iPhone 4S store sales cancelled in Beijing and Shanghai due to crowd trouble


Apple has postponed selling the latest iPhone 4S in some stores in mainland China after crowd disturbances spoilt its launch day. The main trouble appeared outside of the Apple Store in Sanlitun Beijing.

Would-be customers, many of whom had waited over night in the freezing cold to be among the first to purchase the latest iPhone, became so unruly when the store failed to open its doors on-time that Apple was forced to cancel first-day sales there. And rather than risk a repeat of the incident — which ended in profanity, egg-throwing and a few scuffles, the company has decided not to sell the 4S at any of its retail stores in Beijing and Shanghai. Instead, it will sell the device through its Web site and carrier partners.

It is thought that the crowds were made up of many  scalpers looking to buy as many iPhone 4S models as they can. They are then resold for a profit. Apple told All Things D that the demand for the iPhone 4S in China had been incredible. Apple will not sell the iPhone 4S in its Beijing and Shanghai stores for the time being; but it will be available online.

Source: All Things D, Image: MIC Gadgets

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Reader comments

iPhone 4S store sales cancelled in Beijing and Shanghai due to crowd trouble


Since China's economy is growing, it's small wonder that the iPhone is in high demand there. Samsung and HTC don't get that kind of response in their own country. LOL!~!

I visit China all the time and they are BANANAS for any APPLE product. For the first time ever they have fake stores selling real products...(fake APPLE stores selling real Apple products)
A 17yr old girl was offering her virginity for a white Iphone 4 and a 16yr old bot traded one of his kidneys for an Iphone 4 and a Ipad 2....
Invest in Apple NOW.

"Crowd Trouble"...? Crowd Trouble is when someone cuts the line at 'Its a Small World' and someone punches someone else.
From the photo, I think that's more like a riot.

apple needs to do a better job making phones. This is ridiculous but it's hardly unexpected. I just think it's crazy that after all this time they still don't have a plan to adequately meet demand.