iPhone aces JD Power satisfaction survey

iPhone aces JD Power satisfaction survey

Once again, the iPhone has come out on top in J.D. Power's U.S. Wireless Smartphone Satisfaction Study. Verizon and AT&T customers favor the iPhone the most, with Samsung favored by T-Mobile and Sprint users.

T-Mobile just began selling the iPhone 5 in April of this year; JD Power's poll took place from February to August, so it's probable that their lack of love for the iPhone is based on relative unfamiliarity. It'll be interesting to see how these figure compare in a year, now that the iPhone is squarely part of T-Mobile's product offerings.

Some bright news for beleaguered BlackBerry - the Z10 faired well in the poll. Nokia's Lumia 920 and Samsung's Galaxy Note II were also strong performers. JD Power's poll shows that Sprint users are more likely to factor features into their smartphone buying decisions, while T-Mobile customers are more price-driven.

What's your experience? Are you happy with the performance of your iPhone? Who's your carrier? Sound off in the comments!

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iPhone aces JD Power satisfaction survey


I love the iPhones (3G to 5S) and so not looking to change. Actually I can't imagine changing. I'm a reasonably heavy user and the iPhone covers all the bases for me; using the Optus network in Australia and when out of Optus range, use a prepaid Telstra sim. Optus coverage is improving all the time so really only need Telstra for some country / outback areas.

Had my first good customer service outcome today with Optus for many years, so maybe that is also on the improve. But let's face it, Optus customer service had become so bad that it can only improve from rock bottom.

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No bigger screen? No future for iPhone. My family is with Apple since 3G,iPad,MacAir.... With this size of the screen is becoming useless as a smartphone . Perfect software,good engine,but size of the screen? No,Apple could stuck with this in the close future.