iPhone 5 to use dual CDMA/GSM Qualcomm chip, no LTE 4G until 2012?

Apple might create a dual mode CDMA/GSM iPhone 5 based on Qualcomm chipset in 2011 and push LTE 4G support into 2012 and iPhone 6 according to TechCrunch contributor Steve Cheney:

First things first — the iPhone CDMA model due in January won’t support LTE. But here’s where it gets really interesting: sources tell me that the iPhone refresh in mid-2011 won’t support LTE either. Instead, Apple will produce a dual mode iPhone containing 3G flavors of GSM and CDMA, which operates on all carriers worldwide. If this holds true, Apple won’t support the LTE standard until some time in 2012.

TiPb, thanks to the Cell Phone Junky, Mickey Papillon, first hinted at Qualcomm supplying CDMA/GSM chipsets to Apple way back at CES 2010. That Apple would stick with 3G HSPA/EVDO through 2011 isn't a huge surprise since the original iPhone eschewed 3G and remained EDGE only.

One iPhone across every carrier on the planet maintains their huge economies of scale, their iconic, singular iPhone brand, gives LTE time to shake out, and -- of course -- gives Apple something to offer as an upgrade in 2012.

So are you happy it looks like you're getting your Verizon iPhone, angry you aren't getting your super-fast LTE 4G iPhone, or both?


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iPhone 5 to use dual CDMA/GSM Qualcomm chip, no LTE 4G until 2012?


All I can say is when verizon gets the iPhone I'm switching to it. And you can bet if they will let me get the LTE without an extra fee I'm getting that one...

Do not care about LTE right not, but really just want the Verizon Iphone 4. I want to make calls without 25% dropped. Already have the $300+ EFT ready to pay ATT to get out of my contract. Please let this be true this time......

All I can say is when verizon gets the iPhone I'm switching to it. And you can bet if they will let me get the LTE without an extra fee I'm getting that one....

All of this is WEAK as F**K! lol I cant wait until it comes to Verizon, so all the cry babys can stop complaining about how bogged down AT&Ts network is with all these iPhones. and maybe, just maybe when all of you leave, our service will be better :)

That's disappointing... I'm already on Verizon and an LTE iPhone might have been the only thing that would make me convert back from Android...
Because I can guarantee there will be plenty of LTE android phones within months of it coming out...

This is a 2-pronged deal for me. First, I'm happy that many users will leave AT&T for Verizon - which should free up the airwaves. Second, I want LTE!

@Brn2prgrm I am not a baby, I love the phone but would never let my wife leave Verizon. I need her for safety issues to be able to make calls. It is not being a baby it is being a good family man. This is a bigger issue than not being able to stream video when I want. I pay $60 more every month for this piece of mind and think it is terrible ATT has never made it better. 25% drop rate and this makes me a CB, really...

I'd be more interested in a major OS upgrade. Notifications, widgets, social networking integration, flexible alert tones are all areas Android blows away the much unchanged iOS. Worry less about gaming Steve and give us a more meaningful OS update.

I think the rumors are real this time. AT&T's CEO stated at the WP7 launch that on November 8th WP7 phones would the "cornerstone" of their smartphone platform. It sounds like to me that iPhone exlusivity is ending very soon.

This just makes me really sad. I had to sell my iPhone 3GS and do all these other things that I'm not proud of (nothing bad) to get my iPhone 4. I think I'm getting really tired of all this stuff. I love Apple, but this gets depressing after a while.

Like I said before, LTE is going to be a hard sell. The iPhone 4 is getting about 3 Mbit/s down and 1 Mbit/s up. That's actually better than my DSL connection at home. The benefits of getting more and more bandwidth become fewer and fewer above 3 or 4 Mbit/s. This is for your phone, not your home network. If you buy a lot of HD movies at 4 GB, 10+ Mbit/s is awesome, but not many people are going to do that on a phone. Lets not mention the more nefarious cases for needing a lot of bandwidth.

LTE is going to cost more so I don't really need it. I look forward to all the whiners leaving AT&T and freeing up my network.

I'm so sick of these stupid rumors. I honestly can't wait for it to go to Verizon, so I can stop hearing these rumors, and stop hearing people complain about AT&T's network. If AT&T's network can already handle all of the current iPhones in the US, I'm sure it'll be much better when these cry babies pour onto Verizon and bog down their network.

@Shrike, not to mention the tiered data plans. 3G is just fine me, as I only use it occasionally. But I don't want any stinkin' CDMA chipset in my next iPhone.

@ sting7k i agree. ATT service is great at my location. People have to remember this is a smart phone and you wont get the full potential of the iphone on the Verizon network that you can get with ATT. ATT has already proven it has the best network in multiple surveys and has the fastest download speed. You can also use voice and data at same time, which you cannot do on Verizon,
Apple is also smart about not launching LTE iphone just yet,many of my friends were testers for LTE in boston and he big drawback was batter power.
Good luck and good bye to everyone who goes to verizon

So am I understanding this right? The VZ iPhone will be a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 and then the iPhone 5 will come out in June and will be both CDMA and GSM? If thats right, why would anyone buy a phone in early 2011 and if a new one is coming out in June? Am I missing something?

I will def be buying the cdma version thats coming out in Jan. My contract expired 3 months ago and my BB Curve is in ROUGH shape and will not last till mid-2011(I'm just praying it'll last to winter). I don't travel outside the US, and I'm not going to switch away from verizon so why SHOULD I wait to get a dual band iPhone?

If the Iphone is released on Verizon in early 2011 they will get the current version. Then Apple will announce another version with at least a 4 inch screen hopefully that will release mid 2011 on AT&T first and Verizon will get that version 6 months later but will be LTE ready. Apple will keep AT&T a first priority when new Iphones launch since they were the carrier who made them millions. Just my theory and a damn good one.

gquaglia-- What I was really getting at was will VZ get an iPhone (4) in early 2011 and then also get one in June (5) so they are on the same release schedule as the GSM version? Because if thats the case, why would you get an iPhone 4 and then your phone is obsolete in 6 months or so? Unless you are like Jason P and your current phone is ready to kick it! :)

I don't think blockquote was talking about portability. I think he's arguing that it would be stupid for someone to buy a CDMA version of iPhone 4 early 2011, when they could get iPhone 5 (also CDMA).

Boots says:
October 11, 2010 at 11:16 am
Typical apple.
Typical Apple? Apple does not have control over LTE, or any other connection. LTE is just a baby. It will take time for it to be rolled out nation wide.
I personally think we may just see a LTE READY phone, but a full LTE phone wont hit untill 2012.

the point of getting cdma only in Jan. (if true) would be that if you live in SF Bay Area, you are getting a very significant drop rate. apparently also in NYC. I cannot take att's service in SF anymore. it really is crap and has actually gotten worse over the last few months. calls drop in the same spots everytime and now there are some new ones. I don't care about cdma/gsm anyway.

Please try rereading and working on your comprehension to this article.
LTE - Will not just be one Network. Almost every network is going to LTE.
LTE- Will not cost more. If anything it will cost lest if VZW goes to tiered data pricing.
LTE- Is not just for phones. It will be in everything you can imagine. Please research LTE before you make assumptions.
CDMA/GSM - There have been dual mode phones for years. No problems.
Network - Whoevever said that ATT, in multiple surveys, has been proven to be the best has never read one of those surveys... because if they had they would know that all of those surveys say the opposite. It's a known fact that VZW network trumps ATT's.
Finally, the person who said "The benefits of getting more and more bandwidth become fewer and fewer above 3 or 4 Mbit/s" doesn't understand bandwidth at all. LTE stand for Long Term Evolution.. meaning it's for now and the future. More and more things will use LTE, not just your phone.. like your T.V., your car, even your fridge. As well, more and more bandwidth will be needed for data transfer and streaming.
All in all, the majority of the comments on this article are speculative, inaccurate, and uneducated.

So who thinks they'll do a "special" name for the iPhone 5 like they did with the second iPhone, 3G? Maybe something like iPhone WE (World Edition) since it will use both network standards?

Yeah, wireless broadband as a competitor to landline broadband with LTE, but it aint going to happen until the backhaul has been redone to support bandwidth needs and only if they offer unlimited. The primary customers of LTE service will be wireless broadband modems sure.
But we're talking phones here. What's the upsell? I get 10 Mbit/s down instead of 3 Mbit/s? What do I need 10 Mbit/s down onto my phone for? Tethering and hotspot capability? Wake me up when people do that a lot.
The future is tiered. Spectrum is a finite resource and it's going to metered and tiered up the wazoo. ATT's data services are cheaper than before per month, but they've given us a devil's bargain and, instead of unlimited options or even higher cap options, are offering some pretty meager data packages at 200MB/mo and 2GB/mo. What sort of future is that? We won't be watching much live video or streaming video of any kind with those kind of caps.
Data services will cost more on newer networks. What impetus do the carriers have to charge less or the same for new services? Is Sprint just being foolish charging an extra 10$ for WiMAX phones? Wouldn't VZN and ATT follow suit? You're being pretty optimistic thinking that they'll maintian current price points.

of GSM and CDMA, which operates on all carriers worldwide...maybe sprint?
I know alot of ppl knock sprint and maybe if i lived in an area where sprint sucked i would too, (all carriers work well in cincy) but having four lines w/ smartphones, unlimited cell calls all netwerks, unlimited data, yearly upgrades on the main line..mine:) for $200 a month, i get $20 discoubt for military discount, was in navy, i really cant complain,.......but back2point i wonder if itll have sprint signals/channels/cdma?

would be nice for sprint to get a good phone, the service is great. any hear if there is a chance sprint may be getting the iphone as well?

I can hear it now. Steve Jobs: you know we been listening to people saying try want a better notification system. That they want tighter social network integration. That they want widgets and customs SMS tones. But you know what we found out? We don't think you guys want any of that. So we figured out a way to sell you a new product without changing much. It's magical

Of course none of this is confirmed. But if true, I'm all for it; and if Sprint keeps its plan prices and offers one, I'm out!

2012 I think that's when my contact with AT&T is up , new 4g verizon network a more stable newtwork compared to a new 4g AT&T newtwork that isn't stable what so ever ..... So hard to chose between the 2