iPhone makes up 80% of AT&T smartphone sales after selling 7.6 million in Q4

iPhone makes up 80% of AT&T smartphone sales after selling 7.6m in Q4

AT&T has reported sales of 7.6 million iPhone units totaling 80 percent of their overall smartphone sales in Q4 2011.

The iPhone 4S no doubt helped boost iPhone numbers after Apple reported sales of 37.04 million iPhones for Q1 2012 -- their biggest quarter ever. Out of the 9.4 million smartphone sales in total for the quarter, 80 percent of them were the iPhone.

  • 9.4 million smartphone sales, best-ever quarter and 50 percent more than previous quarterly record and nearly double 3Q11 sales; 82 percent of postpaid sales were smartphones
  • Best-ever quarter for Android and Apple smartphones, including 7.6 million iPhone activations
  • 571,000 branded computing device (tablets, aircards, etc.) sales, best-ever quarter to reach 5.1 million total subscribers; up almost 70 percent from a year ago
  • 12th consecutive quarter with a year-over-year increase in postpaid wireless subscriber ARPU (average monthly revenues per subscriber), up 1.4 percent to $63.76 — more than $6 higher than nearest competitor's ARPU
  • 10.0 percent growth in wireless revenues
  • 19.4 percent growth in wireless data revenues, up $956 million versus the year-earlier quarter

In addition to stellar iPhone numbers, AT&T was able to add a large number of data subscribers, including those using the iPad 3G and other data-enabled tablet devices. Revenue for the quarter reached $32.5 billion, a full $1.1 billion more than last year.

We're looking forward to seeing how Sprint made out for Q4 2011 and, as always, will bring you the numbers on February 8th during their quarterly earnings call!

Source: AT&T

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iPhone makes up 80% of AT&T smartphone sales after selling 7.6 million in Q4


iPhone is still the phone to get. Went back to college this semester after 2 years of not being there and man....EVERYONE IS USING AN IPHONE!!!! It wasn't like that 2 years ago.

I'm sure the h+ network has a lot to do with it. Just proves that when the iPhone has LTE, it's gonna give android a real hit.