that made me pay full retail for 2 iPhones since my wife and I were not eligible to upgrade yet. The reason? I travel every week and I have an 11 month old at home. It has been awesome. Before she goes to bed I get a face time call to say good night. My daughter gets so happy seeing my face on the phone talking to her. It really helps ease the pain of only seeing them on the weekends. I can't wait till the jailbreak so I can use that 3G trick program that make the phone think it's on wifi. That way I can call home and show my family whatever sites I'm seeing that week instead of just my hotel room. I wonder if it works over the airplane wifi on Airtran? They will probably block it since it is sort of a phone call. That would be a cool FaceTime call though.

Used it once ... pretty cool. As many others have said, I also need friends and family in other parts of the country to get on iPhone 4 for it to beome useful for me. (for many of my family in the Midwest, that's going to require a Verizon iPhone).
Maybe this is a feature that gets America actually talking again, and not simply texting all the time.

I call the 1888 number but that the only time that I have used it so far. I still undecided on it. Ask me the same question this time next year and I could give you a better answer.

I really like the quality of what Apple implemented. My ability to use it will be limited for awhile with the limitation of being on wifi only and that it is limited to other iPhone 4's only.
I think the usefulness of it will increase when FaceTime can communicate with desktops and other mobile platforms such as Android. I hoping some innovative developers will find a way to make this happen, especially with Facetime being built on open standards.

I only know one other person with iphone 4. All the rest are waiting for their contracts on their 3GS to be up. I did call the one person I know and it was really cool. I wish more people had this phone.

haven't used it yet,I only know one other person with an iPhone 4 but once I get my wife her white one I'm sure we'll use it often.

A number of my friends have the iPhone 4 and I still have yet to use it. I do such a minimal amount of calling as it is - I have yet to try it. Maybe this could be more entertaining if I find a g/f that I wouldn't see a few times a week or she was a distance away?! Other than that - I don't expect to use it too much. Still neat though.

Ok imma tell it how I seen it. My homie has the evo and it's a really nice phone. We tried out skype on it over his 3G connection. Absolutely horrible most of he time it was blurry and frozen. That's probably why it's wifi for now on the iPhone I bet apple will give iChat an update to support it soon

I used FaceTime over wifi to connect with another dog breeder and show them the facility and the dogs and it was really clear and smooth never froze. Bt for some reason my wifi signal is not as strong as my 3GS and I have wireless n too. So any one have that issue let me know or maybe I'm just holding it wrong. Lol

My girlfriend and I both got the phone on launch but like others on here we live together so we really don't need to use it. However I'll be going on a business trip in Late August that I will definately take advantage of!! And I can't wait.

I used it several times this weekend. Facetime has great potential but there were buggy problems that have to be resolved if this is going to be successful. Not one of the calls I made went start to finish without freezing at some point during the conversation, requiring a callback. What could've been cool just became annoying.

I haven't had Face Time with anyone yet, mainly because I know of no one with an iPhone 4 besides myself. It's a shame.
It would be great if a VOIP service implemented this technology.

No one I know has the phone. So, I cant use it. But i would all the time if and when other programs start using. I work from home= constant wi-fi connection!!

Im the only one i know with one still so i cant even use it. maybe my friends will get theirs on tuesday.

I live in the country & while we have WiFi, there is no cell signal. I'd like to use FaceTime, but I never go anywhere that has both wifi & cell signals.

It's like buying the greatest car ever created and it doesn't have gas....... AT&T service some how got worse ....... Way worse!!!

Agree with #2. Needs some kind of integration with ichat.. not enough people i know have iphone4.. and it is a pain to coordinate both of us being at a wifi connection/etc..
Really hoping when the skype app updates it will utilize it so it's more universal.

There's a new app called FaceTime now that skips the phone call part so if you are on wifi and don't even have simcard in you can FaceTime your AT&T buds I need FaceTime buddies so pm me your FaceTime ID thanks!!!

can you facetime with more then one person on can you have 4 people using facetime or is it just 2 for now i would like to know and also when will they come out with facetime on 3g instead of wifi.... b/c im getting tired of just using facetime on wifi i would like to talk 2 my parents while they at work or if im at skool or at a pizza shop or something so they can see what i see and i can see what they doing.... i also would like to know will facetime be with skype so then we can skype each other on the fone and see the person not just calling the person anymore...

Facetime is WAY too buggy at the moment.
When they make it to be as solid & stable as Mac OS, then I'll start using it.