iPhone 5 is most hated by the most lazy and most sensationalistic

iPhone 5 is most hated by the most lazy and most sensationalistic

Last week a "story" made the rounds concerning Apple's iPhone 5 being the "most hated" smartphone on the market, and Samsung's Galaxy S4 being the "most loved". Given the relative sales and satisfaction levels, the "story" didn't pass the smell test (unless you were testing for the smell of bullshit, that is), but disappointingly, if not surprisingly, it picked up mainstream media attention anyway. So, Philip Elmer-DeWitt decided to dig into it and see where, if anywhere, it originated. From Fortune:

But there was no such study on their website that I could find, and no way of determining whether the research was theirs or someone else's. (A call to their New York office went unanswered and their phone number had not yet been set up to receive voice mail.)

His best guess, to paraphrase, is that someone at the Daily Mail made up an Apple bites man-style headline and U.S. television ran with it.

They had one job. If the iPhone 5 really was the "most hated smartphone", they had every reason to inform their audience so they could make better educated buying decisions. If it wasn't, if they couldn't trace back the source of the study and verify its methodology, results, and the reputation of the firm behind it, they had every reason not to run it, or to inform their audience it was garbage.

They failed, damaging Apple's reputation to those who know no better, and their own to those who do.

Source: Fortune

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Reader comments

iPhone 5 is most hated by the most lazy and most sensationalistic


The only ones who who know about this story are those who are more into technology than the general populous. So I doubt it hurt apple at all. Though, fanboys will try to use the old articles while others will point to this one.

It was on US TV news. My mom saw it and asked me about it.

More and more we're willing to accept less and less. That doesn't make it right. Only more wrong.

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Don't see you posting articles like this when there are similar reports in iPhone's favor.

Really in the end, overall global numbers on market share speak for themselves....

This had nothing to do with your bias. It's about shoddy reporting.

And you should look around more. ;)

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Again, I don't see you writing the same articles when shoddy reporting is in iPhone's favor....

And don't even start to get into bias, your articles reek of too much fanboyism to carry any serious weight.

Your comments reek of irrational arguments and personal attacks. Fandoyism is just a derogatory term used to attempt to discredit those who one disagrees, probably due to some prejudice, but have no qualified counter argument.

The fact remains that the "iPhone is the most hated" is simple an abuse of statistics; one should always be skeptical. There was no critical analysis of said statistic. For example, 100% is people who eat bread will die. That is a valid and true statistic but is means absolutely nothing; it is, however, 100% misleading. Calling me a bread fanboy is ridiculous. Having the capacity to identify nonsense is a high quality skills. Nothing more, nothing less.

last time I looked the name of the site is iMore and they report on Apple products. So how can it be fanboyism? When shoddy reporting is done in iPhones favor you don't see it reported here go to a site that reports said shoddy reporting if a story doesn't cut the mustered iMore doesn't report it and if they do by mistake they come back and correct it. iMore did this post for the community at large so people aren't misinformed.

Those trouble makers over at JD Power and Associations cant be trusted!!!! We'll all just forget about the customer satisfaction award Apple constantly wins. Obviously you've just come here to spew b.s., so there's no point trying to have a reasonable discussion with you. Use what works for you, whether its iOS/WP/Android/BB bc they ALL have their upsides......just don't come to an iOS-centric site, troll the comment section & the author, then call out "fanboy" when people call you out for being a douche. Definitaly not a good look bruh. I guess the WP comment sections are ghosttowns & the Android ones are filled with HTC-vs-Samsung-vs-Moto arguments, so you felt the need to troll here to feel important.

And what is it that you do 9-5 Mr shoey???
Rene is an excellent writer...and this story has absolutely nothing to do with 'bias'. Why are you here? What is it that YOU contribute to this world? Why in the hell are you on an Apple site declaring bias and 'reek of 'fanboyism'? Go. Away. Your ridiculous comments make you look like a 13 year old who's mother won't let him buy an iPhone. Get a job. Get a life....and visit/comment on a site that piques your interests. Leave iMore.
I'm seriously interested in what your contribution is to society, the web....or is it your junior high government? The iPhone 5 and the GS4 are excellent phones. This article/broadcast though are full of shit...as are your words and responses.

@shoey5 sorry but um the name of this site is iMore, formerly TiPB aka The iPhone Blog so of course Renee is going to be pro Apple. However what you will not see on this site is garbage reporting, with no basis, or reason what so ever. If someone doesn't like a product just say you do not like it but when you blatantly lie about said product it says more about you than anything else and thats what I feel Renee was trying to point out . Hold your horse's when trying to knock an iOS dedicated (iMore) site.

You guys ever see the youtube video where a customer walks into a store to buy an iPhone, is asked why it's better and starts saying um because it has the gigabytes..... If there is one statistic all these comments prove it's that the average iPhone/Apple user is below average intelligence....especially in North America, and when it comes to common sense!

These comments also explain why Apple has been losing it's edge, and market share year over year. When you justify everything and ignore any possibility of improvement, you stop challenging yourself to get better and you start losing your edge...

With that said, don't give me any BS that this site doesn't post articles as bias if not more. Sure it's a PRO Apple site, anyone who comments otherwise, is only proving how low their intelligence really is....

Last I checked Android "fanboys" were the ones who constantly spewed technical specs because they think that mere numbers equal performance.

Get your things together, and pack your bags...

Ah God, really, did you even read this thread, just responding for the sake of responding....just proved a point....and lack of intelligence....

And you do know that this site is part of a bigger whole. Unfortunately all the RSS feeds from the Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone come through as one big whole. I like that as I like to know what's going on in the industry but I can only stomach so much bullsh.t!

And for what it's worth, I'm not trying to troll, piss anyone off or disrespect Rene, As I said, I can only stomach so much B.S. and I'd hope he...and most Apple fanboys consider the fact that you can be a Fanboy and still be objective rather than living in a delusional world to everything that's out there! There was a study quite a while back where they came to the conclusion that most iPhone users suffer similar symptoms to Stockholm syndrome. I laughed at the absurdity but when I read these comments....is it really that far from the truth!

Reading through the comments back and forth I will say that I agree with shoe on some of the points he is making. Yes there is a little bias in opinions of the articles. But isn't that why we come to this site, to read about Apple. I also point your attention to the very top banner on this page and every page on imore.com. This is one site in a family of sites dedicated to mobile technology. I am sure if you go to the android site you will see stories that shed android in a more positive light.

As regards to this article. This has nothing to do with bias. Fortune pointed out the news sources are running an article that seems is/was unable to be verified. In this case imore.com is only reporting what Fortune discovered.

Apple lose of market share less to due with the quality of their product and more to do then more people ditching their dumb phones as well as companies making their own android based phone. The articles comparing Apple to Android never compare Apple to Samsung/HTC/etc . . . .

On a final note. Am I an Apple Fan, yes. Why? Because it works and it works for me. I have had androids, just didn't like them. My wife has an iMac and Macbook for graphics and having iPhones and iPads just makes since. But any one I know who is shopping for phones I always tell them to play with everything before you buy. If an Android/Windows/Blackberry is what works for them great. Buy the device you like and we need to respect their choices.

I concur with a points shoey is making as well. Several articles have been written (Consumer Reports, fortune etc) that make this claim as well. I am in NO way a fanboy of ANY platform. I use an Android and a 4S as my daily phones. In no way would I say that an Android rates any higher (or "better") than my iPhone, yet my mother has had multiple issues with her i5 and has had it replaced a couple of times. I check a plethora of sites to keep informed of the mobile technology that is expanding and growing at a lightning pace. To come to a site that supports a mobile platform and not expect some form of bias is absurd. Shoey is correct in the fact that there are issues with the i5 and also correct in the fact that apple IS losing market share. I am soon to be leaving the Android platform for another OS, but, be rest assured, I WILL be taking my time researching the new i5s and the BlackBerrys before allowing some random article or opinion of a platform loyalist to sway my decision. I am sure that there are those disagree with Rene, yet I find myself agreeing that an article should not be aired without source validation and the objectivity of the person writing the summary. Just my two cents ...

Glad you picked up on this Rene. This sort of thing is rejoiced and retold by Apple haters and discussed as fact by those that don't know. And it does affect sales. I remember people being astonished when I purchased the iPhone 4s because they heard all sorts of bad things about it. Other than Consumer Reports absurd denouncement over the antenna issue with the 4, there were no substantive issues. But people tend believe negative assessments more than positive ones about things they have no first hand experience of. Obviously too many journalist are paid for the sensationalization factor of their story and not its accuracy and validity.

Thanks for posting this, Rene! I saw the story reported on blogs like Cult of Mac and BGR. I am ready to stop following them on my RSS Reader (now Feedly, BTW) because of the large number of anti-Apple sensational headlines, reposted from Cult of Android on Cult of Mac, and specifically by Zach Epstein on BGR. I know the other side of the coin should be in the news, but not when it's blatantly a twisted, unfounded, story like this one. I wish these bloggers would be called out by name by more bloggers than the Macalope. I'm glad you're there to help root out the chaff. Now to keep BS like this from permeating the mass media!

As I said, they're being deleted from my RSS feed list. Too much link bait, not enough worthwhile content.

Hasn't the iPhone won the JD Power and Associations customer satisfaction award on an annual basis for how many years? Clearly, iPhone owners aren't the ones who are "most hating" the iPhone. Sounds to me like the hate is coming from Android owners who love their Galaxy S4's. The iPhone isn't most hated by customers who keep coming back for another iPhone. So who's really behind this "research" and how legit are they? I call BS.

There should be some kind of bullshit-Blacklist, containing all those analysts and tech-writers who provide us with such nonsense...

I'm glad iMore posted this article because the one you are referin to was on cult of mac/android and I was shocked to read that, so I'm glad you only post true stories! I'm glad I can trust iMore to be reliable

The problem is that there are no true Apple/Mac blogs anymore except The Loop and Daring Fireball (not to forget the Macalope). iMore is part of MobileNation which includes AndroidCentral, WPCentral and Crackberry. I haven't noticed much cross-posting here like on Leander Kahene's (sp?) Cult of Mac which reposts Cult of Android Apple-slamming articles and MacWorld reposting PC World Apple-slamming articles. And the absolute worst is Zach Epstein with his link bait B.S. on BGR.

I own both Iphone 5 and several top of the line new Android devices. True tech geek at heart. I don't think anyone with a brain could believe any reports like that. I think overall sales answers that. Who ever wrote that article did what they wanted to do, they got everyone talking about it. I would not give this story any credibility and let it just die. The more people keep talking about it the more legs it gets.

Its well known now, that Samsung has indeed paid for negative articles, and inflated figures in surveys. Unless this was just an apple hater article, who's to say it wasn't paid for by Samsung?

Samsung sold 20 million GS4 phones and analysts appear to be nervous about Samsung momentum slowing. Meanwhile, everyone is waiting to see what Apple brings, this fall.

Samsung "shipped" 20 million GS4 phones. They don't report actual numbers sold. Many could still be sitting on store shelves somewhere.
Apple is one of the few companies that actually reports the number of phones sold.

Apple always reports shipped. Sometimes they mentioned sold via the conference call, but SEC filings and press releases are shipped. Shipped vs sold is a meaningless argument.

I read about this on another site and immediately dismissed it as bs. I know a lot of iPhone 5 owners and not one of them hates their iPhone.

Yep. Saw this one in CNET. Obviously, lots of posts were doing the iPhone death dance. Thought it appeared shaky myself. A lot of the tech sites report this kind of drivel it seems to get a bunch of hits on their blogs. Plus the apparent view these days that since Mr. Jobs passing that Apple's days are numbered. Well whatever, I am sticking with the best system IMO out there iOS. Samsung makes great phones no doubt but alas I am simply not into Android OS.

How would you like to be the Editor who had to put on their resume that you ran this story? Seems like a sure thing to get another higher paying job - at the National Enquirer.

When I saw the title of that article, the only thing that came to my head was- click bait.

I'll trust reputable studies from JDPower over this piece of garbage.

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Write a baseless story entitled "Fortune Magazine: World's Most Despised Publication" and drop that one on the media. :)