Original AT&T iPhone: 4 years later

iPhone introduction: 4 years later

While everyone waits for the big Verizon iPhone announcement tomorrow it's a touch poetic to remember that the original Cingular/AT&T iPhone was announced on January 9, 2007 -- almost four years ago to to the day.

Do you remember what smartphones were like before Steve Jobs took to the Macworld stage and finally revealed Apple's wide screen iPod, internet communicator and revolutionary phone? Can you believe how far they've come since?

Let us know what you remember the most about the original iPhone introduction, what phone you were using at the time, and how in your opinion Apple has changed things (for good or for bad) since? Anyone still using their original iPhone? Share your thoughts!

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Original AT&T iPhone: 4 years later


Had a audiovox ppc and thought it was the world. No matter what you think about the Iphone, Android, Webos, Blackberry, Windows7 would not be the same . We would still be waiting for microsoft to update windows from 5.0. They lucky apple left the webkit browser open.

One is very fortunate to work on one of these in there career but we have been many time. The Mac. The iPod. The iPhone.

I had a Treo 680 that crashed every other time I made or received calls. I was thunderstruck by the multitouch demos, especially photos, and by how beautifully it multitasked phone calls, music, web surfing, etc. (Yeah, it multitasked great back in 2007, take that! :p)
It's hard to believe how limited it was, however. No 3rd party apps. No games!
After the Treo, it was the next big step in smartphone evolution and it jolted a complacent industry into action so now we all have better phones.
Just can't believe it's been 4 years already!

I had a Treo 680 too, in white. That's why I don't care about iPhone availability in white. Done. With. White.
My biggest lasting impression of the OG iPhone is seeing it in its acrylic plastic display tube, slowly revolving on its turntable and running demos at MWSF 2007. With about 100 people crowded around it, staring and snapping pictures. It was like some kind of untouchable treasure. Like a moon rock. And I kept thinking "Has Apple gone utterly crazy? How can they beat Palm?"
Four years later, it's all clear. Apple hasn't gone crazy. And Palm beat themselves.

I remember buying the BB 8800 and eying the original iphone with great suspicion. What a mistake that was! I also lusted after the Tilt just for the slide out keyboard and general form factor. What a nightmare Winmo was! I now have the iphone 4 and love it.

I had a Treo 650/680, would switch off, and i was thinking "how could you guys like this poc it cant do anything" But really compaired to the 3gs (my first iPhone) it was nothing. I guess it was better then a winmo phone and i was hoping the next Treo would be good but it wasnt then i just waited for the right iPhone to come along to make me switch lol

Had a palm treo 650... It's been only 4 years but watching all cell phones now it seems like 20 years ago..

OSX is the Mac operating system. iOS is a version of OSX that runs on iOS devices. Same core as OSX, just with a different UI essentially.

I remember my buddy's Rottweiler clawing the back of my original iPhone and leaving a dent in the metal back. no damage done other than cosmetic. I'd like to see what would happen under the same conditions with this i4 :-X

It's amazing to see how relevant the iphone UI and form factor has remained since 2007. Just goes to show how ahead of it's time the original iPhone was.

I was rocking a Cingular 8125 when the first iPhone was released, I remember I had just gotten a great bonus at work and went to the apple store and played with the iPhone, I couldn't believe the UI... It was incredible then, and iOS is still incredible now... It really is the first mobile os that made me happy while using, not like windows mobile 5 that infuriated me on a minute to minute basis... And look today at what it's become... It is still the mobile os to beat, the one which all others are compared against, well done Steve, well done.

I had the 8125 also. After using roms filled with iPhone skins and wannabe iPhone features like kinetic scrolling. I finally picked up a 3G

I was a hardcore Sidekick user. I went from the 2, to the 3, to the Slide, then to the original iPhone. It's now a whole new smartphone world. I don't even remember what my sidekick couldn't do. It was almost another life!

I remember thinking that there was no way that the iPhone could really do all of the things that steve was talking about, and as a BB user I also was thinking that no one really needed a phone that could do all of those things. Fast forward 4 years and I can not imagine using a phone that could not do all of the wonderful things that the iPhone can do. The one thing that struck me when I was watching the video again is that the iPhone really couldn't do all of the things that Steve was talking about when it launched. Hearing Steve talking about the iPhone running OS X is kinda funny looking back when you realize that when it launched it did have any muti-tasking support and iOS was nothing like OS X. It's also kinda funny to think that the iPhone OS has only been branded iOS for a very short time.

Its funny:
MacWorld 1997: Jobs came back to Apple and everyone went from being happy to being outraged when jobs annouced partnership with microsoft.
Flash forward 10 years
Macworld 2007: Everyone is histertical.

I thought that Microsoft announcement meant Apple was doomed, and would be out of business or swallowed up by Microsoft in a couple years

Ah yes, the bad old days. We were running Mac OS 7.6 (and, ahem, some of us were running it on Power Computing Mac clones...) And Apple had 6 months to live, according to Steve. The Microsoft deal with the devil was a lifesaver.

I had a T-Mobile Sidekick 2, and at the time I thought it was fantastic (and it pretty much was for the time). The first actual smartphone I owned was a Samsung BlackJack 2, and I remember thinking that there had to be something better than WinMo 6, and didn't like the Blackberry's either. Bought an iPhone 3G and never looked back. Have a 4 now, and I love it. The internet cannot make me hate it. :)

I had an HTC sliding piece of crap running Windows Mobile 5 I think. I got my first iPhone in November as that's when it launched in the UK. Never looked back, it's changed my life completely!

I was using a BlackBerry Pearl, I forget the model number. And like someone before me said I couldn't see why anyone would want/need a phone that could do all of the things the iPhone can do. I looked on with envy at anyone I seen with an iPhone. And finally decided to take the plunge and buy the 3G when it came out....and haven't given my old BlackBerry another look (though its still around the house somewhere, don't know where)

I had a Palm Centro, it died recently. I'm using my cousins Palm Treo 755 now. I'm using 10 year old technology waiting for the iPhone to show up on Sprint.

Really Sprint? My first cellphone was w/Cingular, I then switched to Sprint, biggest mistake EVER. Horrible phone, crappy reception, and let's not talk about customer service.

LOL! I was using a HTC Touch Cruise and upgraded not too long after to a Touch Diamond. I was hacking the crap out of the Diamond to try to make it more iPhone-like. I waited for the iPhone to go 3g before leaving WinMo (after 8 years) and "converting" to the Apple eco-system.

I remember having a Palm Treo 700p and how much of a POS it was. So glad Apple rewrote smartphone history and now it is fun to watch all the other companies bash a keyboard-less smartphone, at the same time come out with their own inferior implementation of touch screen and soft keyboards.

Had a T-Mobile Dash. Loved its grippy back and QWERTY keyboard, but was very disappointed in Windows Mobile. Loved T-Mo, though, and didn't want to switch to AT&T (I finally did 6 months ago).

I was using a Nokia E62 at the time. Like the original iPhone, it was also EDGE-only. However, I remember thinking that there was a lot that my E62 could do that the iPhone couldn't do -- it let you access the filesystem, it let you use your own ringtones for calls and messages, it let you run cross-platform Java apps, and it ran Opera Mobile.
After that Nokia E62 took a trip through the washer and dryer, I got a stopgap Samsung flip-phone, until the iPhone 3G came out. I got the iPhone 3G on launch day, and instantly realized how foolish it was to value all that "control" over the phone that I previously had. What good are Java apps, filesystem controls, and interface customizations when they all collectively suck? I've got an iPhone 4 now, and don't regret it one bit.

I had either a Treo 700 or a Blackberry 8830 (can't recall exactly). I was excited at the initial announcement, and I recall being very skeptical of the battery life. (RIM was right, but, as we all found out, lack of a mutil-day didn't matter that much for most of us.)
Like most developers, I was disappointed by the lack of an SDK the first time around, but the thing that kept me away from the first gen was the lack of 3G support. The next year, when both those were addressed in the iPhone 3G, I jumped on board.
As a devotee of the Blackberry keyboard, I also recall being skeptical of the on-screen keypad. Though I did not find out until I bought my 3G, I was pleasantly surprised by the transition. While I still can't type quite as fast on my iPhone as I used to be able to type on my BB, for anything outside of a speed contest I am more than fast enough.
For the Good: I am probably the most critical of Apple on these comments, but Apple does not get enough credit for breaking through the carrier model. Apple may be an arbitrary dictator, with some puzzling/stupid decisions, but even their worst critics must concede they are a far more benevolent dictator than Verizon or AT&T on their best days. The existence of multiple dictators may not be perfect choice, but it is a heckuva lot better than what came before, and Apple deserves major kudos for making that happen.

Steve Jobs: "Today, we are introducing three revolutionary products. The first is a wide-screen iPod with touch controls. The second is a revolutionary new mobile phone. And the third is a breakthrough Internet communications device."
At the time I thought - COOL! an apple phone... and that touch screen iPod sounds neat too. What the heck is an Internet communication device? Then he kept repeating it til some folks started realizing ... then:
"Are you getting it? These are not three separate devices. This is one device. Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone!"
Mind blown!

I had a Motorola RAZR v3. Big jump to the iPhone which was a bit aggravating at first but now I pick up one of those dinosaurs and can't figure out how to use them. It's like they tried to make the menus as complicated as possible.

I was using a Motorola SLVR and an HTC Advantage (WM6 with a 5" VGA screen). Didn't think too much of the iPhone until I bought one for my wife and spent a few days playing with it. I owned an iPhone within a week and have upgraded annually ever since. iPhone 4 is my best phone ever- so far.

I am still using the 1st gen Iphone and it works great...most of the time. And though I've never used a case of any kind, the screen is scratch-less. The phone I was using before it was so bad I cannot even remember what it was.

One week before the original iPhone came out I got my new unlocked HTC S710 off ebay. I think at the time it was the first phone with Windows Mobile 6 (or some version of 6). I was still undecided about the coming iPhone. On launch day I went to get in line at an AT&T store, they sold out 3 spots in front of me. After playing with the demo unit that was it, I had to have the iPhone. I ordered one from AT&T and it came 5 days later to my door. Have not considered getting another phone since then. At first it did suck to have spent so much and then the iPhone was the brunt of many jokes; you paid $600, no MMS, why is the screen not full of "buttons" people would ask. Now most of those people are iPhone app addicts.

I had a Motorola RAZR > KRZR on Verizon. I thought they were so cool. I remember refusing to pay what Apple originally priced the iPhone. I loved my 3G and now 4.

I was using the LG V. It was pretty much the best phone out there. Then the iphone was announced and it took the world by storm. Loved by all that were rich enough to have it, as it was $600 and hated by those that couldn't have it...aka me and mostly every other Verizon Wireless customer. I switched to AT&T in 09 when the iPhone 3GS came out but only after I tried every other "iPhone killer", as each manufacturer dubbed their phone, in the market. I litterally had 9 phones within a year. I finally had enougha dn canceled my service with Verizon and went with the 3GS and the rest is history. The fact that the iphone had awesome apps in market and the best developers making them was enough for the original iPhone to be the best. Android BLEW UP as this was the only option for customers on other carriers to get that was as close as possible to an iPhone. I think Android will slowly die out like Blackberry did when Android came in. Everyone is going to get an iphone on Verizon....well not everyone but a large amount of people will get it. There is one thing to say on that...GoodBYE excellent service.

I had the Verizon enV.
I knew about smartphones before the iPhone and had thought of getting one, but I decided against it because they were just too much trouble for me. Everything seemed to be more of a pain than it was worth. So I stuck to a trusted Franklin Covey planner to organize my life. The announcement of the iPhone definitely struck home with me, though. Since then, I've been looking for more and more ways to go completely paperless.

Sad to see people actually act like the iPhone is responsible for jack squat.
The debt all smartphones, including the iPhone, owe is not to Apple, the very notion is laughable, but to Palm. They made the concept actually work. Apple successfully built on the foundation created by Palm, PPC/MS, and RiM.
The iPhone, like everything else Apple has ever done, was never revolutionary, only evolutionary -- and only barely that. Cudos to Apple for jumping into the already long existing market with a successful product, but Jobsian fairy dust shouldn't get in the way of actual history.

Having been a power user of every model of Palm Treo all the way into the 700's, the last released after the original iPhone's unveiling, I can personally attest that the Treo was nothing like the iPhone. Palm was the leader of innovation, and Sprint was their biggest proponent. The Treos were great...for their time. But the iPhone was truly innovative in unrelated ways. I was like you, denying that fact for a year, finally caving to get an iPhone in March of 2008 when it became increasingly apparent that nothing new was coming out of Palm...including wifi capability. Yes, Palm had stylus based screen input and some good apps, Apple took that and a whole lot more that had not been thought of to set a new, very high standard for smart phones.

@myra. I'm curious. I do not remember iPhone Gen1 being anything like a Palm smartphone. Maybe you were the only one on the planet that had a Palm device that didn't need a stylus, had touch screen features, physical buttons, no external antenna, etc. Or maybe you are simply , say, out to lunch?
Apple does not always invent......it re-defines categories for the end user. A year ago today, you were probably one of those people that giggled at the name of a new product called "iPad".
Still giggling 13M iPads later? If you are, maybe it's because you are drunk.

I had some crappy sanyo flip phone. I always hated flip phones, but at the time it was hard to find a non-flip phone unless you got a palm or winmo piece of junk, and bb was good for email, but that was about it. The day the original iPhone launched I got in line not even sure I was going to buy one. The 8 gig sold out a few people I'n front of me, and I was one of the last people to get the 4 gig at that store. Later that night I went to work and kept staring at the unopened iPhone box wondering if I should flip it on eBay or keep it. I'm so glad I kept it, and still have it as an unlocked jb backup phone. Can't wait for iPhone 5!

Memorable quotation: "It's an iPod.. It's a Phone.. It's iPhone.."
When it's launched at my country (Indonesia), the carrier put an insane price. It is Rp.12.000.000 or about $1.300. And, believe or not, many people are bought it. Surelly I'm not one of them. Lol.

Andy Grove, former Intel CEO, wrote a book called 'Only the Paranoid Survive'. A premise of the book was what if one of your competitors got 2x better overnight. On that day, Apple took that 2x leap.

Anyone suggesting that the iPhone created the smartphone revolution is obviously misinformed. However, what Apple is responsible for is opening up the power and mystique of Smartphone power to the general consumer. That is something not to take lightly. The OS was indeed revolutionary - making something so drop-dead easy to use, sync, and integrate with an entire ecosystem is something that was not even touched by any other smartphone manufacturer.
Yes, I have owned Handspring Visors, PocketPC's, WinMo phones, and now iPhones. So while Palm created a wonderful PIM OS called Palm OS and later phones in the Treo line, nothing has had the effect of bringing more people into the smartphone world than the iPhone. That is revolutionary. Like it or not.

I had a red Treo 680. I remember the madness on every TV station. Every TV station was talking about this revolutionary cell phone. I watch every station and couldn’t stop researching it on the internet. I just had to know what this thing was and what it did and how amazing it was that something was all touch. I could figure out how in the world the phone would function without any buttons.

Amazing how the prox sensor worked on this iPhone but not my iPhone 4... oh thats right i've had all 3 of the previous iPhones but when the 4 came out i forgot how to hold it it was my fault.. thats what they told me.. Apples arrogance will eventually get the best of them.. I was a big Apple fan have almost everything apple has to offer and i took the first step of kicking them out with getting rid of the iPhone 4 after the issues.. tried to live with the prox sensor wait for updates none of it worked so had to say bye..

I had a pantec c3, one of the smallest flip phones ever made. I got the og iPhone in Dec. of 2007 and have had every model since. The 2007 iPhone was my first apple product ever. Now I also have an iPad and apple tv. When I can afford one, I'm gonna buy a Mac. The iPhone definitely opened the door to my love for apple products.

I was a Treo 300 and 650 guy before iPhone. Had very few third-party apps, mostly schedule databases from individual airlines. As someone who was in line and bought the original iPhone on launch day, it's been quite a ride these last four years. Next step: Verizon City.

Do you remember what smartphones were like before Steve Jobs took to the Macworld stage and finally revealed Apple’s wide screen iPod, internet communicator and revolutionary phone? "
Sure, just look at the BB. It looks and works basically the same as it did back then.

Ohhh before those years before iPhone I had a Cingular 8125, someone else said they had one too. I had that phone about a year and a half before iPhone. Back in '05-'06 the popular phone was the RAZR, and I had my touch screen and slide out full qwerty keyboard which my friends and co-workers we completely astonished by (at the time). The phone was great, Windows mobile was OK at best, but at the time it was nice and rather impressive to have an OS on a phone.
Then the iPhone came out and I knew from that point that my 8125's days were limited. Since then I've had a 3G and now iOS4.
And thats my story. The end.

I had a Verizon Treo 650. I thought that phone was let me do a lot of cool things. I was so mistaken. It hard tons of features, but everything was oh so clumsy. Keyboard was hard to type on. The act of using the stylus was uncomfortable. Chunky in the pocket. $40/mo for data on that thing was a total rip off.
I had that thing up to an iPhone 3GS. Got to say, the 3GS is the best piece of tech I've ever owned.

Got a Nokia N95 shortly before the iPhone came out and tbh i thought the iPhone (and 3G and 3GS...) was rubbish compared to the N95. 3 generations later I'm loving my iPhone 4 which completely changed my opinion on this touchscreen wonder.

I was very amused by the fake mock-up that Steve showed in that video. That was pretty funny.
I also had an iPhone on launch day and loved it. I went Android for a while but after multiple problems and the solutions were always "root your phone" I threw it away and went back to the iPhone. Stuff just works without having to install some third party mod that never addresses the problem anyway.

Everyone who says that the iPhone was not revolutionary is positively insane. The iPhone single handedly drove the market to what it is today. Sure it's actual design was not particularly revolutionary but there were two things that were revolutionary about the phone and not implemented in consumer products up to that point. Multitouch and a full web browser on a phone. And later of course the app store. Yes Apple used technology that already existed but to combine those technologies and implement them into a successful product made the iPhone revolutionary. Just look at the iPad. No new proprietary tech in that... And yet it still single handedly created the tablet market. Jobsian dust or not it's true.

Neglected to mention I also had a Blackberry 8800 as a work phone too.
I forgot to say what I was amazed by with the iPhone 1st gen.

  1. Animation was instantaneous. If you moved something, it moved with your finger. If you stretched/pinched something, it moved with you finger. Touch a UI element, there was instant response. That to me was the "holy cow" factor in the iPhone. The instantaneity of the touch display + UI (direct manipulation type metaphor) was wow. It's a very innate and connecting feeling. It made you smile just using the thing.
  2. Web browser. I'm an web-oholic and it was amazing to have such usable web browsing performance.
  3. Obviously, user interface was incredible for its time.
  4. Apple-Jobsian design elegance. Horizontal and vertical symmetry with the screen placement and the chassis. Microphone, speaker and dock centered and symmetric. Home button and ear piece speaker symmetric and centered. Headphone jack, SIM slot and power buttoned centered and symmetric. Just beautiful. The only flaw was the place bottom on the rear for radio performance. They tried to correct that with the 3G, but that meant no aluminum. It must drive Ives and Jobs crazy to see that on the iPad 3G too.

I was using a Treo 750. I use to love WM so much back then. I did have an iPod 5.5. I always said if the ever had a phone it would be amazing IMO. Then they came out with the iPhone. I got mine in Sept. 07'. When the software unlock finally came out for it. That phone changed me in the wayi view smart phones. It set the bar high as an all in one. I've owned every iPhone since the iPhone is beyond my favorite. I'll say this I've always owned a back up phone cause of my phone addiction problem. After owning the iPhone 4 I can say that for the first Time in 5 1/2 years. I only own 1 phone. Which is the iPhone 4. It has caught up to what I want and need in a phone. I so can't wait for the iPhone 5.
I will also say I've tried every is out there (except for WP7 not interested in that at all) iOS is by far my favorite.

I'm not an iPhone user, I've never had one. My first smartphone was the Palm Pre and now I have the Evo 4G running android 2.2. However, I have to give it to Apple, they took mobile to a whole new level, set the bar extremely high and it's thanks to them that we now have so many wonderful devices to choose from that are capable of so much.

I LOVE watching Steve. What a showman and superstart he is on-stage. It's funny to hear the Ooooohhhh's and Aahhhhhhhhh's from the audience every time he swiped the screen, scrolled through photos, or when he showed off the "iPod in the iPhone".
All these things were a big deal just a few years ago and we take them for granted today. Even more so, we have the expectation that it had better scroll without even the slightest lag and if something doesn't work perfectly fine every time we attempt it, we come here and complain about it. We sound like the original iPhone came out 20 years ago...you know, BACK THEN...in the old times.
Well, I dismissed the entire 1st gen. iPhone, but did stand in line for the iPhone 3G in 2008. It took all of 2 days and I went back to my BlackBerry Bold 9000 until the 3GS came out in June of 2009. Again, sold to the highest bidder and back to the BLackBerry I went. Later that year, when it came time to upgrade to the BB Bold 9700, I was utterly disappointed and decided to try the 3GS once again when iOS 3.1 came out. Ever since OS 3.1, all the features that I needed and wanted were there and the 3GS was nice and FAST. I was hooked.
I eventually of course upgraded to the iPhone 4, but something else happened: I decided switched to the Mac and I'm loving every minute of it. I wonder how many people were swept into not only iOS, but OS X as well. It's been fun.

One thing that struck me when rewatching this video was how right Jobs wad when he said how the buttons don't change for each app. He was so right he's actually been outdone with that new Honeycomb tablet from Motorola that has no physical buttons at all. Im an Android user but it would be foolish to deny the disruption Apple caused with the iPhone. The market changed that day in ways no one could have foreseen. The Smartphone wars are in full fury now and as consumers its awesome. The speed of theinnovation in the market is remarkable. It seems even faster than the improvements in PCs a decade ago.

I still go back and watch this in the Apple Keynotes section of iTunes from time to time. It's amazing how the same feature set still seems amazing after a few years. When the iphone was announced I was a Razr user. Didn't really think much of it until I happened to walk into an Apple Store the day they dicontiued the 4gb model. I fiddled about with one for about two minutes and realized I couldn't live without it. Ended up getting a refurb 4gb for $170 that very instant. At that point you could use it prepaid. I pulled my Razr's sim and stuck it in and I have never gone back. Now I'm on a 3GS and couldn't be happier with it. Looking forward to the iPhone 5. I can appreciate Android as an OS, but no matter how hard I try to like it, it lacks the magic of iOS. There is something about iOS that can only be appreciated through months of use. The whole experience just kinda pops. I don't know how better to say it. For me, other smart phones feel like useful, amazing, tools. But the iPhone just feels like an extension of who I am. The relationship is organic, rather than forced. I dunno. I'm rambling and sound totally iPhone-crazed. Guess that's why I read this blog though...

I was using a sidekick and got the 2g on launch date. To this day I still think that design was the best. Thank God for the iPhone, could you imagine what phones would look like today??

"Could you imagine what phones would look like today?"

  • Yep, Android devices would look remarkably like Blackberries. :)

It's all to easy to forget how smartphones were, four years ago. What Apple nailed first time out, was the screen response, scrolling, silky smooth pinch/zoom and MultiTouch. that was enough, and they knew it.

Had N95 and switched to 3G. Never looked back though N95 was a good phone. Have played with android devices recently. Samsung galaxyS is nippy and fast, however it never feels like iph4 for some reason: Can't tell why. Any one with similar experience?

I just bought the BB Peatl when I seen this. iPhone didn't come to Canada till a year or so later on Rogers. I didn't get my 3GS till Telus got it. Gave that to my wife last oct when I got the iPhone 4. We both love our iPhones & unless they come out with something 500% better we ain't switching!!! Next goal is a Mac & IPad. We know we won't look back from those either!!

Was a BlackBerry user for years. Curve, Storm and a Bold. Tried a 3G and a 3Gs but they didn't grab me. While they were slick they lacked many of the features I had on my BB's. But then the iPhone 4 arrived with iOS 4 and I was sold. The best phone I have ever owned. Can't see myself switching from Apple phones anytime soon. I even got my dad, my brother and my brother in law all to switch to the iPhone 4 cause I was so impressed with it. Want an iPad next but definitely gonna wait for iPad 2 which will hopefully be sooner rather than later :)

I was actually using a RAZR. I tried out a Curve 8300 but really wanted the web experience of the iPhone. Like others, I ended up gravitating to the Mac and iPad. I just love the way Apple focuses on the little things and polish of a device. The one thing that I still remember from the introduction of the iPhone was the pinch to zoom and the cover flow.

I was an unshakeable poster child fanatic for two things four years ago...the Palm Treo, which I had had every model of, and Microsoft Windows (I had four MS certifications as a developer and system engineer). I thought Apple was horrible and who would want a Mac. I was disgusted by Steve's proclamation that the iPhone was five years ahead of any other smartphone considering I could install apps on my Treo and day WAY more.
Vista changed all that...I was so excited about Vista. I bought two copies at midnight the day it came out and stayed up through the night upgrading my laptop...fortunately, I made it to updating my wife's. Six months later, I was having to re-image my laptop for the THIRD time due to Vista failings. I thought, enough...drove a mile up the street to the Apple store and came home with a MacBook...that was Jan. 7, 2008. I was in love within an hour, and the worst feeling was when I had to troubleshoot my wife's Windows XP laptop still...eww! A month after getting my first Mac, when it became apparent that Palm was failing to update the Treo...no wifi in the foreseeable future, I did another impulse buy...I drove immediately to AT&T store and bought an iPhone.
Fast forward to the future...in my household of five, there are now 6 iPhones, 4 iPads, 2 MacBooks and 1 AppleTV. We have downloaded over 1300 apps. As far as I'm concerned, Apple's welcome to design and engineer everything...from cars, to actual TVs to microwaves. Excellence in usability...can't go wrong with that business model. Apple not only changed the world of smart phones, they changed me. I find myself applying Apple philosophies to a lot of what I do, how our home is styled, what my priorities are and more...simplicity and minimalism have been welcome changes.

Had an HTC 8525 from AT&T, after 6 months of it died, so when the iPhone was released I was using a Go Phone with the sim from the 8525 until I could upgrade. I bought a couple iPhone for my wife and myself. My wife refused to upgrade from that phone because she was happy with it and it was "good enough". I got her an iPhone 4 for Christmas. That 2G was given to a family member and still going strong. I think the 2G is still a better device than many smart phones offered new today.

I had the razr. Loved it. Still love it. Not for what it offered as far as features, but the form factor was great. I bought the original IPhone, still have it. Screen is brighter and crisper than my 3GS which has the dingy tint to it. Loved both of them though. I'm totally sold on the apple brand now.

I had the Motorola Q and thought it was the most amazing phone ever. I discovered how wrong I was when I bought a 3GS. Now I can't imagine buying anything but iPhones.

Hi to all from Johannesburg, South Africa.
Apple isn't a big player in the market here so the Apple-hype machine loses momentum before it hits here. I had been in an accident that year and out of the loop for some months while recovering so it was only late in June of 2007 that I went online and to the Apple website to browse around, 26th I think. This was close to the release day of the original iphone (29th if I remember).
I had never been a fan of cellphones, and to that point had owned only Nokia devices. Good devices they were but just basic phones. I didn't buy into the 'smartphone' philosophy and in my experience found the existing devices too complex to be truly useful. It all changed for me that day as I looked at the images on the site. The iPhone seemed so out of this world, so futuristic and gorgeous and I needed to know more immediately. I emailed the pics to my wife and told her I'd found the first phone I actually wanted. I then downloaded the guided tour video and was just blown away. I took the video home and showed it to my wife. I was from then on glued to the blogs, following everything I could. I downloaded the introduction video, read as much as I could, speculated about what surprises may be unveiled at launch along with everyone else. No one else that I knew here in SA even had an inkling of what was going on and I went out and showed as many of my friends and colleagues as I could.
On the 29th the iPhone launched. The reports said it was basically everything Apple promised it would be. The downside was it was US only and locked to AT&T.
Sometime on August the first unlocks became available. I managed to send money in around November to a friend in the States who bought and sent me the two units I wanted - one for me and one for my wife. The jailbreak to unlock the SIM was done by bypassing the emergency call screen to the contacts screen and adding 'jailbreakme.com' as a webiste addressunder a fake contact - so simple and perfect.
Trouble was Apple updated the baseband in the 1.1.2 update which is what shipped with the units my friend purchased. So while jailbroken, I could only now use the device as an iPod. That was kinda frustrating, so near yet so far. I basically waited several months untilwifey and I managed to get hold of some sim chip thingamajigs to fool the phone into recognising the SIMs, this was in around February. Soon after the Dev team released the official unlock, THANKS GUYS. While I'm open to experimenting with other devices (one mustn't be blinded), none have yet matched the ease of use, polish nor the appeal of the iPhone.
Crazy thing is I remember all of that, but I don't have a clue what phone I was using before my iPhone.....

Wow, it's been fun reading about all the experiences and where everyone came from. I had an original Cingular Blackjack, which was their first 3G device. Everyone who is saying how far we've come since 2007 is completely correct. It hasn't been THAT long, and here we are. Android didn't exist. Windows Mobile and Palm was where it was at for me. Yuck!

When the original iPhone was announced I was using a Nokia E61. Good Smartphone but was an Edge device. The thing that stuck in my mind for the original iPhone was that it was also an Edge phone. I didn't get that iPhone for that very reason. I actually waited at that point for the iPhone 3GS and have since gone to the iPhone 4. I am looking forward to the iPhone 5 but have no plans at this point to chaning providers

My fav used to be Motorola - had the Razr and then the RizrZ6 (made for China & Austrailia). Love my mandarin-colored Z6. at that point wasn't too intertest yet in being able to access web or email so I was quite happy. I've never been a Mac-fan - hated them in fact. Was forced to work with a couple becasue that's what my bosses used. I had no interest at all in an iPhone until the 3GS came out(Canada). Now I am hooked! On occasion I get angy with Apple and all their restrictions and threaten to switch, but then there is an upgrade or app that comes out and poof now it does what I want. I also converted my husband who was also anti-Mac. Now we are looking to switch to a Mac Book - sooo sick and tired of Vista!!