iPhone 4s coming in July / August, same form factor but with A5 chipset and SIM-less? [rumor]

Game developers testing Apple A5-chip equipped iPhone 4?

Macotakara, a Japanese blog, are rumoring that Apple will release an "iPhone 4S" in July or August this year with the same form factor as the current iPhone 4, with a a completely new model, or "iPhone 5" not be launched until Spring 2012 (!). The main difference will be in the hardware inside the phone. They claim that the iPhone 4s will have an 8-megapixel camera, an Apple A5 chipset based on the ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, and will have a built-in SIM and thus not require the card.

The Arm Cortex-A9 is the same CPU foundation that is currently inside the iPad 2 as the dual core A5; however this does not necessarily mean that it will be a dual core in the iPhone 4s. If this rumor turns out to be true, it could still be a single core. Other rumors however do point to it being a dual core as we have heard previously that certain game developers were receiving these to test.

The SIM-less part of the rumor is apparently to integrate both GSM and CDMA technologies into the same handset. An improved antennae design is also rumored with 3-4 additional antennas inside. However, European carriers do not want this at all -- they feel it will get in the way of their customer relationship -- and so more recent rumors suggest [Apple may be working on something even smaller than the current micro-SIM.

As with all these rumors, take them with a huge grain of salt. Not long to wait now until all will be revealed officially or not, at WWDC. We will be there to see everything unfold. If this one turns out to be true, will you be upgrading; if you already have an iPhone 4? Will you just wait until next year for the iPhone 5? Let us know in the comments!



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iPhone 4s coming in July / August, same form factor but with A5 chipset and SIM-less? [rumor]


i call BS on the sim-less part. But i do genuinely believe that we'll see a july/august launch of a new device. Even possibly as early as the end of June. Who knows...lets wait and see what the WWDC has in store for all of us =)

My iPhone4 has ZERO lag. The A5 chipset will not get me to drop another 200 on a new one, considering my iPhone right now seems to be as fast as I would ever need. There must be more...Steve Jobs always has something up his sleeves...

I remember when my iPhone 3G had ZERO lag. And then iPhone OS received an update and suddenly the iPhone 3G was laggy and wouldn't you know it, the iPhone 3GS was available and lag free (until iPhone 4 was released). Something up their sleeves indeed - performance crippling updates with no ability to downgrade to the lag-free version...

+2......I went from a 3G to the 4, and it was just slightly faster than my wifes 3GS, Now that she has a 4, we gave the 3GS to our 4 year old son as a iPod of sorts, and we both cannot beleive how ssslooooow the 3GS is now. Tap to open a game for him, and you can actually count to 3-4 mississippi's (lol) before it opens. It was NOT like that when my wife had it. I would do speed tests with her when I got my 4 (you know, tap the same app at the same time and see who would open it first) and it was a blink slower. Not anymore. It runs like my old 3G now.

I am powerless to resist. Even though the "new phone smell" is still strong on my white iPhone 4, I will get the next one, whenever it's released. I'm hoping for the normal time, but whenever, it doesn't matter. I have one upgrade due June 3 so any time after that is fine. :)

No increase screen size and same glass sandwich design. I will keep my tbolt. May be i5 will see

If not increase the size of the screen will be a step behind the competition... and this will be a big mistake... I know iOS5 will be great but this, at least for me, it´s not enough...

Size matters. ;)
A 4.3" 3:2 aspect ratio screen will not fit comfortably in my pocket. If they do increase the screen size, hopefully the phone dimensions itself stay the same. Go edge-to-edge screen.

I find this sad for me :(. I know that the newer iphone was coming out later than normal. I might pass on this or give my 4 to my girlfriend and finally get a 32gb since i need one to hold my stuff i would like on it.

Not sure of an iPhone 5 until spring 2012, but AT&T has 3GS on sale for 49 bucks. That usually us a good sign that any new iOS will not be supported on it. I still think something will come out in late June, or early July, hopefully the iPhone 5. No 4s, then iPhone 5 two or three months later. All these rumors are getting crazy.

"Macotakara, a Japanese blog, are rumoring that Apple will release an “iPhone 4S” in July or August this year... Will you just wait until next year for the iPhone 5?

:shock: Why would a 6th iPhone be called an iPhone 5?

If they increase the screen size to anything above 4" I'll lose any and all interest in owning an iPhone. In this case, bigger is NOT better because in my opinion, 4" is the maximum size ANY cellphone screen should be. The EVO, Thunderbolt, Charge, Infuse...all laughable because of how big and gaudy they look. No thank you. As far as I'm concerned, I'm perfectly fine with my iPhone 4 and highly, HIGHLY doubt there will be any sort of radical changes to the 4s (or 5?). All I'm looking forward to is iOS 5.

Screen size laughable? Nope. Dell Streak was bad, but Evo sells like hot cakes. So does Droid X. They're size is ideal.

Yea coming from an iPhone to an infuse, the screen size of the iphone is laughable. It is so small, I don't think I could ever go back to 3.5" from 4.5" Super AMOLED +, which by the way, tops the retina display in my opinion.

That's stupid. You need a bigger screen for what? That's what tablets and iPad's are for if you're looking for screen real estate. You can't use any reason to justify a 4.3" or 4.5" screen.

Once you use and get used to a larger phone it's really hard, if not impossible, to to back to small phone. Just easier to see things on it.

As the owner of a 3Gs with a wife who has a 3G, we are anxiously awaiting the change. The contract wasn't up last year and I felt paying even more to upgrade was just crazy. At this point they can call it the iPhone4Gsuperduperaren'tyougladyouwaitedthislong and I wouldn't complain.

As an app writer I need to get the most current gear ASAP, which means participating in the standing- in-line-eating-free-Apple-supplied-doughnuts (4 hours in the case of the iPad 2!). So whatever the next model is, I'll be there and make the current iPhone relegated to the lowly status of "test unit." Poor thing.

I just got the iphone 4 in January, and I LOVE it. If this really is just a minimal upgrade, then I'm perfectly content to wait until next year for the new one. I'm still amazed at how well this phone works.

Glad to see I am not the only one that thinks the 4-4.3" screens look bizarre on a phone, and uncomfortable to hold and put in a front pocket. I'll be waiting for a 4G LTE capable iPhone. My iPhone 4 is perfect in so many ways.

I've been waiting patiently to upgrade my 3GS to iPhone 5 but if it has no sim then I wouldn't even consider it. I regularly travel and have local sim cards with prepaid voice and data for each place I go to. Having to use global roaming instead so apple can save space in their handset is a huge step backwards for me.

Apple won't call the next gen iPhone the iPhone 4S. My theory: original iPhone (1gen) iPhone 3G (2nd gen) -- the next phone they fixed the naming scheme by calling it a 3GS (3rd gen) now that the iPhone 4 is out and the 4 also coincides with the 4 gen, it makes sence. If they came out with any #S it would mess up the name and generation from finally matching up. The next iPhone will be iPhone 5 not 4S

My iPhone 4 is fast enough right now. No need to jump on board the 4S wagon as things stand now.

I love iPhone. But i hate rumors. It's like complicated movie scenario. Made us put a great expectation and dissapointed in the end. Well, at least the real one will get a preview sooner or later.

I've had every phone on day one since the 1st Gen. This might be the only time I sit this one out. What will make me upgrade, is the separation of the flash to the other side of the phone. I use the iPhone camera as my main camera and they say this will be done to reduce red eye. If that's the case then that will be worth the upgrade to me. This phone produces more red eye shots than I've ever seen.

So they;re saying apple will release this iPhone late and release the following early ? I cant imagine someone knowing the release month more than 6 months in advance..

I'm on even year renewals, and this is not enough to get me to do an early upgrade. I'm sure iOS 5 will give enough new life to my 4 to keep me happy for another year. I personally like the 4's form factor and would hate to se it grow just to accommodate a larger screen. Edge to edge glass is fine, but the 4 just feels right in my hand - and the current screen is gorgeous and meets my needs as is.

"The Arm Cortex-A9 is the same CPU foundation that is currently inside the iPad 2 as the dual core A5; however this does not necessarily mean that it will be a dual core in the iPhone 4s."
So if it's not a dual core, then what will it be?

i have a 3gs wont get an ip4 because of the double glass which breaks very easy. i go naked no cases i dont like the bulk they add or the feel in my hand when a case is on. if they dont change the back i will stay with the 3gs maybe get the new bold touch from blackberry. i could care less what ios they run or the name the phone does enough for me and if your jailbroken you problably have what you need what could apple give me that i dont already have. widgets , notification, teathering custom ring and sms mms tones have them all already so please enough is enough

SIM-less or built-in SIM. This is outrageous! You can't move from one GSM carrier to another--basically shuts you off any choice of carrier. Well, in the states, it may work since there is only AT&T once TMo merger is approved.

SIM-Less?! NEVER! There will be one global iPhone 5 that fits for every provider and network. And providers in Europe still need those SIM cards.
And the the name will never be iPhone 4S. That just dont make sense with a iOS5 running on a iPhone 4S. Also then the 6th generation then would be called iPhone 5? No way.

I don't know if I'll upgrade if it doesn't have a bigger screen. With my iPad now I may be able to skip a generation of iPhone and wait for the next. Some factors that would make me want to upgrade now would be a 4 in screen and 64 GB of memory, 32 limits how much I can buy on iTunes.

The only things that would make me upgrade now is a 4" screen or 64/128Gb version, otherwise I'll skip this one. I don't care for 4G or a faster cpu at this point.

No. MOAR. 3.5". For the love of god. I'm so sick of the same design. I don't care how they do it, but the iphone needs a bigger screen. Some apps look extremely cramped with the current screen. I don't care if they do edge to edge and make the phone slightly bigger with a 4" screen, or if they go all out and give me a 4.3" screen, but it needs to happen.