iPhone 4 - one week later

Early adopters, you've had your iPhone 4 for about a week now so how's it holding up for you? There are some amazing new features, some solid app updates to take advantage of them, and a few bugs to boot. Give us you quick overall take-to-date in the poll up top, and your one-week-later review in the comments below.

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iPhone 4 - one week later


Love it more than my old 3GS. Also I love the fact that battery does last longer. Most of my most used apps are already using fast app switching which it's pretty cool.

I am sticking with my iPhone 3G for calls & IM. Use iPad for surfing. Cut my AT&T plan to cover just those and it more than covered 2G plan for the iPad. I use my Kindle for reading blogs and newspapers. Bottom Line: No one has discovered one device that does ALL things well!

Thus far, I love it. At first, the new design bothered me a bit and I missed the curved back of the 3GS. But the design has grown on me (mainly because it is thinner!) and I absolutely love all the upgraded features. The screen is beautiful and the improved battery life is a huge benefit (I can now get through my day without having to charge my phone). The new processor definitely gives the phone more speed and I love the front-facing camera (although I have not yet had the opportunity to use it). The HD camera is awesome as well, although I will more happy when they add the ability to upload HD videos to YouTube. I am still learning how to work imovie. Overall, the 4 is a solid improvement over the 3GS. I am hoping that they stick with this design, though, and just improve on the internal components going forward. Having to constantly buy new accessories is expensive!

Awesome product. It exceeds quality of the 3GS in my area. It also loads websites quicker and with no crashes. I'm still waiting for I heart radio to issue the 4.0 update so I can listen while surfing the net. I am very satisfied with the new iPhone. I don't have a problem with the antenna issue since I put a case on to protect the phone as usual.

I'm having major data issues, I have a bumper and am constantly at 5 bars however it usually takes way to long to pull up web pages. Anyone else seeing this?

@Brandon, I also have this issue, but just at work. I called AT&T and they said their towers were overloaded in the area. I believe it because it's the only place I've noticed I have huge data issues. It's probably because I work across the street from an Apple store and an AT&T store :P

Definitely an upgrade from 3G! The speed, screen, and battery alone make me happy. Would love to not have to worry about losing bars or hanging up on people with my face, but still an improvement over what I had.

I just woke up from a dream where I had dropped my new phone down a cement ramp and the glass broke. I couldn't help but seeing it slide down. I was SO upset because it was just the second day.
Other than that I'm seeing the antena issue, but the rest of the features are nice. Gaming is really good now.

I don't really like this poll. I really, really like my iPhone 4. However, the proximity sensor thing irritates me, but not enough for me to say, "it's only okay because there are issues."
The screen, speed, battery life, 3g speed (when I'm somewhere with hsdpa and hsupa), and omg the camera - well worth a glitch in the prox sensor.

Since I came from a BlackBerry, this is hands down the best phone ever! I'm getting used to the fact that I don't have a my little flashing red light or BBM friends ( some still haven't forgiven me). But over all my user experience has been elevated. I love the design of the phone and am not missing my physical keyboard at all. I am afraid to take off my case because this phone is all glass. Well done!

The phone is great. The external case is horrible. My 3G was a tank, my back AND Front glass scratches way too easily. I can already see scrapes just from putting it in my pocket with keys. I felt confident in the 3G's durablity. This thing is fragile, and I feel like it needs to be left in a bubble for it to last two years. The antenna is a big problem for my wife but I dont talk much anyway. They need to fix it hands down. . . Camera is off the CHAIN!

@Brandon have AT&T check your micro sim card, if this problem didn't exist before you upgraded. Some reception issues are not caused by the phone but by the micro sim card.

The proximity sensor issue is way more annoying to me than the antenna problem. EVERY time I use the phone it keeps going on speaker, then cutting off, then opening contacts, then attempting to use FaceTime etc etc. It's so annoying!!! I hope it gets sorted in a firmware update or else I don't know what I'll do but at present it's horrible to use the phone.
PS the rest of the iphone 4 stuff is beautiful!!!

About the only thing that is a significant improvement for me is the battery. Other than that I miss my jailbroken, true-multitasking, no-antenna-issue, no-proximity-issue, nicely shaped 3GS (I like my phones like my women "all the right curves in all the right places").

I have the 2G, 3G, 3GS and now the 4. I also have the iPad. So it's easy to say I'm an Apple fan. I love my new iPhone and solved my reception issue by purchasing a Griffin rubber case at Best Buy.
But I must say I'm troubled by Steve's "non-issue" remark. When our customers bring a concern to our attention our training has never included this response. I'm really hoping that Apple solves this issue and mends some fences they may have torn down why their denial.
Apple has enjoyed the top for a while now but some other phones are gaining ground. The HTC Evo and the Droid X are pretty impressive. I'm not ready to jump ship just yet but I can remember just 1 version ago that AT&T was my only problem being an iPhone owner.

not available here yet and I think I need more info about this reception issue before I buy (as a lefty it sounds like it will probably affect me)

I like the 4, but miss the 3GS' rounded back (the angular 4 is a bit awkward for me to hold) and the whiteness of it! I think I should have waited for the white 4. Time will tell

Three things have REALLY improved my iPhone 4 experience: 1) Putting on a bumper (Pre-Ordered a Vapor), 2) Restored phone as "New" (instead of backup from 3gs), and 3) Exchange idle "fix".

Brandon I am also having the 3G data issues. Made an appr for the genius bar but now I'm thinking it's an AT&T issue rather than a hardware issue

I upgraded from the 3G and am really loving it. I could do with some info on the features that were added to the 3GS as I didn't get that model. Love the fast app switching and being able to use my music streaming apps in the background now.

@Brandon, @Sean, @BrianA, @Brian
I'm having serious 3G issues too and it is driving me to not like the phone. I went to an AT&T store on Tuesday and they said a LOT of people with iPhone 4s are having the same problem, including several of their employees. I haven't been able to isolate the problem to see if it is only in certain areas or at certain times, but I never had any problems with my 3GS. This is a MAJOR problem for me. I love the design, love the screen, love the camera, love the speed... love just about everything else but if I can't have a reliable data connection (or at least know that it is being addressed) this phone will have to go.

1.5 hours on the phone with apple and AT&T, 2 new sim cards, many resets, restores, etc. I still have no 3G data despite it saying I have full signal. First available apple store opening is not until Sunday at 9am...using edge until then.

I can't believe all the whiny bitches on here. How dare Steve Jobs make something I don't like! Stfu and return the phone if you don't like it.

Luv luv luv it. Amazing device. Am not having any issues others are. Have only dropped 1 call and data is blazing fast. Don't miss tmo at all.

Took mine back. Had BATTERY issues. Waiting to see if they fix the issues. Liked it a lot. Back to 3G. Now have to straighten out contract since BestBuy goofed and didn't give me a new sim. AT&T store was hlepful but had to extend contract to 2 years. Computer glitch. Now to straighten that out after the 4th.

I'm definitely digging just about everything, except the form. As everyone is saying, it just doesn't sit in your hand like 3G/s, and it's really noticeable when I grab my 3Gs. The one redeeming factor is that i4 definitely narrower with case on. Oh well. That's a trade-off I'm willing to make.

I am really happy with 95% of the iPhone 4. I think I might have a bad battery. I don't think I am a power user but maybe close. Some browsing, mostly email and texting. A little iPod and a few downloaded podcasts on wifi. Then I turn wifi off. I get to about 50% at noon. I don't think that is exceptable. I am going to do a restore and see if that helps. Other than that I love the upgrade.

Still have my jailbroken 3G and sticking with this until I hear no more problems with the iPhone 4

I upgraded my wife's phone and my phone from the 3G to the 4 and we're both very happy. My wife's phone seems to have the proximity sensor issue, but we're hoping for a fix for that in 4.0.1. The battery life is awesome. The display is awesome. App switching and backgrounding of music apps and such is nice. The camera is great. Uploading video is a minus though, as it takes your beautiful 720p and compresses the crap out of it. I want a Vapor case for mine though as long as the aluminum doesn't jack up the signal. I'm definitely getting better reception with the 4 over the 3G. Wireless N download speeds are insane. I can regularly push 10Mbps down/2Mbps up with my cable modem. It's a great improvement hardware wise over the 3G. The IOS4 software is snappy on the 4. It was quite sluggish on the 3G. Great job by Apple.

Aesthetically it is solid and beautiful! I can replicated the reception issue but have not lost or dropped calls because of it (it is a leap for anyone to believe what apple has said about too much signal showing as I can replicate the issue anywhere and have done it all in areas that I know and have experienced strong signal for the past year.
For me the bigger issues are that the gps takes so long to load directions it is almost unusable and opening web links on 3G are many times slower than on my 3GS.
I have lived through bugs before and am fine to do so again. The huge plus is after a couple days use I looked at my 3GS and it looked blurry, because of just how sharp this retina display is!!!