What will the new iPhone be called and when will it be available?

While we wait, I figured it would be fun to crowd-source the awesome mind-power of the TiPb Nation to see if we could predict what the 4th generation iPhone would be called and when exactly it would be available for purchase. So check out the polls after the break and let's see just how close we can get.

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What will the new iPhone be called and when will it be available?


Pardon my English. I think they should go back to a simpler naming and iPhone is OK as is. Placing crazy add-ons right next to that überpowerful brand is naming hell. If you talk about iPhone you shall be doing it about its latest iteration, shouldn't you?

Why not just call it iPhone? Very simple, no need to worry about branding. Keep it plain and simple.

iPhone HD seems too obvious, and if it's not a 4g phone. I don't see them calling it iPhone 4g. I think it will be something we aren't expecting. Did anyone really see them calling it the 3GS last year? I haven't been this excited since well.... The iPad announcement.

Calling it iPhone 4G can be misleading as consumers may believe there is a "4G" data network that is faster than the current 3G/3.5G. iPhone HD or iPhone 4Gen would be more indicative of its generation.

I stil don't understand why people think it'll be called iPhone 4G. AT&T doesn't have 4G networks. It's plain and simple. There's nothing confusing about it. It's not going to be called iPhone 4G.

I want it to be called iPhone 4 but the " f " sound in iPhone and the " f " in four makes it sound redundant. However " HD " is branded on a lot of electionics. I think apple will create their own name for it. iPhone 4G will be some what misleading given that AT&T ( or verizon ) won't have 4G until whenever.

i agree it should just be called iPhone, but they already added the "Last name" of the phones i.e. 3G, 3GS and i don't think at this point they will go back to just iPhone, they should have never changed it in the first place..SMH

I may be wrong with the 11th but i really badly want to see it as soon as possible. So lets hope i can have my iphone next Friday delivered to my house...

I'm not even in my home town, but I'll still trek out to find an AT&T storeto get this guy. I'm thinking iPhone HD, or maybe iPhone 4.0, like the os.

I think the name will be way out of left field. Just like "iPad" nobody saw that coming; we all thought it would be the "iSlate."
If any of the listed, it will be G4 or HD. G4 will probably confuse the average consumer though.
Fingers crossed that it's called "4G" and the AT&T CEO appears to announce tower upgrades everywhere. HA, yeah right.

@Steve Jobs It's going to be called the iPhone Audio/Video? haha.
@Drake That's not true, the iPad name was tossed around multiple times before the announcement.
Oh, I say it's going to be called the iPhone HD, released June 18th.
Last year, they released it 2 Fridays after the announcement at WWDC. I see them doing the same this year.

"iPhone 4"
Android fragmentation ftl. HTC EVO - battery is laughable. Sprint 30 day trials going to backfire.

"iPhone A4" C'mon, it has the best of both worlds, "A" for Apple Inc. & "4" for 4th generationg. And Bingo! You get iPhone A4, releasing on the 18th of June.

I think it will be available late June, early July because that's kind of close to when the others were released right?

my guess is some new name that no one could guess. iphone something but nothing ordinary like HD / 4g / blah blah

I wasn't going to give the andtroll the attention but I will as it is Sunday and I'm bored at this hour.
@applelover1 Grow up loser. Go to droid central with the other iclones your not need here. And you can talk about your choppy laggy androids. I went to see the evo and oh ya the sprint store I went to was crazy lol a whole 10 people were in line. Went to the other one near me at there most popular mall around me and that store had 15 more people in line. Crazy! Compared to the 250-300 when I got my crappy iPhone. After an hour I went back to the store  I went in and saw the phone. Pretty cool but little too big for a phone. The reps there said the biggest problem was there's no 4g in the area till late next year and the battery drains pretty quick. I also found it a bit sluggish and choppy.

iPhone 4. Like the OS 4. Chuck the 2G, 3G, 3GS... The problem is, MS has staked out that territory, but of course Windows 7 is actually Windows 6.1, so I'll stick to it.
iPhone 4!

I think I'm going to say iPhone 4.
It was iPhone, iPhone 2, Iphone 3G (to advertise the 3g network), then iPhone 3GS (for upgraded), if this is whole new software, a big upgrade, it should be iPhone 4. Plain and simple.

@Marc Since when has there been 4 iPhones, or 5 including this new one?
iPhone and iPhone 2 are the same thing.
It's the "Original iPhone" or "iPhone 2g". One in the same.

Your right, three years from now ppl will still be lining up for it. iPhone OS will still be on top of Android as far as market share. There is a reason for that.

iPhone 4, as in 4th gen and just like the new OS 4. Next year they could append the G when they support 4G. June 18th.

I don't see them calling it the iPhone Pro. Putting "pro" in a name means that it is a more advanced product than others in the line. For example: Macbook Pro, Mac Pro. Both have the more simple versions without Pro in the name. I hope they call it something cool. Calling the last two 3G and 3GS was pretty boring, especially for Apple.

Yes Petaf , you'll get one if your correct. To register your guess , we need your credit card # though. :lol:
If you want to make it a serious guess , I'll buy you one if they call it iPhone4HD , but you'll buy me one if they call it iPhone Pro.
Deal?! :twisted:

@Art vanBuren Boy
I do not agree. It would be like calling the new iMacs "iMac Pro". It's still an iMac, just the latest version. I say we keep arguing this point until tomorrow morning. : )
Eventually somebody will be right. I'm sticking with iPhone tHX 1138.

It will be called The I...just made everyone forget about the EVO 4G with this news phoneHD. LoL seriously though I love the huge screen of the evo but sprint sucks big time turds! I love my 32gb 3gs will keep it a while longer.

I really doubt they'll use "4" in there at all as it might be confused with "4G" (unless it actually does support 4G but that's unlikely)

Why not iPhone3D, iPhone1000. Or maybe they just go back to iPhone. The last one would be the best. I say just go back to basic naming.

iPhone 4 to match the branding of OS4, drops this Friday, 4.0 available tomorrow...just a guess

I'm not sure what the name will be. But I'm girding it will have something to do with more media oriented subjects.

I believe will be named iPhone 3G..something because it's still a 3G phone right? My guess will be iPhone3GX for all the extra new features

Steve Jobs goes crazy and it becomes the old person friendly "iPod Phone." It will be available two minutes after the keynote speech begins.

100% sure way to find out if the next iPhone will be for sale tomorrow immediately after WWDC:
Go to an apple store before WWDC, if the store is all draped up....better start camping.

Release date is the 18th. A friend of mine is an ATT store manager. They had a 10pm conference call last night. Suppose to be "hush hush" so please, lets keep this to ourselves.

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