iPhone 5 design still not finalized, still no big screen, still no metal back, still on track for October release

iPhone 5 prototype still has same screen size, no metal back

Despite some rumors to the contrary, according to our sources Apple still hasn't finalized the design of the next generation iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple ends up calling iPhone 5,1). No giant screen. No 16:9 aspect ratio. No metal back. At least not yet.

Apple typically makes extensive use of the prototyping process, which could well be the source of inconsistent rumors (perhaps best seen in the conflicting iPhone rumors last year). Sometimes there are more audacious and more conservative prototypes, with the final choice coming down to component costs and device tests.

Once again we're hearing that if the screen size does change, it won't be by a lot (no larger than 4-inches). Currently, the new, smaller dock connector is being implemented, but no changes to screen size or aspect ratio have been decided on. And yes, it still has a Home button.

Keeping the Home button also necessitates certain design trade offs (everything has an opportunity cost) when it comes to overall device size and screen layout.

October is still the planned launch period, alongside the 7-inch iPad we reported on yesterday, and Apple is indeed planning to hurt Google with this release by removing their data pipe into (and out of) the Maps app. (Which we, like others, have heard is terrific looking.)

iMore previously heard the iPhone 5 was going to ship with an LTE radio as well.

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

iPhone 5 design still not finalized, still no big screen, still no metal back, still on track for October release


I typically trust what you guys have to say but you seem to be reporting on rumors as if they are fact...what is your source for this info?

Wow, somebody got up on the wrong side of his throne this morning.
I was just offering a suggestion to answer Chewbacca's question.
If I wanted to attack you personally, I would have said, "Slow news day, eh?"
Just kidding.

Honestly, as much as I like the iphone and the app ecosystem, I did not upgrade to the 4S since it was a minor upgrade from the 4, and will not to the new one unless there is some drastic difference.
The 3.5" screen is too small for the modern smartphone, and is the common size on entry to mid level devices. Keep the 4/4S as a mid-level device with a 3.5" screen and do at least a 4" screen new phone. This is deemed the "sweet spot" for smartphone screen size and is needed for a top tier device these days.
I can't say I will stick with iphone much longer if the screen size does not grow. There is just too much benefit to a bigger screen, especially in terms of amount of content displayed, to not find a different device such as the One X or some Android device that comes out before fall.

I agree with you. I do have the 4S and content with the camera and speed (I did upgrade from the 4). I want a larger screen and 4" would be awesome, otherwise I won't upgrade to the iPhone 5. I won't ditch my iPhone, I do like it and got a lot invested in apps, but my second phone on a discount carrier, which is currently an Android, is going to either be a BB 10 phone or a Windows phone.

YEah, I'll be disappointed if the "5" is similar to the iPhone 4. I also skipped on the 4S, my 4 works great, and Siri wasn't worth the $200 buy-in fee. The One X looks awesome, and I'm not too concerned about my app investment, as the iPad will still use all of that stuff. COme on, Apple! Don't let us down!

I don't think a bigger screen will be better, won't it be very difficult to use it without both hands?

I think you are assuming that larger screen size has to come with a large bezel. Hopefully they can cut down on the bezel size and fit a larger screen within the same space. Unless you have really small hands a slightly larger phone should not be a huge problem. I certainly use my iPhone with two hands instead of just one.

"The 3.5" screen is too small for the modern smartphone..."
The "modern" smartphone? Which is all of five years old. You're making me feel old.
If the iPhone is larger that will be okay with me. But if its the same size, that will be okay with me too. And I predict that it will be will be just fine for the tens of millions of customers who buy it too.

I keep seeing this "iPhone 5" thing everywhere, and it surprises me, especially coming from imore.com
Anyone keeping count should know that the iPhone 4s is the fifth iPhone. Therefore, the next iPhone must be the iPhone 6, not the iPhone 5.
However, I predict that, to keep with the current trend, the next iPhone will not have a number in its name. It will only be "the new iPhone."

So I stumble onto this website via a link on my friend's Facebook wall. The article seems fine. I start thinking that maybe the stereotypes about Apple/iPhone people being snarky/elitist/stuffy/snoody/snobby aren't true. Then I scroll to the comments section and I find the AUTHOR of the article being hilariously sensitive and jerky! How about you stop being a whining hipster and act like a professional! Wow! I proudly own a Droid Razr and I can honestly say most people are impressed by its super-thin body and gigantic screen.

This is clearly an ignorant statement considering that there some people (not myself) who would prefer the Droid Razr over and iPhone and definitely over a galaxy S which is over a year old. (or did you mean galaxy s II or the new galaxy S III which will come out in June?)
To compete in a market, a company just has to convince the consumer to purchase their product. It doesn't matter if it is better or worse as long as the consumer makes the purchase, that is what matters to the company.

See, when an Apple guy/gal says "LOL Droid Razr ...blah blah blah", you're immediately making yourself sound stupid. Did I bash the iPhone in any way? No, I did not. I bashed the author for acting like a third grader as opposed to someone who writes for a living. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to browse the web on the 4G network.

Well, excuse me for not keeping track of every post you write, your eminence.
So, I am a "troll" for pointing out something that many people before me have criticized you for? Well, in that case, that much criticism should make you think twice, and listen. If what you are saying is right, nobody would need to point out your inaccuracies.

If that rumor holds true on launch day then I believe I'll have to pass on the iPhone 5 and go BB10 for my upgrade. Apple don't let your loyal fans down.

Your not the only one my friend. I have always and will always be a Blackberry supporter, not Rim or anything else just blackberry and i really do think that Rim is going to get it right this time with BB10, but i digress the only thing im looking for in the next iphone is a 4" screen. It could be made out of wood or leaves for all i care 4" screen and im buying less than that and im either going back to BB or holding out until they do.

Agreed. I got the iPhone 4s and returned it. Such a cumbersome os/device for messaging. My 9700 runs circles around it when it comes to messaging, reception, call quality, battery life and overall everyday ergonomics. I think most smartphone users these days are fascinated by what their phone is 'capable' of doing, yet they give up so much convenience for the tasks they perform 99% of the time. I'll upgrade to the bb os 10 qwerty phone whenever it comes out. My phone is a communication/messaging tool only. for browsing and everything else my iPad is usually around or some desktop/laptop is always readily available.

As I understand the BB os 10 will not have a hardware qwerty keyboard, they're ditching that so... don't hold your breath!

Even though that what u said isn't true, I was planning on getting the all touch version. Its been 2 months and I already miss bbm so I can't wait for the bb10 phones to come out.

I agree that 3.5 inch screen is becoming too small for a modern smartphone. From a marketing standpoint alone, iPhones are starting to look puny compared to everything else. Dated, even. Unless Apple seriously shrinks the rest of the iPhone so that the small size becomes part of the reason the device looks sexy, the iPhone is going to start faring poorly against its competitors.
I'd think 4 or 4.25 inch is the sweet spot.

Anything bigger than 4" is ridicoulos. I want a phone that I can put in my pocket. If I want something bigger i have my iPad. The galaxy note is a stupid phone, I laugh at those people that hold that phone to there ear. Lame stupid!!!!

If the screen of the next iphone doesn't grow in size ,i jump ship and go toward those shameless ,copycat, Samsumg device.
Apple dont give a f@ck about choice , ill choose with my money...
BTW my office lost big money because apple dont release new Mac Pro... Fanboy begin to had just enough of that $hit!

I think the sweet spot for smartphone screen size is the screen RIM is using on its Dev Alpha device for BB10 - 4.2". The resolution on that screen is 1280x768 but a bit higher wouldn't hurt.

If this is true, I'm sad to say I will be leaving the iOS mobile platform. A larger screen is a MUST for me.

If the next iPhone has a glass back or the same size screen then I will not buy it so buying an HTC One X because I have had it with slow change I like iOS bu t I thin the best combo is android phone and iPad

i agree and i think many people have come to the realization that sticking to one brand is not always the answer. the best combo is usually ipad + your favorite phone. for me its ipad + bold. the bold is more of a tool than anything else, the ipad a toy.

Rene do you think that Google Maps will still available as a stand alone app from the app store? My concern is I have an Android phone so I like apps that play nicely with both ecosystems. As Apple moves away from Google I may have to make a choice between my iPad or Android.

I hope so. Not being dependent on Google is one thing, but having a Google Maps App in the store would be great. It could even lead to better Google Apps, since Google could update it at their own schedule (like the Android app -- with vectors!)
I'm sure Apple doesn't want to rely on Google for the iPhone any more than Google has to rely on Apple for Android -- not at all.

Apple has the power to deny a separate Google Maps app entry into the App Store, but they need to allow it. Legal concerns aside, there is no better way to keep your own development sharp than to expose it to the best competition, and no surer way to start one's decline than to protect units, rather than force them to keep striving. Paul Graham put it best a couple years ago, when talking about some of the more draconian early App Store policies:
"An organization that wins by exercising power starts to lose the ability to win by doing better work."
Apple has earned for itself a lot of power -- they need to make sure they do not (ab)use it to insulate themselves.

I went from the iPhone 3 to the 4 and then to the 4S only for SIRI. Unless something comes out on the iPhone 5 that changes EVERYTHING for me, there is little to no chance I will upgrade especially if the dock changes as that will kill it for me.
The iPhone 4S causes me NO issues, no complaints and does everything I want beautifully and w/o issue. I have a bunch of cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S and cables and connectors and even have a few hundred tied up in Kickstarter projects for the 4 and 4S that will ONLY fit the 4 and 4S.
I do not need or want a different size, shape or color. I don't get need more speed or space. I don't see any reason to upgrade unless apple comes out with something so revolutionary that I will have to upgrade to JUST HAVE IT.
My 2-cents.

Wow you guys are really whoring the linkbait this week.
Big "nope" from my source for this one too, the design was set by SJ when he was still around.

Hey guys, I try to be constructive but it does seem like you have been just publishing rumors today, what is the source for this information? As for the new phone, unless there is more than LTE I can't see why anyone would want to upgrade from a 4 or 4s. I can't see me doing it unless I switch off of Sprint, which I may, but i've been thinking about giving Android another try. I have my iPad for the IOS goodness

Re: "Once again we're hearing that if the screen size does change, it won't be by a lot (no larger than 4-inches)."
I'd bet a dollar it will be between 3.7" and 3.9" with the exact same pixel geometry. And I'd bet a nickel that the screen will be almost flush with the longer edges of the "new iPhone."
Re: "We've heard nothing to indicate a planned change in the aspect ratio either way..."
That's great news for all the developers out there. There could be a catastrophic amount of work for developers if Apple were to change the geometry from 3:2 to 16:9 for no good reason. Especially for graphics-heavy apps.

I don't understand all the controversy surrounding the potential for an aspect ratio change. If Apple changed it to 16:9 and kept the width the same, they would get to the 4" screen size (or approximately enough to call it 4".) and minimal changes would be needed for apps. IOS has automatic control over the "content" area of an app for the most part. Menu bars are always at the top and bottom of the screen. So theoretically, iOS 6 could simply expand the content area for the new iPhone with a taller screen. This could probably be done without any developer work necessary. For a program that is fixed in aspect ration for some reason, the app would simply center until the developer changed the app to accommodate the new aspect ratio. Meanwhile, we are all enjoying better web browsing, a better picture for videos- native 16:9 would be awesome, and just more screen area for every app.
I just do not see an aspect ratio change being that big of a deal...

I find it hard to believe that Apple doesn't have the design of their flagship products finalized 5 months before release. If they were going to make the screen larger, you'd think they would need to give their screen manufacturers a big heads up so they could start production.

I agree. You would think they would have a design finalized and out being tested not using 10 different prototypes.

I'm sure they know exactly what size and shape the new one is going to be. Don't believe this disinformation. when it comes to apple products, the more hype the better. Clearly the phone will be a little wider but same height. Less bezel to fit a somewhat larger screen. Lte yes. Workmanship and materials who knows. If they stick with the 3.5 inch screen it will be colossal mistake.

Haha Tim Cook's probably going to show off a 3.5 inch screen and everyone will be disappointed but at the end of the keynote he'll be like "Ha gotcha!" and pull out the "new iphone".

Apple is doing what it did last year, fuels rummors to get consumer's ideas on articles like this one. If they wanted the same screen size they would have called the 4s iPhone 5, instead they knew something was off and postponed. Now they test the ocean's depth with a stick as we say in my country, to see te minimum screen size, because in this economy, they don't want more than necessary. In my opinion iPhone always was a showoff device not worth the money and way too restrictive, not to mention HEAWY. F*ck Siri, I am not a sheep and therefore can formulate a search myself! Grandpa' will love it :))

Still the same position here for me, and I'm still on my iPhone 4. And I'll stay with it if the next iPhone stays with the same screen size. Those 4" to 4.5" screens some of my Android friends have are darn hard to ignore. It just seems to make getting things done seem faster and easier. I'd consider anything under 4" screen size to be a failure by Apple.

I want a bigger screen but if all they do is make the phone longer I'll stick with my 4S. It needs to be a little wider and longer. If the screen is just longer or the same size I won't be spending any money on this revision.

Just upgraded to a One x and love it. Still have my iPad for the apps I have. Still think ios is a great platform but I was also tired of small screen and didn't jump on the 4s. These 2 platforms together make a good combo.

Excellent choice; that 1X has an amazing screen. Best screen I've ever seen on a phone, actually. I would've gotten one too if it were unlocked. I've been "dual-wielding" both my iPhone 4 and my unlocked Galaxy Nexus, and I have to agree; they do make a great combo. The strengths of one device and OS compensate for the weaknesses of the other, so together they complement each other nicely. I like having them both.

Yes my brothers has had three of the new iphone proto types. They will use liquidmetal for the case & frame. So don't post if you don't know. My brothers company provide a key part for the Iphone and IPad.

As much as I want to believe this I have my doubts. It's not that I don't think you were told what you reported. More this is disinformation.
Just look at it from a production standpoint. Yes there have been many prototypes. At this point though the design is set. The factories have to start pumping out the parts for assembly. Otherwise its not September for the drop it will be December. Not in time for the Holiday gift season that way.
Now if it came out next Month I wouldn't complain either.:)


I just think its funny because one of the main reasons I bought an iPhone is because it's sleek, slim, and small enough to feel comfortable in my hands. It packs a huge punch in a small package, on top of that the screen is absolutely beautiful way better than any android phone I have ever owned. Why fix it of it isn't broken?

I'm right there with you. I don't understand why Apple can't offer two phone sizes. Keep the current one and just add a bigger one, as there clearly appears to be a huge market for 4"+ screen size.

A larger screen is VERY important.
The main advantage of a smart phone is it's ability to run apps, and a larger screen makes apps easier to use and potentially more powerful and useful.
Room for more content and controls, larger maps, larger pictures.
I will mot upgrade if the screen is not significantly larger.

You make more sense than all this stupid people that want a bigger phone. The iPhone has the perfect screen size, 4" will be ok, anything bigger wil be ridicoulos. Apple is a smart company and will never go bigger than 4"

I find that a lot of Android smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, and all the other 4.5 and above sized screens, are getting to the point where there are not really pocket sized or a comfortable pocket sized device anymore.
Its starting to become a competition with the phone manufacturers has to who can put the biggest screen on their phones, but they are overlooking an important point, that point is, that most people want to put their phones in their pockets.
I'll admit, the 3.5 inch screen on the iPhone is a little small nowadays, but a increase in size by 0.5-0.7 inch is an absolute maximum in terms of a comfortable sized screen and at the same time, been a comfortable pocket sized smartphone too.

I just like a consistent handset that doesn't have 1000 bugs that can't be fixed until the carrier decides to push out an update. I want a device that runs on the most updated OS released by it's publisher. I want a camera that takes great pictures and video. I also want a device that's not going to break if I accidentally drop it. I don't want to have to put a gigantic Otterbox case on my phone just so it won't break. I currently have a Droid X2 and it's surprisingly rugged. If you want to use glass that's fine, just use Gorilla Glass. I'd like to see the next iphone built with a 4" screen. All of the things I want in a smartphone are available in an iphone except for a less fragile body and a larger screen. With Android, I've come to realize that I spend way more time screwing around with the customization on my home screen than actually using apps. I bought my wife an iphone and I absolutely love it for getting me right to an app and then off of the phone and back into the real world.

Oh well, guess we need more rumors out there, unnamed, or was that unknown sources closes to the matter say that the mind control chip implants to operate the iPhone 5 are being built right now. The chip is implanted in the back of the neck at time of purchase.
There is not going to be an iPad mini and definitely no iTV or Apple big screen TV, they are both new models of the iPhone. The 'iPhone 5' and the 'iPhone Grande'.
The iPhone Grande will come with its own wheelbarrow to allow it to be transported around. Battery life at the moment is an issue and it comes with its own retractable power cord for when you are at work or at home.
For those with little ickle hands they are making the iphone nano, it's a redesign of the standard iPhone, merely lipstick on the sow, same old phone but lighter with plastic back and ickle carry handle for those tiny hands.
The rumor about LTE is a bust though, all the devices will switch to having a cat-5 connector through a lead from the standard size port and you just have to remember to plug it into a wired network when you want access to the internet or email. They are dropping 3G and 2G access completely. Wireless internet is so yesterday was the story that came out of Korea.

I love, love, love, love my iPhone 4, and I was holding out on upgrading until the iPhone 5 comes. Honestly, as much as I do love iPhones, if the iPhone 5 does not have at least a 4" screen, I'll be picking up either a Samsung Galaxy S2 or a Samsung Galaxy S3 (although it might be too large). Apple needs to stop being evolutionary, and start being revolutionary.

I 100% agree with u. But, the reason Apple can be evolutionary and revolutionary is because RIM is destroying the once mighty Blackberry, HP killed Palm, and Windows is no real competition.
If a company doesn't have a few competitors constantly breathing down their necks then they will simply rest on their last big product.
With Apple having more money in the bank then the US government, R&D should be going gangbusters. And u can see with the slow updates to the half baked Siri Apple is in no hurry to address it customers concerns.
Silicon Valley is littered with used to be high flying companies (MySpace, HP, Dell, RIM, Yahoo) that was slow to innovate and ended up in the trash bin.

Let's hope it gets a 4" screen because I'd like for the iPhone 5S that I get in 2013 to have a 4" screen. Squinting at this little screen can be laborious at times. That's my only complaint about the iPhone 4S. I can transition all of my USB iPhone synch/charge cables to my iPad2, so the new doc connector is no big deal. I guess all we can do is wait and see what Apple brings us. I really hope they don't keep the same screen size or 3.7".

I definitely understand why people want a bigger screen on the next iPhone. I personally wouldn't mind a bigger screen myself.
But there seem to be a lot of people here for whom a 4"+ screen is the most important thing they're looking for on their next phone. In that case, why wait? Go pick up a One X, Galaxy Nexus, Titan II now, or wait just a little longer for the Galaxy S III. There's no point in holding out until October when the one thing you want in a phone is already available in spades.
Apple has never been adamant about matching other phones spec for spec. If that's important to you, maybe it's time to look elsewhere.

My deep throat sources have just confirmed that Steve Jobs, Jim Morrison & Tupac are all actually alive and working in a bunker under an old Tron arcade on a new iPhone made out of unicorn horn with a 42" scratch n' sniff screen that folds up into your pocket like George Jetson's car. It'll be released May 33rd and yes, will definitely be free. Now, for all you Tron haters, I am definitely not just pooping out unfounded rumors since my sources comprise of how my Alpha-bits arranged themselves in a bowl of milk this morning, and Alpa-bits are never wrong, but shhh, don't tell anyone.

This is the best response so far.
Another link bait article. Are we really willing to believe that Apple hasn't finalized the next iPhone that's due 5 months from now. While some details may change in that window. There is absolutely no way they don't have the main design down. If you believe this(like the author) then you have no understanding of how large scale manufacturing works.

Exactly. To not have a finalized design long ago is just not credible. C'mon Rene, 'fess up. You're just making this stuff up at this point to get coverage on CNET, et al, right?

Apple in the past has used 10-3-1 design process. 10 ideas. 3 prototypes. 1 final.
They've shown over and over again they can spin on a dime (relatively speaking).
For them to have 2 or 3 prototypes at this stage would not be surprising at all.

Quite honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing a 4" screen for the next iPhone. I came from Android, and had the HTC EVO. I loved the 4.3" screen... the real estate makes such a difference when web-surfing, and watching movies. I switched to iPhone because I've wanted it since 2007... but didn't want to switch to AT&T. As for larger phones being "pocket-friendly" I honestly thought the EVO fit in my pocket quite well, and if Apple does go to a larger phone, I can't possibly see it not fitting in your pocket.
Side note... anyone out there have the Galaxy Note? How the heck you fit that monster in your pocket? @_@

I really also hope for a bigger screensize. I am already temped to buy the htc one x because of it's screen even after i invested a lot in Ios ( 4 iphones and 2 ipad's.

I have iphone4s, and always update straight away. I guess I'll do the same with 5, wish list for me, thinner (like iPod touch) and 4 inch min. Siri out of beta and linked to yell and google maps (GB).

4 inch would be perfect. If you hold the 4S, or any iPhone in your hand now. One handed, there is a little room where the thumb feels comfortable. A larger than 4", and now it becomes a two handed phone to use with comfort. Others have stated going taller would not be the answer either. That just looks bad. If they go to a micro charge port, the adaptor companies will be happy. Will need them to use current 30 pin connection products. I too am wondering with just five months away, why Apple does not have the new iPhone ready. This is not the time for trying out different designs. It is time to put the polish on the final design.

Your sources are dead wrong.
Announcement of next iPhone : June 11th , release DATE June 29th
No 7" iPad. Apple doesn't wanna kill their own product , yet.
Apple will announce a new phone on June 11tj along side iOS 6
They will not announce a product that comes out 4 months later , so expect to see the next iPhone before July !

I will cry my geeky apple fanboy eyes out if the screen isn't increased to at least 4 inches !

People please. Stop asking for a stupid bigger screen. Apple will not go bigger than 4" leave that to lame android phone. We want a phone not a table on my ear.

why does everyone want a bigger screen?
i think them big android things look ridiculous and they dont even fit in your pocket.
please someone explain?!
why do ppl want phones to get bigger????

I'm pretty happy with the current size.
People bitch now and if apple releases a phone with bigger screen , the same people bitch again.

While extremely comical to follow, the planted 'reliable source' rumors, bogus prototypes of almost complete opposite designs that just pop up periodically, and EXTREMELY scientific release timing is THE best retail marketing model ... PERIOD!
That being said, Apple is, and has been for some time now, FAR too cocky about this fact, in addition to the 'Steve Jobs actually designed this' contingency plan for anything & everything.
I am an Apple supporter, and after 20+ years using Windows exclusively, it actually sickens me to log in to my Dell laptop for work each day.
My support is solely based on the superiority of my Mac products . Otherwise, I have the same loyalty to Apple as they have to me - none.
My materially relevant point is that I am anxiously awaiting the 'new iPhone' release, and fully expect it to be MY new iPhone. While I personally think the new Droid phones w huge screens look ridiculous, the new iPhone does REQUIRE a 4-4.25" screen, as the current screen is just too small, & optimizing the size opposed to blowing it up is the right move, and the move I am sure Apple will make.
They cannot be oblivious to the fact that no change would firmly knock them off the top spot they have held since the inception of the smartphone, and would not be replacing the 4S otherwise.

Does this seem plausible though, if you think about it, Apple the crazy control freak company hasn't finalised their next iPhone, which is probably going to be announced start of October (according to article)? That gives them 4 months, where they have to manufacture the phone, let's say that takes a month. You honestly reckon with 3 months to go they haven't finalised their phone? They need to scale iOS 6 accordingly, depending on what processors they are using and what the screen res/ratio is going to be. They're shipping the iOS 6 beta at WWDC. I don't think Apple would give themselves such a short time frame, don't buy this. Especially since iPhone 4s was released on October 14th, so they've had around 6 months to debate this problem enough.

I totally agree, Apple knows EXACTLY what the screen size will be in the next gen iPhone 5. In fact, they very likely know what the screen size is going to be for the iPhone 7 (6 will be the same as history has shown).
I also believe that this form factor in terms of screen size for the iphone 5 will stay the same for many years, just like the iPhone 1 to iPhone 4S has.

I agree with a lot of these comments on here.
Here are the specs on an iPhone that I think we'd all love/want to have....!!
4"-4.5" screen @ retina HD display
1.5ghz - 2ghz Quad core processor
2gb dual Chanel ram
16/32 + 64 gb flash memory (HDD space)
MIMO technology
NFC technology
Bluetooth 4.1+ (iPhones + mobiles)
At least a 3mp front facing camera
Wifi n (that actually works to 60m)
Slightly bigger battery
Has everyone forgot that Apple once said that their commitment to their work was to make the iPhone future proof to competition by at least 5-10yrs.....!!! Seems like apple underestimated Samsung by a long shot. I love my iPhone + iOS but if Apple doesn't make a "revolutionary" next gen iPhone then I will be going to the Samsung Gal S 3....!! I think it's time that these corporate started listening to the masses of their client base.

I believe that Apple will get it right..... Why? Because they know that if they don't Samsung and that little Green Android will take a HUGE bite out of the Apple marketshare!!!

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Rene sir, you've be really accurate in your predictions. Would Apple be so devious to create a 3.8 inch screen and then market it as a 4.0? In any event, I have the 1st gen Samsung Galaxy and an iPod Touch 4. The 4 inch screen to me is completely unacceptable and too small, especially with the Android screens being substantially larger. I use my device foremost as a browser, not a telephone. Bigger (to a point) is better. I am deliberately holding off on getting a Samsung Galaxy III until I see what the iPhone 5 brings. Personally, I see no point in jumping from 3.5 to 4.0 (or 3.8), but jumping from 3.5 to 4.5 would be a welcome improvement.

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