iPhone Gaming: Quake This!


While we've speculated about the huge potential for iPhone/iPod Touch gaming, is it possible we're still underestimating it?

Pre-SDK, Engadget brings us word -- and video -- of Quake 3 absolutely shredding Apple's little hand-hand revolution. Tilt-to-move, touch-to-fire, wi-fi to multi-player, it looks beyond sweet to me, and this is almost certainly still an early-stage, pre-app launch demo. And I'm not even sure it's coming officially from Carmack and id Software at this point!

But words don't do it justice. Check out the video after the break!

Now please?

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone Gaming: Quake This!


Awesome... but again the Windows Mobile crowd has devices like the 4 year old dell Axim x50/51 running quake for quite some time now and Tilt-to-move looks like it'd be a hassle.
Apple needs to open the SDK to include docking port and accessory control in order to make games like this work well.

Apple has a docking-port licensing program. That's how all the FM tuners, stereos, charge cables, etc. work. Whether the docking program and SDK program will overlap remains a question.
And every portable gaming system had this years ago -- because the iPhone was not around then and they were. I'm sure a PS1 could have run Wii games too...