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TiPb's iPhone 4S Forum are now open for business! Whether you need help deciding if you should upgrade, or which carrier to go with, or what storage amount, or how to transfer your data -- you get the idea -- our iPhone 4S Forum is the place to get help, or just to chat with fellow iPhone 4S enthusiasts.

We've also combined our GSM iPhone 4 and Verizon iPhone 4 Forum so now there's one iPhone 4 Forum to rule them all, both for last year's model and the new $99 2011 version. (And yes, we still have an iPhone 3GS Forum for those of you eyeing the free model.)

Once you're set on devices, make sure you hit up our iOS 5 Forum and iCloud Forum to get the complete picture, then scroll on down for even more!

Oh, and we're giving away a Jawbone JAMBOX in the Forums today, and who knows what we'll be giving away there tomorrow...?

Registration is free, so head on over now!

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iPhone 4S Forums


Thanks for nothing Apple. Huge dissapointment. Waited 16 months for this? Where is the bigger screen and the thinner frame? The competition is ever getting closer now, 3D graphics, bigger screens, 4G, etc, etc. I have been on a 3GS for two years and I am not buying a 4GS. I am moving on after waiting for so long for nothing.

Oh everybody just shut the fuck up! The new iPhone 4S is out, it is here. Buy it if you like it, if you don't get over it retards! Apple is doing a great job so you morons can come across all dissapointed.. Spoiled-ass Americans! (not all of you, of course)

Whatever dude. I am not an American and I am dissapointed. May be Siri will make up for it. What you don't get is in america we have to wait for to years to upgrade at a discounted price. I would have paid full price if I had switched to the iPhone and if I get the néw iPhone I won't be able to get the iPhone 5 until 2 years from now. May be you are rich and don't give a crap. I am not so I care. Cheers! And chill out

do people feel this kind of disappointment when manufacturers of other goods fail to deliver or is it just with their phones when was the last time someone got mad at a car or a clothing company for not including features or style that they want in those cases you shop around and get a product from someone else that has what you are looking for why not in this case their goal is to sell you a product for as much profit as possible if that means extending a product life for as long as possible they'll do it.

Terribly dissapointing for all 3gs users who waited so long and bypassed the iphone 4 for what appears to be the same thing. Surprised and a bit cheezd at apple for falling behind. Nothing revolutionary just simply fits in with the current technology curve, really weak....guess i'l go buy that android

Why does everyone think that bailing to Android will going to be so much better for them? Sure the hardware is slightly better. But android user interface sucks, and the quality of apps suck. Look at the top 20 iphone apps and then see if they're available in Android? Its great that they have 3D graphics acceleration, but that means nothing if there's only 1 or 2 apps on the market that take advantage of it.
I cant wait to get back to Iphone. I switched a year ago and regretted it ever since.

Does anyone known if the 4S will have improved Bluetooth connectivity? The handsfree connectivity is okay, but I want to be able to have the same kind of open connectivity offered by the other manufacturers.

Now that some talented guy figure out the ram of the iphone 4s is the same 512 mb.the apple is afraid that those who preorder may cancel the order and now there is a news in germany already rolling out the iphone 4s ahead the release date .is there any body brave enough to file in court ordering apple computer to reveal the complete phone specification

I need a good reader app that formats the document so it does not require moveing text from side to side to read when I nag the document. Does anyone know of a good one?

IERI mi è stato consegnato un nuovo iphone 4S in sostituzione del mio che aveva problemi nel tasto home. mentre effettuavo il riprstino del soft da itunes è scomparsa la mela ed è apparso u nalone bianco che si va riducendo di dimensione. ora il mio iphone nn si accende e itune snn l oriconsoce. e ora?