iPhone 5 to be announced in August, major hardware update?

According to BGR Apple will be announcing a much improved and updated iPhone 5 as early as August.

We have been told by a reliable source to expect a radical new case design for the upcoming iPhone, though we have not been given any additional details surrounding the design of the new iPhone case.

Lots of recent rumors have pointed to Apple releasing a small upgrade form the current iPhone 4; even going so far as to call it the iPhone 4S. Both This is My Next's iPhone 5 rumors, and now BGR's dispute that. Unless Apple is planning two new iPhones for 2011 (iPhone nano?), someone is going to have to make up their mind and soon.

BGR has also heard that it is possible Apple will hold the iPhone 5 announcement event at the beginning or middle of August with availability to follow as early as the end of August. TiPb has heard similar August rumblings from big box retail sources, but their information is usually hit and miss and hard to source. The major issue with an August timeframe is obviously Apple's announcement of a fall release of iOS 5. There is no way Apple will release a new iPhone prior to the release of iOS 5 -- at least every new iPhone to date has shipped with a new version of iOS.

Could Apple announce iPhone 5 in August and release it alongside iOS 5 in September? Would that make sense?


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iPhone 5 to be announced in August, major hardware update?


I've been saying this for awhile now. Apple wouldn't delay the iPhone 5 just for some minor processor upgrade, but they would for a major update.

If this is the case then it may make sense that Apple would make a iPhone 5 announcement sometime in August with a Septemberish release. This would play into much of what has been said, i.e. Apple would not release a new iPhone with out new iOS. The slip in traditional dates may all line up with a new phone and OS by end of year.

Let's just hope the iPhone 5 hides some amzing things. Performance, design and features. As Caballera said(this is what I understood) the new iPhone won't be just a minor upgrade.

Maybe all iPhone 5's will be released in August with iOS5 and everyone else will have to wait till september to update to iOS5?

it's not a delay to september, its a realignment. The September iPod announcement has had nothing new for a while. This will be the new launch time for iPhones for back to school and holiday.

It's only geating old on a spec sheet on a piece of paper. My iPhone 4 still outperforms all these latest and greatest android phones with dual core this and 3D that, so I'd say it's still very much competitive in actual usage. Let's also not forget the iPhone 4's amazing battery life. I like being able to use my phone for more than 2 hours at a time.

Don't intend to buy iP5 yet. waiting to see features. Just wondering how many people are planning to buy on day one?

Without knowing what it will be? Seriously, go get your head checked. I don't care if it was Apple or RIM, no one should say with conviction they will buy a product not even announced.
This is part of the reason we had a recession...

if (iPhone 4s/5 == 4 inch display)
echo "Hell yea I'm buying!";
} else {
echo "Son, I am disappointed!";

So then, you want to see a spec bump just for the sake of a spec bump? If the user experience hasn't been compromised, from an end users perspective, should it even matter? The way I see it, the only ones who should be concerned about specifications should be the developers.

I'm worried if the battery life and performance would be a factor if it does go to a curve back

Apple is to zoned in on these two issues to let that happen, I would not worry about that. They would not put out a device that has less performance or batter life unless it was a nano or other such lower end device. Like to Like models will have better if not the same spec from that comparison.

HAs anyone thought of the fact that they may move to a overall longer refresh cycle for releasing a new model phone? Ultimately the iOS is updatable at any point, but they may be looking to extend out their time as they can really get a longer run out of a model. I know people might say, "oh then everyone would run to the latest model Droid" but seriously. Hardly a year for a new model is a short window.

This is so true, some people get to wrapped up in specs. Specs can be a good way to make a base line comparison but should not be the end all to a devices evaluation or mark of its performance for a user.

I find the current design just perfect. Why have a curve back? Wouldnt that cause a problem with BATTERY life and PERFORMANCE.? LEt alone less space for the internals.

I hate that design also, lets just hope this is not the case, I love the 4's look and feel. I think that curved back is so ugly it would stop me from upgrading even if the phone coupled with the iOS was a 100% improvement over the 4.

I think iOS 3 came out 1 week before the 3GS Maybe this time they'll release the hardware first and then the software. You made a post about Apple releasing their Macs when the new OS is out. That has not been the case with their mobile devices but suppose it is this time around ?

There is more to life then Verizon and ATT (or "orange" is you live with the queen or william and kate)

They could announce it in August and release in September. Wasn't that how the original iPhone launched. Not the august to september, but it was announced awhile before it was released. I could see Apple doing that. Have an event in August teasing everyone this is what's coming next month. And push back it's iPod event a little further into September (or maybe even early October) so that they can have high numbers to display come that event. Actually I kinda hope that's what happens, with a new design. I'm still not a fan of this boxy/rectangle design lol

In perspective I would think you mean getting old in relation to other products. My iPhone 4 still does what I want it to do and has not lost any of its performance form when I first purchased it. Unless you are tying to run new applications that are pushing the existing limits of the phone and you are comparing this to other devices I would not consider it getting old. Technically the phone would last for years with out any issue, all depend on the individual user and what they are requiring their device to do.
On the other hand I agree with you, to keep up with the pack so to say they should be releasing a new device with iOS soon.