What iPhone Firmware are You Running?

With the iPhone OS 3.0 Preview coming this Tuesday, March 17, the question will inevitably become: when's it shipping?!

However, Erica Sadun over at Ars Technica, in an article designed to help developers better target their firmware requirements, shows some interesting data on what firmware releases iPhone owners are actually using... and it isn't always the latest.

iPhone users likely keep up to date more than almost any other smartphone platform on the planet simply because Apple and iTunes make it so drop dead simple to find out about, and install the OS updates. But even so, Sadun's article shows not everyone is doing it:

The data, covering one week and provided by Headlight Software, showed no one on 1.x (thank Jobs for that!), less than 2% total on 2.0.x, less than 7% on 2.1.x, 26.61% on 2.2, and a whopping 65.49% on the current firmware, 2.2.1 released January 27.

So two-thirds on the latest/greatest firmware, just over a quarter on the previous release (yellowsn0w unlockers accounting for some of that, we suspect), and few stragglers back in the stone ages of 2.0.

As important as this information is for developers trying to figure out how to target their requirements, we're also just plain curious. We figure TiPb readers are some of the smartest iPhone folks on the planet. So let us know, are you on the most recent iPhone OS 2.2.1 version, or are you deliberately staying on 2.2 for now? Anyone just not care about firmware and sticking with an older version that "just works" for you?

And how many would upgrade to 3.0 in a heartbeat the instant Apple dropped it?

Rene Ritchie

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There are 52 comments. Add yours.

hepr6 says:

2.2 T-Mobile, not worried about updating to 2.2.1

Jeffdc5 says:

custom pwned 2.2. I hated 2.2.1 it was killing my battery really fast.

Nick Savage says:

I'm running 2.2 because I'm too lazy to upgrade my jailbroken phone to 2.2.1 for no tangible benefit.

Rajiv says:

2.2 Jailbroken 2G iPhone, because it's a pain to upgrade, jailbreak, and re-install all of my apps for a 2.2.x update, and also I'll wait for 3.0.
It also helps that 2.2 is relatively stable and that there's no performance need that makes me want to upgrade.

Rene Ritchie says:

I'm on 2.2.1
I have an unlocked 2G, so I don't have to worry about yellowsn0w and I've jailbroken and restored dozens of times to test things for TiPb anyway, I've gotten used to the pain :)

Danny R says:

The second the jailbreak for 3.0 arrives of course, I'll upgrade.

Pierluigi says:

I'mon 2.2.1 factory unlocked.
I guess I'd wait two-three days to upgrade to 3.0, just to get some feedback from other users. :D

Piper says:

I am running 2.2.1 & I want 3.0 NOW!!

iPhone 3G says:

2.2, don't see any reason to upgrade/update

Watchful says:

Jailbroken 2.2.1 on a 1st gen iPhone. I waited a long time to jailbrake but finally got tired of waiting for Apple on some features. Too many cool things about Jailbroken iPhones.
Whether I upgrade to 3.0 right away or wait on a jailbrake will depend on the feature set available in 3.0...

ConAgraPilot says:

2.2.1! Counting the seconds until Tuesday!

JDM says:

2.2.1 on T-Mobile with current baseband. I'm using a GEVEY Turbo SIM. Works great. Don't see the need to jailbreak.

Kyleshankles says:

I run 2.2.1 and wish I wouldn't have upgraded because it's DRAINING my battery! Won't be upgrading to 3.0 until jailbreak is released and most Apps are ported.

Steve says:

I'm 3G 2.2.1 and ready to upgrade to 3.0 even if I have to walk around with a car battery hooked-up and stuffed inside a backpack.

jamesus says:

Custom 2.2.1 that allows for yellowsn0w if I want it! ;)

Visi says:

2.2.1 but my battery drops fast. I'm counting minutes for 3.0

JNsince1985 says:

Still using 2.2 myself(QPwn). 2.2.1 was nothing special @ all. 3.0 in a heartbeat tho.

jailbrokeho says:

2.2 and unless 3.0 brings copy/paste , mms, video recording or the ability to use the itunes i've already paid for as ringtones ( wishful thinking) i will stay with 2.2.

MPKU says:

Everyone is aware that 3.0 will not be released on Tuesday, right? They are just showing a sneak peek.

Steve says:

I believe everyone is just answering the question above.

Vox says:

I'm on 2.2.1 and I'll definitely upgrade to 3.0 the moment it comes out...specially if it comes with at least half the laundry list of wishes everybody's been publishing :)

MPKU says:

Steve, look again. It appears that a few people think it comes out this Tuesday. I have been reading a lot of comments like that on various sites.

jadesimian says:

2.2.1 iPhone 3G factory unlocked here. Never jailbroken and probably never will.
Dunno if I'll hop on the 3.0 bandwagon straight off, if only because the servers may be too cluttered and clogged with all the excited "me-first"ers.

Steve says:

Sorry, I don't see any comments expressing that anyone here assumes it will be released Tuesday.
I see "Counting the seconds until Tuesday!," which tells me that the person is excited about Tuesday's announcements... and I see "I’m counting minutes for 3.0" which tells me they're just counting the minutes for 3.0. :shock:
It doesn't matter... it just seemed odd to me. ;)

kaelendra says:

Not jailbreaking so I update when the updates come. Yeah could be the odd small issue with a newer vers but not that worried.

frog says:

I'm on 2.2.1 and really happy with it. When 3.0 comes out, I'll upgrade as soon as possible (assuming it's possible). I will not upgrade hardware for 3.0 unless there is a significant increase in battery life.

CHiRS says:

2.2.1 for me...can't wait for 3.0

Anthon Pang says:

How many would pay for an iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade (ala MacOS upgrades), while 2.2.x receives only security and stability improvements.

Wolfmore says:

I'm on a jailbroken iPhone and decided to stay with 2.2 b/c 2.2.1 didn't seem enticing.

dmc99 says:

Jailbroken 2.2.1
I will wait to see what's new. If it includes the Features my JB apps have for example tethering, intellicalc, clippy then I will upgrade. Else I will wait for the JB version.

Randy says:

2.2, jailbroken, waiting to see what 3.0 brings.

Chobbs says:

2.2.1 here. Love it. Will upgrade ASAP to 3.0.
Side note: I somehow just got the US holiday calender on my phone!! I have been trying to get this for a while and it seems to have just appeared????

Jellotime91 says:

No reason to use 2.2.1 and I've heard it is bad with battery?
And to all you people saying you'll wait three days for 3.0, it's very unlikely we will actually get to use 3.0 when it is announced you know..

Tom says:

I am 2.2.1 and it's way better than 2.2 safari is rock solid where it used to crash daily.

xbFifteen says:

. iPhone 2g 
@matt: r u saying the 3.0 comes out THIS Tuesday???!!! Woot!woot! 

xbFifteen says:

. iPhone 2g 
@matt: FYI , it's just a sneak peek

B man says:

Cant wait to get meself iphone 3 G end of this Month, hope it's arp good as I've heard from the reviews. If its that good, dont mind the shortcomings... Can always fix and update software np. 3.0 should be available by month end I pressume.

nick says:

sticking with 2.2 had several complaints about 2.2.1 if i can jail break 3.o then ill make the jump

Omohat says:

2.2 Jailbroken.
Haven't upgraded to 2.2.1 because upgrading when jailbroken is a hassle and I just didn't see enough benefits to spend the time upgrading.

Bela says:

Jailbroken 2.2.
Can't feel the need for 2.2.1.

lordzod01 says:

2.2 till 3.0. 2.1 doesn't have enough for me to start messing around upgrading and jailbreaking again.

Matt says:

2.2.1!!!! Customize app is back for my jailbroken 3G after 6 months of waiting!

Ryan says:

Jailbroken 2.2... 3.0 preview will be interesting!

Björn Olsson says:

2.2.1 and will update to 3.0 the minute it's released!

aLex says:

JAILBROKEN 2.2....and I won't go to 3.0 until the the Dev team has cracked the code and it's reported as stable.

vjl says:

Anyone on v1.x won't be shown since apps that measure that kind of usage aren't available for v1.x firmware. I know of a few iPod Touch owners who are still on 1.x because it cost them money to upgrade and they are happy with the Apple-provided apps.

the7thanomily says:

I'm on 2.2, but the only reason I havn't upgraded is because I live in South Africa and data ain't cheap round these here parts! 250mb for not much difference is not worth it.
I'm eagerly awaiting 3.0 though. If it is even half of what the rumour mill is churning out, it could be a terabyte and I would still be the 1st to download it. P

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Oscar says:

Im running iphone 3.0 firmware