iPhone has generated over $150 billion in revenue since launch

iPhone has generated over $150 billion in revenue since launch

Strategy Analytics has crunched some numbers, and apparently since the original iPhone's launch in 2007, Apple has generated $150 billion in revenue from their smartphone lineup. Of course, Apple's revenue growth is bigger than ever, but it's crazy to see how their cumulative sales add up. Don't forget, this is just the iPhone; iPad, iPod, and Mac are all still pretty danged popular. Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics commented on the findings.

The iPhone portfolio has become a huge generator of cash and profit for Apple. A quarter of a billion iPhones have been shipped cumulatively worldwide in the first five years since launch and Apple reaches its fifth birthday at the top of its game. However, there are emerging signs that the iPhone’s next five years could get tougher. Some mobile operators are becoming concerned about the high level of subsidies they spend on the iPhone, while Samsung is expanding its popular Galaxy portfolio and providing Apple with more credible competition.

Think about it: the iPhone has only been around for five years, which isn't that long in the grand scheme of things. It's baffling how much the smartphone world has changed in that timeframe, and one can only imagine how much will change in the next five. Do you guys think that Apple will still be in its position of prominence then, or will the gap with Android only widen? Will Windows Phone actually be a threat? Will BlackBerry still be around?

Source: Strategy Analytics

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iPhone has generated over $150 billion in revenue since launch


I think time will tell. I don't think Apple will be able to keep such hold on the market. But who knows. I think it will be separated into two people; people that have Windows and those that have Apple.

In five years I see the next big thing being an augmented reality device (like Project Glass). It will be interesting to see who will develop it faster with better user experience... Apple, Google, Microsoft, some new start-up company? Who knows? :)

Windows will do damage in the next 5. It might even be what I switch to. It's definitely more appealing than Android. For now and iPhone 5 I still love iOS.

I'm interested to see too. I think the way it's going power moves and litigation will come to shape the industry instead of innovation. I'm not entirely sure HTC can recover although they're my favorite android OEM. LG needs to give up and Apple may need to overhaul their UI because eventually the regular people they sell to will tire of it. I don't think Apple's all about dominating with marketshare like Android is though, they're more interested in profits.