The iPhone 4S only has 512MB of RAM, same as the iPhone 4?

Game developers testing Apple A5-chip equipped iPhone 4?

As is usual with Apple, they've not mentioned the amount of RAM in iPhone 4S at either the Let's Talk iPhone event or in the specs online. Rumors have suggested it has 1GB of RAM but it appears that it may only have 512MB, the same amount as the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2. The information comes from an interview with Chair Entertainment’s creative director Donald Mustard who had been involved in the development of Infinity Blade 2 demo shown off at the event.

I’m still shocked that, with the iPhone 4S, I’m literally running around with a 1080p video camera in my pocket, with an eight megapixel camera, 64GB of hard drive space and an A5 chip with 512MB of memory. This is a really powerful computer, right?

Now before we get too upset by the amount of RAM, let’s remember that the iPad 2 has the same A5 processor and 512MB of RAM. It certainly doesn't hang around when it comes to number crunching and gaming performance. One question does spring to mind though, why is Siri not coming to the iPad 2? There doesn't appear to be any specification anomalies to prevent it from working and it would certainly be a great addition to the iPad 2.

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The iPhone 4S only has 512MB of RAM, same as the iPhone 4?


I have been running iOS GM for 2 days now. I noticed it seems to kill background programs more quickly than iOS 4 did. Actually, I think it does a BETTER job at killing background applications. It also just seems snappier.
So, my point is, perhaps during testing, 1 GB of RAM just didn't perform better than 512 MB. Let's not get too caught up in the numbers.
Also, let's wait for the iFixit tear-down...

The OS might not need all that RAM to work efficient. Either way, this phone is going to be a power house in terms of performance and sell just as well as the iPhone 4 did before the announcement. People either way waited for the new iPhone and will get the new iPhone now that its out.

With the addition of Siri it has to have 1 gigz of ramz. I'd rather pay 399 for a 32 gig iphone 4 and 1 gig of ram than for a 64 gig with 512 mb. With apps open and 4 web pages your in refresh city. Regardless I'll be up at 2:45 am.

If Apple put 1GB in it, the profit margin would have dropped %0.000000000000001. You can't expect a company to take such an extreme hit.[/sarcasm]

There probably wasn't a noticeable difference in performance between 512 and 1 GB plus they would have sacrificed the extra space for the upgraded RAM. The iPhone 4 is already jam packed with internals.

I just don't see it being as useful on iPad. You're not running around town with your iPad in your hand. You don't drive using your iPad (well most of us don't). Situations where Siri is most useful on iPhone just don't apply to iPad. You use your iPad sitting at your desk or your couch so there's just no compelling reason (other than laziness) to use voice search/planning/messaging. They can be done easily through touch because you have ample time to do so. And you know Apple doesn't do things that don't serve a meaningful purpose. Also, with the Wi-Fi iPads there's no always-on internet for search. All that said, I think it would be nice for Siri to be there but it would really be more of a novelty on iPad where it's an extremely useful feature on iPhone.

they want siri to be exclusive on the 4s so gives people a reason to sure jailbreak will bring it to the ipad2 and my ip4...remember apple love to hold features back,hdr was exclusive to the ip4 and jailbreak got it to the 3gs if am correct

Siri has to be exclusive to the 4S because it's the only reason to upgrade.
The 5MP camera is already quite good, even for print. 8MP is great but unnecessary. The iPhone 4 is already fast enough for everything people do, faster is good, but also unnecessary at this point.
Apple needed a selling point for the 4S, and that's Siri.

I really love apple and don't like to bad mouth the company ! But I gotta agree with you buddy Siri is a selling point to make the iPhone 4s desirable without it there is not a great deal of Difference between between the current iPhone and the 4s.

Also keep in mind that not everyone brought the first or second iPhone so there are people who are in the upgrade target to get the iPhone 4S. A new iPhone comes out every year but for those in 2 year contract have the option of stay or leaving the iPhone, for those who stay have the choice of getting a better version of their current device. The 4S is really for 3GS folks like myself. I could have gotten the 4 but chose to wait because I realized I had the best version of the 3G ( which I also owned). The iPhone 4S is going to be the best iPhone 4 , so I'll get it as well.

You comment and most all of the ones that followed it are nonsensical. How does putting Siri on the iPad slow down iPhone sales? An iPad is an iPad and an iPhone is an iPhone. Their uses differ. I'm not going to NOT get an iPhone with Siri just because Siri is on my iPad because I want the Siri functionality when I'm away from my iPad with only my phone.

"The iPhone 4 is already fast enough for everything people do, faster is good, but also unnecessary at this point"
You are thinking too small. It is "fast enough" right now, but people buying a 4S are not looking for "fast enough right now", they are looking for something that will be fast enough to last them the 2 years before their next upgrade. And speaking as someone who has a Droid 1, that has 256MB of RAM.. TRUST me.. the 512 WILL NOT be enough in 2 years.

Oh, that's a bummer and sealed the deal for me to get the Nexus Prime instead. The fact the the iPhone 4S had more memory was one of the reasons why I would buy the minimal upgrade. Where is low memory most noticeable? Web browsing on multiple web pages. As it stands now, mobile Safari has to reload pages most times when switching between them. Lame. Part of Apple's genius has been to leave out the stuff they deem we don't need. In the case of the iPhone 4S, I think there are over-simplifying. Oh well, I consider them again when the next version comes out.

Have fun with your Android battery life. lol
Also, Safari doesn't need to reload pages you've left open in tabs unless the app has been closed out completely or if you've power cycled the phone. I know... because I leave quite a few normal ones I check each day open and they don't ever refresh unless I've closed the app for some reason completely our of the background or I've restarted the phone for any reason. Other than that, it comes right back up and I have to hit refresh to get the updated page for the respective day.

Yeah, Android battery life has been abysmal - however, I work from home so its not a big deal for me. And oh so not true with Mobile Safari! The websites I frequent require a reload each and every time when switching between tabs, especially if you haven't been using one for a few minutes. And if there is streaming data you want to maintain on one of the tabbed pages, forget about it. Reload! Androids big prob. for me is typing and editing. The touch-screen is just not as accurate... Periodic restarts and freezes are a problem too.

there is more to upgrading RAM than just size. The RAM module is full on LPDDR2 instead of just DDR. LP stands for low power. Its a lot faster and more efficient. If iOS never filled the RAM then were good. I still wouldve liked a full GB but i have yet to see an android device chugging along and as stable and as slick as iOS. On the 4S itll still be ahead...WHERE MY LARGER SCREEN!

No doubt. iOS does more with less memory. And I am with you on the screen size. I do enjoy some of the bigger screens out now and wish Apple adopted them too. However, I can actually type more accurately on the iPhones little screen than any big Android screen to date. I really wish I understood why that is better.

Most likely misinformation because those people assumed 1GB of RAM and forgot that certain features of the OS can be controlled via software switches... just like screen mirroring which can be enabled on the iPhone 4 without any issues if you're Jailbroken and edit a single file with one additional line of text.

What do you mean the iPad 2 doesn't hang around? I'm still seeing grey checker board when scrolling an image laden web page. Which brings me to my next point. Why is it that I can play graphics intensive games smoothly without much loading, and yet can barely navigate

No more unfair than not allowing the iPhone4 to do mirroring via the HDMI cable, like the iPad2 can do. We already know from the Jailbreak community that all that's keeping the iP4 from doing this is a simple addition of code in one config file. The capability and fluidity of the capability is totally there and not dependant one bit on the processor or memory. It's basically a software controlled feature they didn't want you to have enabled on a particular device. Simple as that.

Well its not 1GB but it is a new low power full on DDR2 RAM module which is faster and more efficient. It is some upgrade but I think this ommision along with the 64GB model being $ pretty pist. Ill hop on now because i have no choice but i think ill bite the bullet next year and hop on the two year upgrade cycle with th iphone 5.

Apple is listing Siri as a Beta software.
My guess is that Apple is limiting it to 4S only to have beta testers user base and keep thing on a low level of use.

So Chris, do we have an answer yet?? "....why is Siri not coming to the iPad 2?" will become a HUGE issue very quickly. IF you look thru the list of things that SIRI can deal with at TUAW's site, 90%+ of them have NOTHING to do with the phone?? WTF???

I am holding on to my 4 for now. Reality is , the phone does what i need and thats enough. Trying to keep up with the newest and greatest is always a loss. You pay to much and 6-12 months something newer and better comes along anyway.

I would really like to see 1GB of RAM in the iPhone 4s, but if it is just 512MB, then I'm sure it'll function fine. That's what I've come to know about love about Apple, The particulars of the hardware may not make sense to me, but every time I've used one of their devices (computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod, whatever) they have just worked. That's what I look forward to every time, reliability.

Dieter's awesome, but I wouldn't jump to any conclusions from a single-source scoop. Someone needs to clarify this with Apple. My guess is that the 4S actually has 1GB of RAM, but with half of it allocated to Siri--i.e. developers are probably going to be told to consider 512MG the phone's functional capacity.

why don't you jailbreak the ipad and get spire or something? It's definately possible to get siri on the ipad...