iPhone 5s now available through Apple’s online store and carrier sites

If you've not already fired up your web browsers and added an iPhone 5s to your collection, it's now time to get going. Apple has their online store up and ready to take orders and additionally carriers such as Verizon, Sprint and AT&T sites are currently having their servers being stress tested.

Folks not wanting to order online can stop by their local Apple Store or carrier store to pick up the new iPhone 5s as well but you'll have to keep in mind in doing so, you might not be able to get your preferred device selection because of current inventory restraints. 

Were you able to get your order processed? If so, what do you grab for yourself? Let us know in the comments and don't forget, you can still win yourself a new iPhone from iMore!

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iPhone 5s now available through Apple’s online store and carrier sites


Ordered two 5s's at 3:01 via vzw.com with no problem. Says expected ship date is 9/24. I know I'll have to wait a couple days, but better than waitng in line!

I ordered an iPhone 5s in gold at 3:00 from the Apple store app. I have an arrival date of between September 30 to October 2. It's a bummer but at least I got one.

Got my 5S 16 GB Gray ordered at 2:58 am from VZW. They also offered to buy my existing 16 GB for $200, so I'm only out the upgrade fee and taxes (plus however extra lightning cords I end up ordering)!

Best part is I was able to get it done without losing my unlimited data. Took a few extra steps, but well worth it!

Ordered (AT&T, gray, 64 GB) with Apple Store app on iPhone at 0305 Eastern, only got standard shipping, estimated 10/8 delivery--feel a bit ripped off.

Looks like TMo is only letting new customers order. I'm pissed! It wont let me upgrade. I give up.

AT&T site keeps telling me I have the wrong zip code, not matter how many times I confirm that it is the exact same zip code in each form. Won't let me continue the order.

AT&T 64GB Space Gray ordered at 0101 mountain time. Ships in 1-3 business days. Opted for quicker shipping. Expect delivery Sep 27-Oct. 1

Tried ordering 64gb white AT&T at 3:01 , added to Carr , at check out it said October 7th shipping date. Canceled , started over this time with since grey, at checkout it said. The same thing. Even though in both cases it was early enough for 1-3 business days.
Went back to bed.

Gold sold out faster than space grey. Silver must be the least popular color this time around.

Verizon at 3 am 1 gold 16gb and 1 silver 16gb to be shipped by 9/24. Woot woot!!!

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Up at 2:55am with credit card in hand, logged in to Verizon Wireless at 3:01am, and a new Space Gray 16GB at 3:05am with a ship date of 9/24. I had no problems with the VZW servers being bogged down at all. Now, just have to wait for for my InvisibleSHIELD Extreme to show up, and my iPhone5 is off to Gazelle where they are buying it from me for $325! All in all, this was a great time to upgrade because it didn't cost me any money (though I didn't realize that there was now a $30 upgrade fee) and getting an AWESOME new phone!! I'm a happy man indeed!

I was up at 1:50CST to get it through Apple, I had a g/c from my mother in law to buy the 5 with and then never bought the 5, so I used it, and then went through Shop Discover to get to apple's site for the rest of the charge.

I am still debating whether to Gazelle my 4S or keep it for when my husband's 4 dies.

I was at my Telus store when it opened and they didn't have any iPhone 5s in stock. Not a single one!

And I was the first one there.

I'm fairly certain that, in line with how there was no preorder, Apple gave priority to new customers. I hit "Place Order" at 2:59est on the Apple Store app before the website was even up. Figured I'd nailed it because everything up to that point had said "1-3 business days". Then I get an e-mail that says "Available to Ship: 1-3 business days / DELIVERS: SEPT. 30th-OCT 2nd"??? It's really unfair to those of us who made the extra effort. Sure, it's more democratic blah blah blah but come on, first come first serve. You could make the case, "Well, at least you don't have to wait X amount of time"...but...did you stay up until 3am refreshing your browser and phone simultaneously on five hours of sleep the night before? If only the CEO were a manufacturing specialist. Oh wait.

Ordered a 64GB Gold one the second the store came up. It said shipping in 1-3 business days. I'm hoping it will show up by the 27th.

Apple fked up this time. The preorders worked smoothly last year.
Five AT&T stores within 40 miles of me all said they only got space grey and only 16&32gigs
What are they thinking !? Why not ship a couple of 64s to each store.
Now that the hype has worn out I'm more inclined to just keep my 5 and wait for 6. iOS 7 is giving this old 5 a new life anyways.

Very unhappy.