UPDATE: Second iPhone HD/iPhone 4G prototype, A4 chipset show up in pictures, teardown, video

Pictures and video of what appears to be a second "lost" Apple iPhone HD/iPhone prototype, this time including a tear down and A4 chipset

Second iPhone HD/iPhone 4G prototype - bottom

Another iPhone HD/iPhone 4G prototype has shown up on the internet and has been posed, torn-down, and shown off on video. This Taoviet prototype is similar to the Gizmodo prototype seen earlier in most respects, but is clearly labeled when it comes to storage -- 16GB -- and lacks the two screws on the bottom seen on the previous prototype as well as current iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS models.

Reportedly a Vietnamese businessman bought the 4th gen iPhone in the US for $4000 but how Apple lost control of it remains unknown. The screen looks stuck on a firmware test reading Inferno and calling itself Bonfire!, so no bootable iPhone OS 4 or special feature hints yet (sorry iChat video fans).

Unlike Gizmodo, Taoviet tore their prototype down to the system-on-chip (SoC) and the chipset looks to be an Apple A4 similar to the blazingly fast 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 and PowerVR SGX chip found in the iPad. (We're still holding some hope for a multicore Cortex A9, but we're never satisfied).

More pictures and video after the break!

UPDATE: iFixit sent us word that, based on analyzing the part numbers, it looks like this A4 chipset has the same amount of RAM as the iPad. 256MB. Drat.

[Taoviet via Macrumors, Engadget]

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UPDATE: Second iPhone HD/iPhone 4G prototype, A4 chipset show up in pictures, teardown, video


Multicore A9 SoC aren't going to show on devices for awhile. Probably late Fall and they'll be power hungry. Really need 32 nm fab for that. All the 1 GHz processors showing up these days are 45 nm devices. Though the Qualcomm Snapdragon may be a stretched A8 in 65 nm.
Hopefully, this A4 will have 512 MB of RAM. That's the biggest problem with the iPad, and it would be a mistake if only 256 MB is in iPhone 2010.
This also seems to solve the mystery of the leaked iPhone image from awhile back where the 2 screws at the bottom are gone.

I completely agree with the guy in the video. I think he was saying how frustrating smudges are.
Looks good though!

that does more AGAINST the notion that this is the real 4G than FOR it. Lost one? Yeah, maybe. Lost two? Yeah, right.

Wow just in time for the HTC Evo party event today. Apple wastes no time in trying to steal the EVO thunder!
I just find it funny this information is released today out of all days!
Jobs no matter what you do, there is and will be better phones than the iphone. So save this dramatic "lost" protoype drama for an actual soap opera.

I agree Shrike, the iPad should have had 512 mb of ram and so should the new iPhone.
When it comes to ram, bigger is always better.

@Dionte: When it comes to RAM, bigger is more expensive. If the iPad only has 256mb, it's a pretty sure guess that iPhone 4 will, too.

I don't believe that this is an actual iPhone prototype build. Its highly unlikely that Apple would allow any more of these phones out of their sights after everything that has been going on. This is probably some sort of Chinese replica model. This type of leak has nothing to do with Apple.

I think you mean third, unless this is the same as the first, the one shown just before the famous Gizmodo one.

I think Apples biggest fear right now is people saying I can use this as an iPod Touch and get an Android or something else. Ontop of the fact people are tired of the wait game. They know it. Hence Indiana Jones and the lost proto iPhone. I also think they shot themselves in the foot with their timetable. With HTC and Motorola being a machine and just putting out phones GOOGLE is trying to be the next RIM not Apple. Apple has their hands in so many other pots it's gonna be hard. Apple as a company right now are very smart but there is a such thing as too smart and its hurting them. They feel they have time but no one has time. People are on the verge of jumping ship. Notifications are enough to make you go to another device.

The fact that this prototype phone has 16 GB storage doesn't mean all iPhone 2010 versions will have 16 GB. It's pretty much a lock that iPhone 2010 will have 16 and 32 GB storage. It will possibly have 64 GB if the timing is right for 32/64 gbit flash chips to be in production

More RAM is more expensive yes. But if the iPhone has a 960x640 screen, they'll be taking a step backward in usability as iPhoneOS 4 combined with a higher resolution screen will mean the device will be RAM starved. You won't be able to have as many webpages open. You won't have as many concurrent apps open. Applications can't be as complex.
I'm hoping the iPad A4 was a version targetted for Fall of 2009 and they had 4 month slip and the upcoming iPhone 2010 is a later rev, with better lower voltage binning and 512 MB RAM.

Don't say that @JR, I thought ram got cheaper every year, that's why we get double the the capacity for the same price as half from last year

Q: Android 2.2 is getting 450% faster, with Flash Support, it rocks more and more and less restrictions, more Apps coming. Why should i purchase an Iphone again?
A: Hmm, good question. Guess i'll buy an Android-Device myself. But psst, don't tell anybody or they kick me out.
Steve Jobs
sent from my iPhone

@Johnsen ....one key word/statement to your not so funny post, "more apps coming". I had a DROID, for work, and frankly, the app store was the weakest part of the phone. LOL, and Flash support, have fun w. your 2 hour battery life. Flash will suck those Android of their battery, tsk tsk poor boy, bring a charger or back up, you'll need the juice pushing mobile flash!

I for one, like the desing of the new phone, and being upgrade elligable on June 29 certainly helps. I'll take one please. Thanks.

HAHA..battery life short, thats patently false, because it uses hardware acceleration. And more apps coming. The android market is just in beginning phase... more and more android devices are sold, more developers will jump into the boat, with way less restrictions, not to worry if there app gets approved and that all the time and money wasted was for nothing....that easy, dude.
And if you play a game on the iphone it kills your battery aswell, so where is the point?

Man, all Apple fansites seem to have more trolls than fans...
This latest release/update cycle has been tedious. It'll be good when Apple gets this out. Big fan of the design language. And would love to see the 960x640 LCD rumor turn true.

Iphone 4G huh?... I wonder which network that is going to! Also, I cannot believe so many are fooled by these so-called iphone leaks.

@shrike...that's because more people realize the truth, see the competion moving on pretty fast, becoming better and better. Sure, an Apple Fanboy will always buy an Iphone, but that's guess 0,5% of the customers, useless to even mention them.

@Johnsen, every latest android smart phone is supposed to finally take down the iPhone... But somehow...it never does. At this point all the Apple haters need to realize something: this is all beyond having physical hardware specs that are better than that found on a iPhone.. Apple has established an ecosystem that only Apple can f'k up at this point. No android phone is ever going to be bigger than what apple has established. From Apples smooth running OS, an organized app store that just "works" to all the ihome radios and external players with built in iPod/iPhone dock connector, to all the other thousands of accessories built to work with Apple's device.. At this point it's beyond the iPhone itself. It's an ecosystem that is only getting bigger by the day.
Case in point: this past Quarter: best quarter ever for the iPhone. Ever. With more and more iPhone killers coming out, apple just sold the most iPhones they ever sold in a single quarter. Ipad, sold a million units in less than a month without it even going international. all This just happened this year alone. How did that droid phone end up doing? Sad to see all those buy one get one free promotions going on just for market share. You don't see any bogo offers from apple, do you? So.. How many units did that nexus 1 end up shipping? How did that blackberry storm do? The list goes on and on.
It's almost not surprising anymore.

Sheesh, some people are getting a bit worked up over this. Competition is good. It generally makes everyone strive to improve their products and no one should ever want to see one company dominate as that will lead to complacency and stagnation.
Android it seems has got a foothold, being put on dozens of models from different manuafcturers and Apple had record iPhone sales this last quarter so neither are going away any time soon.
As for the 450% performance increase in Froyo that either shows how bad it was to begin with or more likely it is a sensationalist news story based on a single value from a single benchmark app and for all we know the specific operations or APIs it uses could be the only parts of Android that got such a speed boost and does not mean web pages will load 4.5 times quicker or games can push 4.5 times as many polys.
Last but not least, Apple can and will release the next iPhone when they are good and ready. Their whole business model is based on releasing one model per year to much hype and fanfair. This year is no different and I would rather they release one highly polished phone than half a dozen half polished phones.

I told you the first "found" phone was a plant.
You didn't believe me.
Apple would never do that. Not Apple.
Plant. Plant. Plant.

@icebike: except the police were really involved and if it does turn out to be a hoax someone is going to be in big trouble like the balloon boy family.

Thank heaven we all have Apple vs. Android or Apple vs. Gizmodo (or Apple vs. Adobe or etc. etc. etc.) to obsess over! Otherwise, we'd be forced to obsess over war or famine or over-population. Sorry for Apple that their big June surprise won't be, but, I can't wait to get the phone to replace my 3G!

@gino...you are right, apple has it's own ecosystem and it works great, but just because there was never really a competition for apple in the smartphone market.
Nokia, Rim, Motorla? They suck all together regarding Smartphones. And Google's Nexuse One is their first Device and works allready pretty well. HTC Desire is also a pretty nice device. Droid? Sucks badly.
2011 will be a very interesting year in the smartphone market, maybe also in 2010...i'm not interested in Steve Job's "own ecosystem" which doesn't allow Flash or any Crosscompiler-Apps. I don't want to jailbreak to get rid of (useless) restrictions. If the competition can't catch up, which i doubt because it's Google, then my next Phone will be again an Iphone. If they catch up, i will shi* on Apple's restrictions&ecosystem, i'm not a fanboy.

Oh god..
Steve Jobs doesn't care about the HTC Mediocre first of all. Second, Apple DOES NOT orchestrate these leaks, and if you think they do you know nothing about business.
yeah that's not going to happen. Apple knows what they are doing. The iPad runs iPhone OS on mobile parts at 1024x768 and it runs beautifully... Apple knows how to optimize hardware and software for the best performance possible and if you don't know that I think you should go over to engadget where everyone thinks that a spec sheet makes an awesome phone...

"Android 2.2, 450% faster with 2.2…..Apple, time to say Goodbye!"
No, not Android 2.2, just JIT compilation. So non pre-compiled VM code. This doesn't mean what you think it does -- they had to optimize Dalvik to accomodate Flash and to catch up with Dalvik Turbo.

No worry, the basic idea is that SOME things will be faster. It's great news for a lot of apps/games, however.

Ah, Flash is native code on Android foreheadsmack so ignore my theory that this was done to improve Flash. I guess they just got tired of people pointing at Dalvik Turbo and saying -- Why can't you guys do that?

You're not paying attention. AT&T activated more iPhones from Jan to Mar than they did in Oct to Dec. That is highly unusual as Apple's yearly product cycle peaks in units the first 6 months, than fades the last 6 months. That doesn't sound to me that people have stopped buying iPhones.
(For this quarter, I wouldn't be surprised if they sell 4m iPhone units worldwide as Apple would be reducing stock/inventory in preparation for the iPhone 2010.)
Google's plan is to get AndroidOS on as many devices as possible on as many carriers as possible, at prices cheaper than iPhone prices. They will sell more devices. And that's what is happening. AndroidOS is appearing on more and more phones in carrier catalogs. Verizon sells at least 4 AndroidOS devices.
Apple on the other hand is triangulating towards the best device possible within the constraints they have: something that fits in the hand for 95% of people, something that suits 95% of people well in features, ease-of-use, etc. They do this really well. iPhone 3GS was the best phone in 2009. iPhone 2010 will be the best phone in 2010. When iPhone 2010, i'm pretty sure it will be a better phone than the EVO, Galaxy S and Droid Incredible; and, will outsell all of those 3 phones combined.

@Johnsen I'm not a fanboy either as I'm not thrilled to have to jailbreak every model to get what I want. But some things that Apple does right go un noticed. Like the app store for instance, no one had anything great or bad to say about it..until the android store popped up...boy did it make the app store look so much more polished. No foreign currency, easy and efficient search results. And this is coming from a search engine company in Google.
No one realized how responsive and accurate iPhone's touchscreen were until people picked up another touchscreen phone and realized how poorly it operated. The droid touch screen is painful to use. Blackberry storm was even worse.

Not sure why (well, I do know, but) there is so much AndroidOS discussion. Froyo is implementing a JIT compiler for the Dalvik VM. The 450% increase is in floating point performance. Who knows what it is for integer ops. Will this get rid of the choppiness and general crap-feeling of speed in many Android things (scrolling, I'm looking at you)? Who knows. We'll see.
Will it make Froyo-based AndroidOS devices faster than iPhones? No. All iPhoneOS apps are natively compiled! All the JIT compiler is doing is converting Dalvik bytecode to native ARM machine code. It isn't a magic elixir that gives the hardware more power.
iPhone 2010 looks to have a 1 GHz Cortex A8, similar to the Galaxy S Hummingbird, and it'll be faster than the 1 GHz Snapdragons in Nexus 1 and Droid Incredible. The A4 will likely be 2x as fast for graphics than Snapdragons. The iPhone 3GS is faster in graphics than both the Droid Incredible and Nexus One, so A4 should be even faster too, and based on clock rate, 2x is a good number. The Hummingbird in the Galaxy S and the A4 will be interesting. They should be the same in performance, but if Apple put better memory bandwidth in the A4, it could be 5% to 10% faster.
If iPhone 2010 has a 1 GHz A4, it will be the best phone in the market with the best set of features for 95% of the population. Likely for the rest of 2010. It's arguable that the iPhone 3GS is still the best phone on the market today and it's on its last legs.
On top of that iPhone OS 4 has an accelerate API (among other things) that make it easier for developers to access the Neon SIMD unit allowing various apps to make more use of the hardware and make certain media stuff faster.

That phone is not the next iPhone. I've said it once before and I will say it again. First of all it's too fugly to be a apple product. Two, apple doesn't do intentional leaks i call crap on this article

@shrike that's when you know your doing something right, when your haters stand up, I never go to android or crackberry blogs talking smack, heck I don't even visit them

I can't wait to see what it can do, but I really hate the new hardware. The old setup was so sleek and unique. I hate this sooo badly. If only they would incorporate the features of this one into the 3gs, I would buy it. Since I know that's a no go, i think i'll buy something else. It's a shame. Been an iPhone fan since a little after the release. This was gonna be the one I get. Now, I'm not so sure.

I think it's gorgeous and sleek and won't wobble on the damned table. I adore my 3GS, but this thing is pretty hot. And to all of the people calling BS on this, I imagine you'll be here in June saying the same thing when El Steve is showing it off onstage?

If it's fake then why did Apple demand the previous (very similar looking) leaked device back and lodge a legal complaint that's still under investigation for it?

Now what is apple going to do? say "ha ha got ya, we produced 2 different iphone prototypes to throw you guys off the trail," and then promptly pull out another 3gs. But seriously at this point the phone is the new phone, unless you guys are looking for a miracle on ice again, but what I suspect is that the phone is starting production right about now to fill the customer demands of about ohhh 1 million new phones in 3 days.
So I think this is the final product.

I dont think 256mb RAM is a game-killer at all. Anyone with a 3GS use backgrounder from Cydia and tell me how many apps you have open before it crashes... quite a few actually.
And remember OS4 mulitasking wont have every app persistently running in the background either like backgrounder does so I dont think RAM will be an issue at all.

Having to decide between the iPhone 4? or the HTC EVO 4G from Sprint. A big thing for me is the size of the screen. The 4.3 inch screen on the EVO is a big selling point for me and with it appearing that the updated iPhone is actually going to have a smaller screen than the current 3GS I'm curious as to why Apple would do that. I don't want to have to put on my glasses every time I want to use the iPhone. We'll see what Apple actually previews next month.

I don't think this is the next iPhone either. This is a distraction from the real one next month. I hope it blows us away cause even though I currently have a 3gs 32gb I'm contemplating jumping ship to a htc Evo on sprint no matter the cost. I LOVE the huge screen and speed of it. We shall see next month Apple...

If the Vietnamese Iphone's a "Chinese Fake" then that's incredibly impressive and scary at the same time.
It means that the Chinese have had the design of the new iPhone for a while now and have copied it virtually identically.
Then there's the conspiracy theory that both the Vietnamese iPhone and the Gizmodo phone are both fakes, which is relatively impossible.
Let's say that apple set up Gizmodo, well, that'll come out sooner or later and it won't look good for Apple.

I'm not buying another iPhone again. I'm sick of it. Can't customize. Need to jailbreake in order to get thing that should be offered already for the price I payed for this thing. Windows mobile 7 phones will be the future. I think only Microsoft can bring better products than apple with not all those restrictions. They are aiming at competing strictly with the iPhone and they will win. They have beaten apple to death before and they can do it again. Google has a kinda better product than Apple right now but they are fairly new in this business. Companies like apple and Microsoft see no competition when it comes to google (or any other companies) designing operating systems. Mobile computing is growing and Microsoft sees the benefits. It will overtake apple again as it did before. WinMo 7 looks like it's going to take over soon.

I forget to say. The iPhone interface is getting boring. I can't even install a theme on it. I can't stand it no more. Just like the Mac OS. Boring!!! I think Windows XP MC is better looking than Mac OS.

Windows mobile 7 phones will be the future.
Spoken like someone who hasn't used the April CTP Refresh in the emulator. If you love the interface, I'm sure it will be fine, though it may take some patching since the recent builds are supposedly RC'ish. I think they will be in a good place after a few revisions, but in a good place does not put them on level footing with iPhone OS or Android. WinPho7 will co-exist with WinMo 6.5.3 as Pho7 doesn't support VPN and all that yet.
To the people talking about the 4.3" screen at 800x480 on the Evo, please do remember that the pixel density of an 800x480 screen makes it look a little fuzzy when you start getting bigger. The iPhone 4 screen with double the resolution (aka 4x the number of pixels) would achieve a positively ludicrous sharpness --- we're talking print-level PPI here.

Also, Mozilla and Skype have both announced that they are not developing for WinPho7. Moz qualified this with a "unless we are provided with an NDK".

So far Apple has lost 3 ipod touch 4th gen prototypes which ended up on ebay, but were sold or taken off and the two iphone prototypes... I am guessing that since they have found 2 iphone prototypes that have the same stuff, the way it looks outside is going to be it. And the A4 processor will be in all future ipad/ipod/iphone's. 64 and 120 GB's should be the available disk space for all ipod/ipad/iphone', hopefully it will

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