iPhone 5 rumored to support LTE in Europe and Asia as well

iPhone 5 rumored to support LTE in Europe and Asia as well

A long time ago, on a blog far, far away, iMore learned that Apple would be adding LTE networking to the iPhone 5, but it remained to be seen if it would be limited to the US and Canada, like the iPad, or if it would try and support some of the other 30+ segments needed for true international deployment. Now Jessica E. Vascellaro, Sam Schechner and Spencer E. Ante of the Wall Street Journal report that, in addition to North America, the iPhone 5 will indeed support Europe and Asia as well:

Apple Inc.'s next iPhone will work on the fastest wireless networks around the world—including in the U.S., Europe and Asia—though it is unlikely to be available on every carrier, people familiar with the matter said.

The WSJ doesn't say which countries specifically will be getting LTE iPhones, but based on which countries currently have functional LTE networks and run LTE phones, that list could include Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Australia. It would likely take several different models to properly cover all the bands and segments of bands required, or one hell of a chipset and radio. So Apple might cherry pick the best markets, at least for now.

We should find out more on September 12

Source: Wall Street Journal

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iPhone 5 rumored to support LTE in Europe and Asia as well


Or how about one chipset that supports all of the markets? THAT would actually be a WOW factor for the iPhone 5, regardless of it's iPhone 4 appearance. Wouldn't that be awesome? To go on tour in Europe and Asia with an iPhone 5 and it works everywhere without being jacked for ridiculous fees?

It would make sense for Apple to produce a single 4G world Phone, and I suspect they waited this long for the proper chipset to come along for this to happen.