iPhone 5 pre-orders on Friday, September 14?

iMore previously heard Apple was planning to start iPhone 5 pre-orders the same day as the announcement event, September 12. That was similar to the iPad 3 event and pre-order being on the same day back in March. Now, however, there's a rumor that Apple might do what they did in 2011 with the iPhone 4S and wait until the Friday after, in this case September 14. Eric Slivka of MacRumors reports:

MacRumors is now hearing that pre-orders may not begin tomorrow following the media event and that they may instead start on Friday morning in a scenario similar to last year's debut. We're hearing that certain portions of Apple's sales support team are significantly increasing their staffing levels beginning at 6:00 AM Eastern on Friday, with a major surge for the initial shift beginning at that time and a sustained level of high staffing for at least the remainder of the day.

A logical argument could be made for either date, and things can and will change as event day approaches and Apple coordinates with carriers and retailers. We're still expecting that launch to be on September 21 in the U.S. and other first-wave countries, and October 5 for second-wave countries.

Anyone planning to pre-order vs. lining up on launch day?

Source: MacRumors

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Reader comments

iPhone 5 pre-orders on Friday, September 14?


Pre-order. If they offer pre-order for in store pick up as they did with the new iPad? I will do that again.

Honestly, tomorrow Apple will make the decision for me as to whether or not I pre-order/wait in line or just wait a few more weeks. Either way, an iPhone will be my next phone.

I never stand in a line for anything like this. I will pre-order depending on when I officially move.

While I did preorder the iPhone 4S to be delivered to my door last year. This year I will preorder for in store pickup and mingle with my fellow nerds for a couple hours. As I'm on comp after shoulder surgery so I got way to much time on my hands lol.

Man I'm really hoping the preorders are tomorrow, that's why I took off!!! The anticipation has doubled.

Nevermind, I just got my shift switched to closing Friday.. I'm prepared for either one. It just needs to be tomorrow already, I'm ready to retire my iPhone 4!

In a perfect world the pre-order will be tomorrow and the launch will be on Friday! Sadly this will not happen.

So how does pre-order work?

Just get on Apples website and hit F5 until it goes through at midnight?

Thanks in advance for all the advice...

I did the whole stand in line thing last year because my preorder disappeared for some reason and was left with no choice. Will try to preorder again this year but hopefully AT&T is not stupid and allow for early upgrades.

I will preorder. i have better things to do than look like a fool and stand in line waiting. Plus what better than being able to have it shipped right to your door, no hassle, no dealing with reps trying to push accessories on you.

My prediction is that pre orders will start on Wednesday. Why wait? I forgot how the new iPad launch was but it would be similar I would believe.

I'm going to pre-order. It's a lot easier but not as fun. I stood in line for the iPhone 3G and 3GS lines. I remember the 3G lines had all kinds of problems with activation. It took literally 5 hours to buy and activate the phone. You couldn't activate at home at that time. The 3GS went a little smoother. I remember Starbucks was coming around giving free coffee to everyone. It was such a great experience chatting with all the Apple Fans sipping on starbucks. It was funny how everyone standing in line knew more about the new iPhone than the apple workers from all the leaks from iMore (at the time TIPB) and other tech sites.

Less than 24 hours, can't wait.

Stood in line over night to get the 4 because the internet was too slow at work the day of release. Been waiting for the 5! Definitely Pre-Ordering as soon as it's available. ^^^ Yes, always the chance of getting it a day early :)

When you use the Term "Pre-Order" does that apply to only getting the new iPhone from Apple.com paying full retail, or can you pre-order from AT&T as well with new 2 year contract? If so, how do you pre-order from AT&T, is their pre-order time the same as Apple's?

You can pre-order through apple.com. You have the option when you go though your order process to select your current carrier, or new customer. For me... I'm AT&T, but signing up as a new customer with Verizon and porting my number :)

@iGammon - My wife and I are in the same boat- AT&T right now, both of our contracts have expired so we're month-to-month, and we want to switch to Verizon with the new iPhone. How does that work, though, when you do the preorder-- I'm assuming that you are still able to use your old iPhone on your existing AT&T contract between the time of the preorder and the day you get your new phone? Between the time of the preorder and the day you get the new phone, we will simply be "double-dipping," paying both Verizon and AT&T for service even though we're only using the AT&T service in that stretch?

Yes, at the pre-order you will have the option to port your number. You can either do it at that time, or sign up with a new number. You will be able to port your number any time after you receive your phone by contacting or going to Verizon. If you port your number at pre-order, when you activate your phone after you receive it, it will deatiavate your number with AT&T and be ported to your new iPhone

So, I can choose the option to port my number at pre-order, but of course continue to use my old iPhone with that number (AT&T) until the new one comes in (assuming I keep the AT&T service through that time)? I'm sure these sound like dumb questions, but these are things I've wanted to be sure about.

Correct. I will be porting my number at pre-order and using AT&T until I activate the new iPhone. Great questions

Thanks, @iGammon. I'll pass that info on to my wife of course, and also my friend and his wife, who are also in exactly the same boat. You've just educated four folks! Thanks for the great info.

Friday makes better sense. Many have to make decisions with carriers not willing to say anything until the phone is announced.

I wish iMore would publish an article showing the differences between different carriers in the U.S.

I've been with AT&T since the launch of the iPhone 4, but I passed on upgrading to a 4S because I wanted to wait for the iPhone 5. Now, I wonder which carrier I should go with? Stick with AT&T or move on to another.

Each carrier has it's pros and cons. I'll be sticking with Verizon mostly because they have the largest LTE ("real" 4G in my opinion) footprint of all the carriers. I may consider Sprint or AT&T in two years when this contract would be up, hoping that their LTE footprint is on par with Verizon's.

Hope the preorders are tomorrow I scheduled myself to be home at noon (Eastern). Though since the phones not for me I can wait. Just want to get it over with. Get my order in, then wait for the next Nexus!

I don't have an Apple store in my city and I don't want to drive two hours to the closest one. Is preorder online the best way to go or should I go to a Verizon store when it releases? Or another store like Best Buy (if they will have it right away)?

If you plan on going to Verizon or Best Buy, plan going the day before to wait overnight. Stores only will have a limited quantity. I would try to pre-order first.