iPhone 5s reportedly twice as crash-prone

iPhone 5s reportedly twice as crash-prone

App performance monitoring company Crittercism says that apps are twice as likely to crash on an iPhone 5s as an iPhone 5 or 5c. The company says that the crash rate of apps running on the iPhone 5s is around two percent, compared to other iPhone 5 models, according to AllThingsD.

Crittercism CEO Andrew Levy attributes the increased rate of app crashing on the iPhone 5s to the differences in hardware. The iPhone 5s uses a 64-bit A7 processor inside; it's a configuration that app developers didn't have an opportunity to test for before the phone went into production.

Levy says that Apple is doing "a really good job" at addressing problems with the new hardware and the new operating system as they come to light.

Crittercism helps mobile app developers understand why their software crashes and enables them to make optimizations to improve user experience. Their software works on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and HTML 5.

Do you have an iPhone 5s? Is it more or less stable than your last iPhone? Sound off in the comments.

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Reader comments

iPhone 5s reportedly twice as crash-prone


I can say with certainty that apps are crashing. The phone has reset on it's own several times as well

Prior to the 5 - my wife's 3G and 4 went years without rebooting and worked without a hitch. Her 5 regularly gives her problems and crashes .

I had my iPhone 4 for nearly 3 years. I can count on 1 hand the number it times it crashed or I had to re-boot it. I've had an iPhone 5s for 8 days and it has crashed and gone all BSOD on me 4 times, the reboot is quick but it's a little annoying, especially having spend £700 on it.

Same here. I'm actually surprised to hear this. However, my fiance said his phone is rebooting once or twice a day.

I will say, he restored his iPhone 5 backup to his iPhone 5S so everything came back as normal. I started completely fresh with the 5S, which I like to do with every new phone. Maybe that has something to do with it?

I own a 5S, and I have TONS of crashes. I am on the latest version 7.0.2 and some apps crash at least once a day and even worse, I get the dreaded restart. I LOVE my iPhone 5s, it is lightening fast...but my iPhone 4s with iOS 6 barely crashed and never spontaneously restarted.

I feel like I'm back in the Palm Treo 650 days...constant spontaneous restarts.

I've only had a few apps crash on me, but I've had a sudden reboot without warning at least once a week since getting it.

I'm not having any more app crashes than on my iPhone 4. I have had the it reset on me once in the two weeks I've had it. (the blue screen).

My phone restarted by itself today and when I mentioned it to my daughter, she said it had happened to her. I've never experienced that on any other iPhone.

There are a few apps that make parts of the screen freeze. eBay is particularly bad, but I'd put this down to a bad iOS 7 update, rather than the 5s. Maybe it is the new iPhone.

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That's funny, I have a 5 and Facebook (along with several other apps) crashes all the effing time.

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...are you stupid or not, writing an article about iPhone 5s and tet the pic is showing a iPhone 5 with a gold color?

People need to realize that it's not just because the 5s has an A7 that's 64-bit crashes are happening. The biggest difference between the A7 and A4/5/6 SoC is that ARM cleaned up the ISA on the A7 removing cruft. A 1% increase in crashes isn't a lot but it's quantifiable and i'm sure that we'll see iOS updates to fix the conflicts.

I don't have a 5s yet, but I've noticed that apps do occasionally crash on my 5 and its more common on my iPad mini (especially Safari). Over time Android has become relatively smooth and stable and now iOS is the wonky one! Not cool!

not only the apps are always crashing, but the phone reset itself sometimes. its a pain in the a$%^&. I never had this problem before ios7. Ive been using iphones since 3g and my iphone 5 is out of control!

Wow shocking that a whole new CPU never seen by the public, new compilers and newly released phone (which means new hardware drivers) would have 1% more crashes.

Actually it is shocking-ly amazing that it's so damn low! No other OS has had such a smooth transition.

That excuse may fly in the WinTel world, where combinations of hardware and software are unknowable at design time, but the entire point of a single company controlling software and hardware is that this does not happen. (At least, not on this scale - after all, nothing is perfect.)

I have screen freezes. It will last several seconds, then back to normal. No reset. This has only happened a few times. It does not seem to be pinned to one app.

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Definitely have had more crashes than my 5 and even a few random reboots. One of them was the infamous "blue screen" which simultaneously resulted in my heart stopping for a brief moment lol. Came right back though- and no problem since then. Hopefully as others have mentioned Apple will fix this in a software update and/or developers will update their apps to be 64 bit compatible. Still love this phone- it's the best phone I've ever had!

Yeah I figured out it was related to the Numbers app. So I have decided not to use it on my phone until they release a fix.

I thought I was the only one! Phone spontaneously restarts at least once per week. Used to restart while flipping through multitask. I also restored from an iCloud backup - hesitant to start this new phone from scratch but considering it if 7.1 doesn't fix these bugs!

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I am surprised that apple have introduced a device with a software which is not ready yet.
Used to face this with other companies but not Apple.What's happening....!!!

Was going to replace my Nexus4 for a 5s, but all the technological sites are full of negativity of the phone performance. Own a Nexus4 and Z10.

Give me a break! This is exactly the type of non-news that news heads throw around when they are looking for space to fill. If the rate were 5%, and it doubled to 10%, then that is something. But doubling to 2%? Apps crash much more frequently on all versions of Android (and that ecosphere is much more fractionated than iOS, with a much smaller percentage of users on a version of the OS released within the last 2 years) than they do on iOS, so why doesn't that make news? Apps crash all the time, that's a fact, and iOS is fairly stable. When you see a massive overhaul of the OS like Apple did with iOS 7, it is expected to see an increase in instability, followed in the next few patch releases by an immediate subsiding of those issues. Let's see Microsoft or Google achieve the same level of quality of Apple, before we bash Apple. My favorite way of bashing Apple is having the cider mill do it for me - it tastes better that way.

I should add, the biggest problem is with the developers. Each and every developer should put into each and every app, a mechanism to report crashes so that the user doesn't have to, and the developer doesn't have to try to guess how many crashes they have, and why. There is absolutely no excuse - it's free, and already done for them. Go to TestFlightApp.com and download the SDK to add it to your app, it's free. Did I mention it's free?

This crash issue 1% is very low compared to MacOS 7. They did several point updates that still didn't fix it and then they came out with MacOS 8. I had my 5s reboot once a day for several days but since I now close Facebook everytime it has stopped. I did have QuickOffice crash but I also don't have it on my phone anymore.

I don't know if it's more prone to crashes than the 5 or 5c but I can tell you I have had my 5s about 2 weeks and haven't had an app crash yet and it crashes FAR less than my HTC One S did!!