iPhone 5 vs HTC One

Phil Nickinson from Android Central is busy looking at the HTC One, one of the first, big Android phones of 2013. Of course, that means he's putting it side-by-side with, and head-to-head against, Apple's 2012 iPhone 5.

They're both phones, and what's more, metal phones. I love that. One you've held a metal phone, it's really hard to go back to plastic-as-inpolycarbonate. That's about where the similarities end, though, as the HTC One has a huge, incredibly dense 4.7-inch 1080p screen, front facing stereo speakers, and, you know, runs Android Jelly Bean instead of iOS 6.

I've already explained why, for me, the frustrations associated with iOS are less annoying than the frustrations associated with Android, and why I won't be switching any time soon. But since I haven't been exactly thrilled with my Nexus 4, who knows, maybe I'll pick one up. I had the G1, and I liked the Nexus One quite a bit. HTC has, thus far, been my favorite Android hardware manufacturer. Sense might be a deal-breaker, but I'll give it a try before making up my mind.

In the meantime, check out the video above and the pictures below, and if you're interested in the HTC One, keep your browsers locked on Android Central as they have complete coverage coming your way.

Source: Android Central

HTC One vs. iPhone 5

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Reader comments

iPhone 5 vs HTC One


That is a pretty damn nice looking phone. Not sure how much I really like the size difference but I'll get to use one soon enough. I'm excited one way or the other. I also can't wait to see Phil's camera review.

Ah! I'm glad to see they went with a nice metal back instead of plastic. I know people say that it's not that important, but, it really can make a phone feel that more of a higher quality product.

Actually, they took the wrong color to explain why they look so similar.

In fact, it's the back of the black iphone 5 that looks very similar to the front of the black HTC one, screen off.

Mmmh well, clumsy comparison anyway. But definitely a very appealing device from HTC.

I find it funny that every new phone is being compared to the latest iPhone. People who buy Apple products by Apple products. Android people buy Android. This review should be the HTC One vs. the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Then Android buyers will have more info for their next phone.

^This! Some people need a reason to bash the latest Apple product to justify their purchase. I like both phones and I would be happy either way.

You're missing the point. It's about knowing what else is out there and how a new phone measures up to other top phones in the current flagship market. I know iPhone users that recently switched to Android phones and vice versa. The iPhone 5 is one of the most recent big smartphones to come out. It would be hard to compare the One to the Galaxy S3 knowing that the S3 came out all the way back at the end of May 2012 and that the Galaxy S4 is being unveiled in just a few days. The S3 is almost out the door. The Note 2 would work however it's bigger to the point of being in that "phablet" category, and the Nexus 4 will most likely get a comparison with it soon however it's not a very strong flagship on paper despite the strong Nexus loyalty from certain parts of the community. The Android community (for the most part) isn't about following each new Android phone with a blind eye towards what else is out there. Despite being on different software, the iPhone 5 is a strong competitor to most big Android phones and it would be a poor move on AC's part to not acknowledge that.

A One vs. GSIII comparison might be a little out of place here on iMore :P

Also, while I too love metal phones, Im disappointed that no one makes one with a wooden back. Not only would (could) it be luxurius, but it would allow wireless charging, something thats impossible with a metal back atm.

Count me in for that!!!
I saw this wooden case/cover for the iPhone 5 the other day online and fell in live with it instantly. (Not that it'd allow for wireless charging)
Too bad that I haven't been able to find that gorgeous piece of art here in my country yet, but it did get me thinking (more like dreaming) of a phone made out of wood - or most of it!

The One is a nice looking device. HTC makes great hardware, the quality is much better than Samsung in my opinion. Part of the problem is Sense. With my HTC phone I shut down as much of it as I could but many things run in the background that hurt battery life. And battery life is the real problem with HTC, They tend to have the smallest batteries and the heaviest power consuming Android Skin. The One looks nice but i'm done with HTC, I bought an iPhone 4 to get me through my contract and then I will decide between the 5S/6 or the Galaxy Note 3 if I really end up missing the bigger screen.

I've owned Android phones since they first launched. I've had a Nexus 4 for months. I just prefer iOS, so the iPhone has remained my primary phone for the last 5 years. I like that we have a lot of great choices, even if my choice is still the iPhone.

I have to agree your view on competing smartphone systems in the market today. I recently had to make a move to a new device and found myself to be a lover of Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry 10, as well as iOS. And after much contemplation, decided to head for an iPhone 5... But I've had the pleasure of using and abusing windows mobile and windows phone, Symbian, bb7, android, and iOS in the past.
Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses and I love each one of them for various different reasons. My only regret is that I never got the chance to try out Web OS... ;)

I'm such a Rene Fan! I have started listening to MacBreak Weekly because of you. The Godfather is smart to keep inviting you! And you and Andy compliment each other well. You more than any other tech guru has your finger right on the pulse of the iPhone community. I'm so frustrated Apple, the HTC One should have been the iPhone 5! I firmly believe that that the 5s hardware will be a big yawn and the iPhone 6 will be so far behind with its hardware specs that it will really start the mass cries to abandon ship. But the 5s will be the snowflake that starts the snowball rolling down the mountain. iOS 7, I'm afraid maybe the last straw that breaks the camels back. I hope I'm wrong. I wish Apple would just buy HTC! HTC's CEO has real vision and is not afraid to take chances, he is the underdog in the phone fight, I think I'm going to go his direction but I will at least see what the Galaxy IV brings to the table. How could anybody look at the HTC One and not want one? How could anyone look at the HTC One and not realize that the hardware and design bar has been pushed way way way up! Rene, I'm with you, I'm over wasting time trying to get stuff to work. My iPhone 5 just works perfectly all the time. But Rene, I want Apple to be pushing the hardware forward! I want to pull my phone out of my pocket and not worry that someone will come up with an HTC One that sports 466 ppi!!! But only a blind man would not see the android writing on the wall!

The iPhone was behind for a while before the iPhone 4 launched. Then it was ahead for a while, and now others are moving forward. Hardware goes in leaps.

400+ ppi isn't the advantage. 1080p is a standard, which is an advantage. They're just getting HiDPI by virtue of cramming it into a phone-sized device. (Like Apple, at the cost of needing a lot of GPU to drive it).

I have zero hardware envy. The iPhone 5 is still one of the most amazing pieces of hardware ever released. I'm glad others are also doing great work.

I sense the iForce is strong in you, Rene! But I would so like to try a 4.7"ish size display running iOS. I think if Apple did it one it would fill a needed spot in their offerings. I guess only time and another one of your killer rumors coming true will tell! I finding myself hitting your site now before The Verge, or Engadget, to get my daily tech fix. I also never miss your podcast and recommend it to my friends. Keep up the awesome job!

"One you've held a metal phone, it's really hard to go back to plastic-as-inpolycarbonate. "

Yet we wrap our metal phones in plastic... (in my case, Otter Box). Seems kind of ironic.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned one of the best benefits of a metal phone...

Wakes me up fast in morning. When I pick it up off the nightstand to turn off the alarm, the cold metal jars me to reality darn fast!

Rene, I have to say that back when I was a "fan-boy" of other platforms, I used to think you were a major iOS fanboy. But now that I've "grown up" and started looking at all platforms from a grown-ups point of view, I've come to realize you're probably the most even-keeled, non-fanboy of all the MobileNations top guys. I really enjoy your articles and writing.

Even though the phones are different sizes, I do see resemblance between the two. I have the felling that HTC wanted to appeal to the user with an iPhone 5ish design.

HTC makes very nice devices. I still have my old OG HTC droid incredible 3G as a backup. It is a great piece of hardware.

If i was gonna go android this would probably be my choice ! Its a nice phone and extremely well made, Not apple well made be well made nether the less.

Being in the phone world myself and an Apple power user, I'd have to say if I switched to android it would be HTC. They do make some nice phones. That being said while I enjoy their look and feel being on the repair side of phones I do not like where I see them cut corners inside their phones. Just my thoughts and observations.

I love the design of the HTC and as stated in previous comments I like how they got away from the cheap plastic backing! I really wish Beats would strike a deal with apple! Apple is heavily involved with music and should have been all in that deal way before HTC!

I have to admit that the HTC One is really one attractive phone, and Sense 5 does look far more appealing than the previous sense versions - which were still much better looking than stock or Samsung widgets.
Saw photo comparisons of HTC One against leading smartphones (iPhone 5 included) over at TechnoBuffalo, and surprisingly the 4.0 mp camera doesn't disappoint. Seems like HTC may have been on point when they said that megapixels don't matter. But then again, you never know!

If the HTC one had a better camera (based on reviews so far) or a prayer of getting regular and timely android OS updates, I would be tempted. The latter is my big issue with all android-based phones. If I just wanted a cheap smartphone, it wouldn't be an issue. But that's not what I want. Similar hardware in a (real) Nexus phone that runs on Verizon (my only realistic choice here in the U.S. northern Rockies) would be very tempting. So far Google hasn't been able to pull that off.

I am happy with the iPhone 5, but I think if I had to go back to Android it would be the HTC One. It looks amazing and I've had a few HTC phones before, they know how to design a phone. Sense is at best just barely better than Touchwiz and nowhere near Stock Android. If I had to complain about the iPhone it would be that it needs a little bit bigger screen and iOS needs a fresh coat of paint.

As a confirmed iOS user on my fourth iteration of iPhone, I love the usability of Apple's system. it's just a pick-up-and-use device, unlike so many others, especially Blackberry from my experience. I also have a Samsung Galaxy S2 on its last legs that I use for work and that device has been a true workhorse. I have to confess that the new HTC One does look absolutely beautiful and I will watch the story unfold as it launches to see how good it actually is. After all, looks can be deceiving and the rumblings I have heard is that the battery life is not particularly good. Of course the phone hasn't even been released yet so I will reserve judgement until the post-launch reviews come flooding in. If the phone is good, I may well purchase one once my S2 finally gives up the ghost.

I like the design of both phones, my problem is I'm going to use a case anyways because my phone is going to hit the floor many times, it is just going to happen. So it doesn't really matter if it is aluminum or plastic. Between these two I'm leaning towards the one because it is bigger, but HTC sense is becoming more boring than IOS6, really, 3 columns in the app drawer??? why??

I have to say the HTC One is a very sexy device and I dont say that much about Android hardware. In an Android world of Samsung's and Motorola's you really have to hand it to HTC they are really building some great hardware. Even phones like the 8X doesn't get the love it should. I would honestly say outside of Apple the only hardware I would honestly buy today would be HTC and Nokia.

I love this phone so much that I'll be ditching my iPhone 5 for the HTC One. Goodbye iOS.

Let's hope Johnny Ive can do something with the outdated iOS.

The HTC one is, in my opinion, one of the best android smartphones in the market right now. Sadly, Samsung has gained a lot of mindshare of the past year through their billion dollar marketing strategy. I hope people wake up and realize that the S4 is merely a S3S.

The HTC is a great phone, my friend has one and it is one of the best android phones I've played with but I'd still would love to win the Iphone 5 give away here from iMore.

This is going to be a tough year for anyone that is due for an upgrade. I honestly really like the HTC One just haven't seen one in person yet. I went to Verizon and played with the iPhone 5 and must say I was amazed that the screen is bigger but the phone seems slimmer not in depth but in width. Granted I haven't reviewed the specs so that could be the case. I think the only things holding me back are the facts of the unknown. I have never used Android and have been dedicated to Apple since 2006 with computers and iPhones and am very comfortable with iOS. I also am tied to the ecosystem with an iMac, Apple TV, 2 iPhones, iPod Touch, iPod nano and 30GB Classic iPod. I will more than likely stick with Apple but it is great to see the other companies putting out great looking devices because competition is always good for the consumer.

in term of camera, iPhone wins over HTC One
The ultrapixel camera in HTC one doesn't give much impressions the resolution is just 4 MP, little zooming in the photo, u will see the noise. It is HTC's flagship, i think 4 MP camera is mmm..... it could have been better.
HTC's image stabilization is better than in iPhone i think, OIS in HTC One really helps the video recording performance