iPhone in the USA: One Week Later: AT&T WiFi Live, iPhone 3G in Short Supply!

This time last week Dieter was holding the line in Rhode Island, Chad was laying the video smack down in Ohio, Brian was too busy getting him some apps to even say where he was, and Casey was waiting for the lines to die down (good luck with that!)

Now it's one week later and what's going on? Well, thanks to Cherryhead25 (via Engadget) we know that the up-again/down-again FREE iPhone 3G AT&T WiFI access is currently up again.

That is, if you can find an iPhone 3G to buy! Seems Apple Insider has found yet another leaked AT&T memo that hints at major supply shortages in the US (welcome to the rest of the world!), leading to back-orders of 10 to 14 days.

Frequent Apple analyst Gene Munster, told Computerworld (via Ars Technica) the shortages might last a month!

"I bet we'll see these problems for another two to four weeks. Early demand has been more than they expected [because] they knocked it out of the park on the first weekend. "There were outages last year, but not to this extent. This is a more sustained outage [than last year's], and the demand seems to be sustained."

So the continued line ups would have us believe. And the hardest to find model? Nope, not the white one sported by Dieter or Chad! The 16GB iPhone Black... Wonder who got me one of those? :)

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iPhone in the USA: One Week Later: AT&T WiFi Live, iPhone 3G in Short Supply!


It has been a long, dramatic week. The fun of standing in line with a good group of folks, the immediate sell out in just over an hour and the hope with a Direct Fulfillment order. Now add to it with the pain of not knowing where in queue I am for my direct fulfillment order and if the 7-10 day wait they told me about is going to be more like 10-20.
The link and phone numbers that AT&T gave out are nice but I hope they are more forthcoming with information to level set expectations. As a good utility I doubt that the will unless people start to rock the boat in the media and on the web.
I'm trying to be optimistic and looking at the benefit of waiting. When my Black 16G arrives I know that the activation issue will have been long past, that free apps I downloaded from the App store are more stable (there have already been a few that have upgraded - so the App Store is as advertised) and maybe any bugs in the 2.0 firmware will be worked out with the release of a 2.0.1 release. And by the time my phone gets activated I'll be up to speed on the apps that cost money with reviews right here. So while I'm still using an inferior phone on Sprint I'm not totally frustrated - at least not yet.

lol. This is already down again. ATT cites an employee error in prematurely announcing it. However, I do believe that its slowly being rolled out at some locations (I guess as a sort of beta testing).

@ Reptile
I just got a call from my ATT store (Palm Bay, FL) and they have my 16gb black in. I placed my direct fulfillment order back on the 11th. I was 26th in line and they only sent my store 18. WHAT CRAP, eh?
Anyways, there is still hope! Good luck!

i just got back from the apple store on west 14st, nyc, the line was very very long andwas told it would take 3- 4 hrs , plus all they had was the white 16gb , all of asudden my 1st generation i- phone is starting to look good again, btw its 97 degrees here in nyc

What a bunch of Keystone cops!!! Why can't we order online, pay for it, and go into a store to activate it? Makes too much sense I guess.

It sucks that there are supply issues. But what is ten times worse is when you wait in line for an hour, get to the front door, and then have the Apple guy announce that they have been out of all black iPhones for hours. Someone asked the guy why he didn't bother to tell us when we first got in line and the Apple guy looked up to the sky, got pissed, and walked back into the store. I feel for the guy, but all the dude had to do was tell us what the fu_k was going on. The people who made the iPhone are geniuses. The people in charge of the distribution and sale of iPhones are morons. A great and sad time in Apple's history.

Somebody walked on my Nokia N95, so I decided to go for a 3G 16GB. At the store, I also decided to make a surprise to my wife and ordered 2 3G 16GB, one blk, one wht. That was Friday 18th of July. On Tuesday 22nd, AT&T was calling me to tell the the white one was in. So I got the white one and I have now to wait 20+ days to get the black one in replacment of the Nokia... Actually, when you have the phone in your hand, you bearly see the color, and finally, the white is not bad at all. So I am going to change my order and try to get a white one as well. Anyway, one day we will find chromed or other nice colored covers.. right
Be patient

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