iPhone in Canada: Rogers Sold 255K iPhones Last Quarter!

Sarumon Consults the Eye of Rogers on Canadian iPhone 3G Data Rates

Okay, fair enough, it's not the nearly 7 million iPhones our big United Statesian brothers to the south consumed in the last quarter, but for a market the size of Canada's (where it is cold and we must work hard just to survive...), 255,000 iPhones moved is EPIC.

Says Electronista:

The telecoms company sold and activated a total of 255,000 iPhones between the device's July 11th launch and the end of September, helping the carrier boost its net subscriber additions to 191,000 and increasing the company's average income per user "considerably above" the average thanks to many attaching a data plan to their services.

Rogers claims that the subsidies they provided for this many iPhones put a drain on them, but thanks to the huge -- and ongoing -- monthly service plans attached, I don't think many give a flying hockey puck about that, especially after they just recently cut the commission rates for their reps.

Like in the US, these results are expected to have come at the expense of rival, in this case CDMA, networks Bell and Telus (since Rogers/Fido enjoys a GSM monopoly position).

Could their threat of ending their fairer 30$/6GB data plan last month have helped boost sales? I know roughly 8 people who all got iPhones for just that reason. Anyone else?

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iPhone in Canada: Rogers Sold 255K iPhones Last Quarter!


I have 4 friends that got the iPhone just because of the data plan. Imagine what would happened if they had reasonable rates ages ago. Fairer rates = more/happier customers.

I got an iPhone just for that reason. I realize now that 6gb is actually 'too much' data, I use maybe half of it :)

Now the $30 6GB/month data plan is gone, I wonder if Rogers can still maintain this stream of new iPhone subscribers.

the best thing about the iPhone in Canada is that hopfully more hackers, and there are some good hackers there, can open the phone to it's full potential!