iPhone 4S and iOS 5: State of the jailbreak

If you're a jailbreaker you're probably wondering what the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 GM mean for you. And if you plan on upgrading, will you be able to jailbreak? As with any new software or hardware release, we can't be too sure of what this means for jailbreak but here is what we do know:

  • The iOS 5 GM can be jailbroken via Redsn0w 0.9.9b3a, but it will be tethered (unless you have an older boot rom)
  • We will most likely have to wait for a tool to be updated to support new hardware
  • If you jailbreak, you'll miss out on the OTA updates that come with iOS 5
  • A jailbreak for the new hardware will most likely be tethered at first just like recent beta jailbreaks for iOS 5

After iOS 4 dropped we saw an untethered jailbreak but we waited quite a while for another untethered solution on iPhone 4 under iOS 4.2.1. As with any new software and hardware, we'll really have to wait for the jailbreak community to get their hands on the new stuff before we know anything for sure.

What I can say is if you rely on an unlock, you'll probably want to wait to upgrade until a software unlock is released. You can always turn to options like Gevey if those tools are updated. But those are somewhat illegal and, ya know, frowned upon.

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Allyson Kazmucha

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Reader comments

iPhone 4S and iOS 5: State of the jailbreak


Should I download the iOS 5 GM? Or should I wait until it is officially released before I do a tethered jailbreak?

Thanks for the quick replies!
Would there be any difference (for example, a newer version)? Otherwise I will just shoot the gun and install it!

I installed the GM this morning and jailbroke shortly after. I found it buggy to say the least. Springboard kept crashing and the phone would push into safe mode every single time unless I uninstalled springboard, which makes most a lot of worthwhile jailbrake programs useless. I restored to stock 5 GM and will wait for some improvements and updates before I give it another go.
Otherwise the GM is stable and working like a charm.

Agreed. I found the GM to be very stable on its own, but quite unstable when jailbroken. I think we're going to need to wait for a lot of JB apps to be updated for iOS 5 before it's really stable.

Are u sure about this? Coz I'm using a Gevey unlocked iPhone 4, and I've read that Apple blocked it in iOS 5, and got a lil worried!

i would like to have my phone jailbroken but, I'm afraid if something were to happen to it.. it will void the warranty along with the insurance I pay for it.