iPhone 5 not going into production yet, not going to be longer or wider

iPhone 5 not going into production yet, not going to be longer or wider

Daring Fireball's John Gruber has weighed in on the supposed iPhone 5 leak from earlier today, saying the iPhone 5 has not yet gone into production, and throwing cold water on the idea that the overall form factor will be larger.

Longer and wider? Sounds like bullshit. I can see Apple putting a bigger display on a device of the same size. I can’t see them making a bigger device.

iMore has independently heard that the iPhone 5 may stay on a fall schedule, similar to the iPhone 4S release in October of 2011. That makes a certain amount of sense, given how well Apple's iPhone 4S sales persisted despite a 15 month window between launches last year. A June/WWDC 2012 launch would be only 9 months between devices, and might not maximize Apple's earnings potential. However, with Android 4.0 devices expected to hit the market starting in the March quarter, competitive pressure won't be letting up any time soon.

As to the design, Apple has had multiple prototypes in contention before, including more conservative and more audacious models. If fall 2012 is and remains the target, it's likely far too early to tell much if anything for certain. However, a similar sized device with as big a screen as Apple can fit into it certainly sounds nice.

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iPhone 5 not going into production yet, not going to be longer or wider


Bold statement considering neither know 100%. I'd lean more towards the Foxconn leak considering it was spot on about the 4S, vs some guy and his opinion.
The device would have to be a little larger to fit a 4" screen (especially any larger than 4"). The bezel on each size of the screen leave little give and I dont see them going edge to edge with the screen. I think this would run into issues with cases blocking the edges of the screen.

Also go .5" diagonal off the edge of your screen and draw a straight vertical and horizontal and you'll see roughly what a 4" screen will take. The current width itself and height (with the earpiece and home button) just doesn't suggest supporting a 4" screen comfortably.

I can't see how fitting a bigger screen into the current iPhone 4S' chassis will be a viable thing, without altering the aspect ratio, which is 100% NOT going to happen.

Which is why there probably won't be a bigger screen. Unless Apple know some black magic, I don't see them deviating from what is a very intentional size and design.

I have always felt the 2012 iPhone would come out in Summer, more like the historical schedule. Guessing July. The 4S would be come the cheap model, so it wouldn't be lost time to sell it. A cheaper 4S would further crush competitors.
I do agree that the 4" screen doesn't sound right. My main reason is based on the retina display coined by Steve Jobs himself as 300ppi or higher. If they go to 4" then they drop below that. The press would be all over this. They could increase to a max of 3.85" and stay in the 300ppi+ range, so I think a bigger screen in the same body as Gruber suggest is an outside possibility.

Having a higher PPI on a 4" iPhone means a different resolution which means apps have to support 3 different sizes. That's not going to happen for a small increase in screen size and/or PPI

Just because retina is in 2 devices doesnt mean it has to be in every subsequent device either though.
But going on that theory, you could EASILY in 2012 get a 720p display in the 4-4.3" inch range and maintain that "retina" PPI at 1280x720.

Yes but iPhone apps are set in their aspect ratio and resolution. Android had to be made with resolution independence because it's an open source OS. U can't just change the resolution and screen size and expect all apps to work the same.

Why change what works? Apple is doing what's right and bigger screen means.... What? They are still the number one phone. Why fix what "ain't" broke.

Maybe because the number one complaint of iphone users is screen size. There may come a point when they get tired of waiting on a bigger screen.

The only thing missing from the title is "rumor" but it's the same ol' "reporting".

We set the over/under at 5 millimeters, and we'll take the under. As in "no more than 5mm wider or taller than the 4/4S."
And if the actual visible screen area does get bigger, out guess is that it probably won't be more than 3.8" diagonal.

Make that "our guess is that..."
And we're hoping for a metal back and edge-to-edge screen with near-zero bezel on the long edges...

There will be no iphone 5. The 4S was the 5th gen iphone. There was no 2 or 3, there will be no 5.
iphone = iphone 1
iphone 3G = iphone 2
iphone 3GS = iphone 3
iphone 4 = iphone 4 (go figure)
iphone 4S = iphone 5
next iphone name here = iphone 6
It's sad that the writer of an apple blog doesn't understand the apple naming convention for their products.

Yes but the iPhone 4 was the only one named after its actual generation. Why think apple cares so much about naming it after its release number

The point is, if they went by release number, it would be 6. There's no reason to call a 6th gen device, the 5th. They may call it 4SS, or iphone magic. But, if they put a different number in...it will be by the gen. Since it won't have 5G data...no reason for a 5.

Yes. Dear iMore, please stop calling the next iPhone "iPhone 5"! It doesn't make sense and you know it. It makes you look stupid and incompetent.

Really? Does it "really" matter? Is anyone confused by what the term iPhone 5 means? Until the day Apple releases the actual device, it doesn't matter what anyone calls it, just as long as the readership and all those who choose to discuss understand that it's the "next gen" iPhone that is the topic.

Not sure about the screen/form factor but timing does seem plausible. That would 1) give time to develop an LTE chipset that won't make those unwilling compromises Apple has stated and 2) give time for AT&T's further roll-out of LTE markets and Sprint's change to LTE. We understand that Sprint will perhaps make the most aggressive LTE roll out of the big 3 just to catch up and Q3-ish timeframe should give some decent LTE envelope for an iPhone 5....oh and also, enough iPhone 4 users out of 2 year contract along with some 4S upgraders to eclipse the iPhone 4S tootle sales by then.

I think it's time we stopped listening to rumors and wait and see what they come out with when, unless an announcement is made as we do with others.