iPhone Dev-Team: iTunes 8.2 Updates Low-Level USB Protocol, Prevents Jailbreak, May Prevent Palm Pre Sync?


Jeremy already passed along the warning from the iPhone Dev-Team on iTunes 8.2. In case you missed it, they told jailbreakers and potential jailbreakers NOT to install Apple's just-released iTunes update.

According to their latest Dev-Team Blog post, the reason seems to be:

It breaks your ability to use QuickPwn, PwnageTool, and iPhone Tunneling Suite (ssh over usb). We don’t think this is a deliberate breakage of these tools. It’s just that Apple has updated a low-level USB protocol that normally only Apple cares about (but jailbreakers care about).

Is Dev-Team working on a fix? Youbetcha, but they don't want to release anything further until iPhone OS 3.0 is final. This may annoy people who have the 3.0 beta, but legit developers probably have more pressing concerns than jailbreaking at the moment, and why would the Dev-Team waste their energy and tip their hand to Apple when the betas will likely keep changing every couple of weeks before release anyway?

Of course, the blogsphere now has another concern, since last week's announcement that the Palm Pre syncs with iTunes, likely by faking Apple's USB protocols to disguise itself as an iPod (see Daring Fireball's take on this as well). There have been two pre-release versions of iTunes 8.2, going back over a month, but the obvious question still becomes: will the iTunes 8.2 final release also effect the Palm Pre sync?

Dev-Team thinks it's possible:

It may actually break Palm Pre’s connection to the device (please give us feedback on this).

We think Palm's Jon Rubinstein -- who used to head the iPod division at Apple -- may just have compromising pictures of the iPhone taken during it's "bachelor" party the night before Macworld 2007 ... We mean, it's got to be something, right?

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iPhone Dev-Team: iTunes 8.2 Updates Low-Level USB Protocol, Prevents Jailbreak, May Prevent Palm Pre Sync?

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But the jailbreakers will find their way around it eventually, they always have.
Apple should let palm sync with iTunes. Someone made interesting points earlier in the post about palm sync that apple would get more business and such. I previously disagreed but I think they should.
Apple and palm had the whole " intellectual intelligence " thing going on but hopefully they reach an agreement with iTunes.

Palm does'nt need your itunes coz pre could install its musics thru direct download w/o a PC involved. RIP Iphone, PRE is 100x better.

lol direct dowload just like the iphone can? get your cheap plastic phone on saturday and come back to us when palm files for chapter 11 finally i'm so tired of these pre fanatics, how can you be a fanatic of a phone you don't have yet.

Iphone fan boy ur so ignorant u even dismiss all the PRE-release reviews about PRE compared to ur garbage Iphone. Pre excelled in all categories. Do your reseach thru internet, fanboy.

yeah i'm a fanboy of the phone that palm copied. you came here talking abut the pre direct downloading? from amazon give me a break, the iphone can do the same thing through mobile itunes. if iphone is such garbage why does palm need to piggyback on itunes the main software that the iphone uses? Enjoy your widget phone and i can't wait to hear you pre fanatics bitch about that cheap slider wobbling an eventually breaking good luck to you sir.

@jeffdc5 r2d2
Well im happy for you. ur iphone will be upgraded this coming July with OS 3.0, 3.2 mp camera, landscape, BT etc...with 36,000 F@rt, todo, fake app, txt apps. Do you know tha Samsung omnia hd is due this month. Check the internet and compare this superb phone to your lemon iphone. Dc5 phone home.

You can also check HTC TOUCH PRO 2,
NOKIA N97, and compare them to your money sucking limited function IPHONE.

lol samsung omnia hd that's your big halo phone? who know's about that trash? do you know why the iphone is better than your pre? Everybody knows what the iphone is, only nerds and bloggers like you know what a pre is. Face it before the iphone the industry was making the same old phone over an over again no every phone looks and pretty much acts like an iphone. And thank you i will even enjoy my todo apps they keep me organized, and nothing is more fun than a fart app in the middle of a lecture.

in the end who has more and will always have more sales? - iphone.
in the end which is more consumer friendly? - iphone
in the end which device is original & not a copy- the iphone
in the end what phone is not supported bya horrible least amount of cstomers carrier? - the iphone.

Do you know that STORM 2 is due on july too. This one is gigantic with a wind measured i believe bet 500/1000 mph. so keep your iphone in the closet it might be blown away. Storm is an hd phone with 8 mp camera just a tip.

I get so tired of this pre what does it do that is so compelling? that synergy garbage? do they really think most people live in the cloud? most people don't even know how to sync their contacts from one phone to another. and that cards BS the safari browser has done that or 2 years, that whole phone is just one stolen apple idea after another.

lol if you think any of the phones mentioned will ever outsell the iphone. Just go back to your precentral. I would be so proud to own a phone that "is made for women" according to the guy that had to come in with a barrel of money to save palm.

in the end who ended ihpone legacy PTE
in the end who trash iphone PRE
in the end who feels sorry YOU FANBOY

Yes a woman like you and other fangirl out there. PRE IS FOR THE WORLD AND ANYBODY CAN HAVE IT IT DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE. it is an equal opportunity phone friendly.

not according to your boy macname he said its a chick phone. It has that cute little mirror to check your lip gloss. lets see what happens on saturday. Im sure college kids are bagging groceries an saving their cash just to buy the pre like they did for the iphone ohh wait they don't know the pre exists.

Just a reminder to all of you fanboys. Sprint has a limited supplies of PRE so be in line first beginning Thursday. Pres Obama should have declared Saturday as HOLIDAY. Its the mother of all pre sale. Have fun with your PRE Iphone fanboys.

omg you have to be joking now are you 13? why do you spend so much time on an iphone blog? do you seem me bothering the guys over at precental? go worship your widget phone over there

Seriously you just need to stop with all this nonsense your coming out with. It's quite obvious that you're upset at the fact that the pre may no longer sync with iTunes. Don't get the me wrong I think the pre is fantastic & has a few things going for it, but to be honest palm are coming across as a parasite feeding of the apple brand.

Haha, who are you PRE? You can't compete in a debate by simply listing other phones that are coming out. You happen to not be arguing a point, but rather speculating on devices that don't exist. The PRE itself may be pretty cool, but tell us why and how it is better than an iPhone. Calling everyone fanboys is not helping your argument. Have you used the PRE yet? Nope. I've had my iPhone for two years and can tell you, I'm keeping it because in 2 years, the phone can still impresses me. That's all thanks.

For you info, i am a disgruntled apple fanboy too. I own a 16 gb white 3g but not happy sbout it. just found out lately that this phone is not for techie like me. Its a toy for kids like you Jeff. It lacks a lot of functionality to help me run my business. Looking for alternative. Next time I will examine every phone out there and compare before I buy it. Just learned my lesson with this LEMON IPHONE YOUR BRAGGING ABOUT.

no we just need people to not come here talking crazy. i'm tired of all the apple hatred any site you go to if you mention anything good about the iphone or an apple product haters come out to bash, not they come over here to bash?

It seems like every time there's news regarding the Pre, it makes the iphoneblog.
By not ignoring the Pre, you're making it that much easier for Palm.
Nothing wrong with that btw. It benefits you to have Apple pushed a bit.

its not about ignoring man its the fanaticism of a phone that is not even out yet. for all they know that thing could be another storm.

Have seen the headline lately. It goes this way
PRE EATS IPHONE...........................,.,.,,.........

lol good luck with that. i'm going to do play with sims 3 on my iphone maybe you can play bejeweled 2 on our little classic app on saturday;

LOL. You are such an idiot. How can the pre out sell any phone when it's only on one carrier in one country ? The iPhone is in 180 some countries ... Smh. To make it worst , Spring customer service is the worst. Also , their network can't even do simontaneous voice and data. Epic Fail.
Palm is just spending their time building their sucess off others and for that they will fail.
Palm , design alone is unoriginal, face it.
The Pre is just another iPhone Killer-Fail.
Join the list
- Samsung Instinct ( another epic sprint fail )
- Verizon Voyager
- BB Storm
I know I'm missing a few.

Yes I believe you it did outsell some of the dumb phones out there. But do you know that Nokia xm5800 just release outsold Iphone thru first month of its released by 100 to 1. To this date it has sold 20 millions already around the world... WOW.

PRE- Talk to me when your mythical phone is out for 6mos-year and actually has something to show for itself. THEN maybe I'll set my iPhone down next to my Sprint Touch, Treo(s) and Moto Q and drink your punch. Not all of us out here are ignorant Apple junkies whose iPhones are cluttered with mindless apps. I actually use my to work for a living first and foremost.
Until then...
BTW, great parrot in the article pic.

When I was at my School bible study, the preacher told mr that JESUS is coming second time around. I doubted her. But this coming saturday I will be a believer. Jesus will come but cloth in PRE. AMEN.

I really love the new update and I had no crashes. So I can advise everybody to do this update of iTunes.
Thanks, Pete

Do you have a BGR app in your iphone. Go find out what the genius had for SAMSUNG smart phone. and after that just sing dont cry for me Americano.

To Pre:
dude, honestly. Shut up. Your complaining at the wrong place and backing a phone that isn't even reality yet. Oh crap, that reminds me. You need to get to sprint, get in line, and leave all of "us" enlighten apple "fanboys" alone!!

Oh man. The Pre is the second coming of Christ? For the sake of my eternal soul, maybe I should get one then! And here I've been eating the forbidden Apple...
I didn't realize my choice in phone had such heavy Christian overtones to it. So what's that make Microsoft? The snake in the garden? If so, your analogy works very well.

This has to be a bit nobody is this mindless. I have never owned a palm product, probably never will I can't stand the tactics of that company, and I can't stand the palm faithful

Well im leaving all of you now. Had to go to work at grossery packing bags to save money for the upcoming Samsung smart phone killer.
Well goodluck and enjoy your old Iphone but be happy thou coz you got your wish on 3.0
it not has BT, LANDSCAPE, 3.2 mp camera,
and might be dressed in a 4gb which could mean you have 2 gives left (os 2g) and more power to all of you IPHONE junkies. Still your IPHONE SUCKS AND OUTDATED. Maybe you may get lucky next year apple will give you a 5mp camera and HD. capability too. So you WISH.

How anyone can be so foolish as to get on these forums a praise a product that they've never used and hasn't been released. There is no possible to way to argue that the Pre, or any other as yet unreleased device, is better than a product we already have and use on a daily basis. You can't win or even intelligently argue any of your points because YOU DON'T HAVE THE DEVICE. it's that simple.
I'll bet some of you Sprint fanboys touting the superiority of Pre over the iPhone were the same losers touting the Samsung Insstink as the iPhone killer LAST year.
Here's a thought. Save your arguments and you comments UNTIL you actually have one. If the Pre turns out to be an iPhone killer, so be it. I'll go get one myself when it lands on a network that isn't all based on ROAMING. If it's really THAT good, it won't need you fanboys in here hyping it.

Now this MAY be like comparing apples to oranges,
but a friend of mine got a Palm 'new' phone last year ( about 6 months ago )
It was litterally the WORST phone I have ever come in contact with or heard of.
The features were awesome, don't get me wrong, but it was horribly glitchy, and the interface failed completely. It had a QWERTY keyboard which was fine, but it also had a (completely unrespinsive) touch screen.
I honestly hope the new Palm isn't like that one, or Palm will likely die.

@36 Thanks PRE, I almost spit my chai latte all over my monitor.
Thanks for the morning laugh, really ;)

I have to laugh at the childish arguments that go on sometimes ;) I will keep my iPhone but wish the Pre all the best, some features are very appealing! Nothing wrong with a bit of competition :)

the pre is basically a plastic iPhone 3G with a treo keyboard and different software on a CDMA carrier

And as far as the blackberry storm 2 is concerned they need to redue their software. I have a blackberry bold and an iPhone and this bold is slow compared to it. The storm is slower than the bold and you can put half as many apps on a berry as the iPhone

Wow... just when I think I have seen it all, another idiot troll like PRE slithers from the ooze near the back end of the pig sty and proclaims the Palm Pre as the second coming of Christ... LOL Last time I checked Christ was (according to the Bible) a man not a high tech device that may or may not be an epic fail and may or may not fail as an iPhone killer. I'm not an Apple fanboi but I do like my iPhone and I'm honestly glad to see the competition. Troll on PRE, troll on. I'm in the mood for a fool to amuse me...

Well actually Christ is the son of God not a man per se but will be arriving in the form of a man...

This is to PRE
You really need to contact and ask if you can be a poster child or something for Palm that hoping this one phone can erase all the sycky phones that they have created up till now and I believe that the PRE will follow suite no offense to you it's just in there nature to make crappy phones. The fact of the matter is this is a site for Iphone fans not Pre or maybe you missed that when you tried and spelled www.iphoneblog.com versus www.palm.com I could see how you could confuse the two Palm wants to be like Apple and yet they seem to be more in common with Motorola another dying company. Move on and stop making an a** out of yourself.

What do you mean the iPhone isn't geared for business? I have my Citrix client and connect to every one of my companies apps. Plus I have all my GroupWise email through POP3. The iPhone kicks ass. You are just jealous.

I pity all of you. You let Apple brainwash your intelligent brain making you believe that you own the best PHONE IN THE WORLD. The truth is Apple is laughing behind your back with plenty of money you burnt supporting their product. No wonder AMERICA is in recession. You wasted all your hard earned money to a company that never sympatize and very arrogant to meet your needs. You are all a laughing stock you let Apple used you. Wise up GENTLEMEN AND GENTLEWOMEN. Its time for a change. If Barak Obama can why cant you.

I peeked at Apple strategy lately and goes this way: 2010 Iphone 4.0 5 mp camera HD
2011 iphone 5.0 8 mp camera Video HD
2012 Iphone LTE 10 mp camera Video HD
and finally 2013 Iphone LTE WIMAX 12 mp Video HD. So just wait youll get your best gadget in 4 years. Apple said have patience and they will deliver their goods for you one at a time. The are still eorried about BATTERY CONSYRAINT but they are working hard to address this. There you have it folks...

This guy above is a comedian. That's why palm isn't sticking with sprint for the Pre. If this phone doesn't jumpoff like it's suppose to they're thru! After you get one and or somebody does an unbiased review we talk

Oh please excuse me for all the TYPOS. Im still using this fuc&&n LEMON IPHONE KEYBOARD. But not until SAMSUNG smart phones comes out end of this month. i beg you to readd BGR's comment regarding this phone.

Oh PRE...you're an idiot. I believe apple "changed" the mobile phone landscape. Sounds as though you're the one that's brainwashed.

do you really think, Palm promotes something to the whole world, which could be killed by days with a small itunes update??
I personally dont care, I am quite happy when not being forced to sync with itunes anymore the day, Pre ships over the pond!
btw, peace communities!

Btw, you Iphone 3.0 wil be DOA come July once Samsung
release their smart phone killer end of this month.

Thank you guys for supporting Apple. I better sell my Apple share before it goes down come July and thanks again. I promise not to waste all my profits.

Actually, I'm hoping is DOES break the Pre sync. Palm should have licensed that stuff before doing it, and I'm sure Apple will do whatever it can to prevent it. In fact, this might be a nice distraction from Apple playing cat'n'mouse with the jailbreak community -- who, by the way, want to IMPROVE the device, not replace it.
It's not that I have anything against Pre or Palm, but I get a little miffed when insiders go competitor and then pull this gray-area crap. They deserve a bit of a slap for it. :)

WARNING: Trolling results in closed comments. Feeding trolls likewise results in closed comments. We welcome on-topic, polite discussion of our stories.
Play nicely with others.

Why do people like PRE get all fired up with MP for cameras and phones? Who cares how many MP the phone has. Better pictures has more to do than just MP. My 4 MP Canon 1d from 5 years ago will take better pics then the new 10 MP point and shoots of today. No contest.
And as for the iPhone being good for business - it's awesome. That's what I use it for. Used to use a Palm Treo - and at the time loved it - but go I wonder how I ever lived without the iPhone. Just my thoughts.

My dad once told me that Apple should have been the MICROSOFT of today. They first invented WINDOWS in Pre-Mcintosh and Mcintosh days but Jobs and Woz doesnt want to distribute it to PC community. They just want it to be in APPLE COMPUTERS intil MS copied their technology. Their greed didn't paid off as you know. Look how big MS is right now. And APPLE's greed continues to this day by way of your beloved Iphone. They areLEECH sucking your blood little by little. They should have given you all what you need in a phone but giving you little update from time to time to suck your money. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Don't feed the grocery bagging techie trolls!!!!
I do hope it blocks the pre but if I was apple I would let them on and make money on the music downloads.

Like what I have said before, Pre does not need your Itunes its garbage anyway. Dont get nervous about Pre like Cook does when Palm announced it last January. If your Iphone is so great you need not to worry about PRE. Or is it? We'll find out. But the reviewers said that PRE IS 99.9 % better than your Iphone.

@Rene. I don't mind if you close the comments on this post. It wasn't enjoyable reading. What I love about TiPB is what I can learn. Had a tough go with this particular story. 

C'mon, guys... you gotta enjoy PRE's entertainment. When was the last time that you've seen a story have 78 comments?

Ok i have a jailbroken 1g Ipod Touch and i got the update and synced it already is somthing going to happeenn?? and what does it mean when you say it braeks you ability use Quicpw? Be cuase thats what i used to jailbreak my ipod touch.

Well... I just happened to google some info about iTunes 8.2 and came across this site. I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and saw the postings/banter between some idiot who is PRE crazy and others who are feeding the troll. Funny stuff. PALM is trading less than $13/share and Apple is what over $140? LOL..... The PRE is also hooked up with the carrier losing subscribers faster than any time in their history. A match made in heaven,,,, a wannabe iPhone killer and a phone company that sucks. Gotta love it!!!

Wow, it’s quite funny how iphone fans are oblivious to their own idiocy and hypocrisy. They call that pre guy a nerd when they’re the nerds spending hours defending a communication device to death (doing even better than iphone commercials). I have an iphone, and I love it. However, I can’t deny that iphone is full of impracticalities and difficulties that make it only useful for someone who has the time and space to stay online for so long so that they could stay in touch with updates and Dev Team update-related warnings. You can argue all you want that everything has a price, and that getting the features you get with iphone would require such time, effort and money. Yet, given all the other alternatives, that moves iphones to the bottom of the list of what’s practical. What kind of a phone company releases a phone without the ability to transfer files through Bluetooth and MMS? Why do I need to go through the pain of jailbreaking a phone in order to forward a message, when other phones provide that service with the OS software? Did you even consider the pain of having to keep up with all update-related conflicts between Apple software and Dev Team? You have to be full of S* if you sit there and say that’s practical, when you can get almost all the iphone COMMUNICATION features from other phones, without having to go through this pain. If you can put up with this, which I do (because I am a music freak), then good for you. But you can’t sit here and lecture others about their choices when they do point out problems with iphone which ARE THERE. As for apple, I think it’s nothing but a money grabbing organisation whose fall is inevitable. iMacs are S*T, and all other services apple provides (which are amazing, I have to admit) are dictated by regulations and laws that give you no alternative but to pay every penny you have to APPLE AND APPLE ONLY! If you choose not to (through jailbreaking and downloading third party programs to make your iphone usable), then you have to suffer apple’s wrath, as well as keeping up with all software conflicts that might occur. Greedy, arrogant, rip offs, and can do nothing without all the media support and commercials. And our attachment to it is nothing but a reflection of this silly world we’re living in now. Apple will fall, like it has fallen before, unless it changes its policies radically, because a day will come when all consumers get fed up and sick of it. And when that day comes, I can’t deny, I’ll be happy to turn my iphone into to a mere ipod, and start using other practical devices for communication. For now, I’ll enjoy its apps, and let other enjoy alternative choices lol

I agree with 'night side-eclipse', and I'm ditching my iPhone 2moro, I'm going back to using my cybrshot til I decide which one to get nxt. Can any1 recomend one? I hear gud tings about Blackburrys, wat make is the palm pre?

oh my, now i know why there were some problem when i was trying to upgrade from unlocked iphone 3g 2.2 firmware to 2.2.1 firmware.. when i jailbroke to 2.2 my itunes was 8.1.x.. but when i was trying to upgrade using dev team released 2.2.1 firmware without upgrading the baseband i already had my itunes updated to 8.2.. there was error pop out while trying to upgrade after putting the iphone into DFU mode..and to make matters worst quickpwn also didnt recognize my iphone.. i was scared shitless.. but i downloaded pwnage tool and luckily it recognizes my iphone.. so i restored it back into 2.2 firmware using pwnage tool expert mode.. and lastly without putting the iphone into DFU mode i upgraded into 2.2.1 firmware released by the dev team.. thank god!! my iphone still works fine with 2.2.1.. now waiting the 3.0 released from dev team.. yay!

I think all of you should just get a 2.2.1 software jailbreaked because the 3.0 jailbreak will never sync with iTunes.

What if I accidentally jailbroke it on 8.2 iTunes. There was an error while jailbraking. So I restored my iPod. Doe this mean I can't ever jailbreak again?

I accidentally tried to jailbreak my iPod touch 2g 3.0 on iTunes 8.2. While doing this something went wrong and I had to restore it. I had just found out about the whole iTunes 8.2 problem after I tried to jailbreak it. I was just wondering I've heard that it break the ability to jailbreak it or something.does that mean I can never jailbreak my iPod again?? Please someone...just a yes or no answer thanks.