iPhone and iPad factory conditions haven't improved says activist group

iPhone and iPad factory conditions haven't improved says activist group

A Hong Kong-based activist group called The Student & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior has recently issued a report concluding that very little has change in terms of working conditions since the Fair Labor Association published the results of their in-depth audit. SACOM's conclusions come from the result of over 170 employee interviews and visits to several Foxconn factories. Apparently unreasonably high production targets, inhumane worker treatment and salary cuts "remain the norm". SACOM demanded four changes of Foxconn: proper election of trade union officials, wages in line with living costs, proper training in safety protocols and access to appropriate protection, and sufficient compensation for those who have been infringed upon.

It's good to see another watchdog getting involved with Apple's factories, considering the FLA and Apple are suspiciously cozy. Other groups, like the China Labor Bulletin, agree with SACOM that there hasn't been much other than PR stunts after the audit. SACOM has found that even with the increased wages, the reduced hours have ultimately lowered salaries.

To be fair, it's only been a few months, but one would have hoped that the requested changes were being implemented a little more speedily. At best, Foxconn factories have seen a slightly increased compliance with overtime laws, but the changes needed at iPad and iPhone factories are far more broad than that. Apple has certainly taken an active interest in improving worker conditions, but in the end, Foxconn is their supplier, not their subsidiary, and there's only so much pressure they can apply.

Source: SACOM via Reuters

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Reader comments

iPhone and iPad factory conditions haven't improved says activist group


Since when was Foxconn an apple factory isn't it about time the likes of samsung and all the other manufacturers of electrical devices get involved with the working conditions, or is it that apple just makes good head lines

Very true and very well said! I thinks its maybe because "apple is the biggest fish in the sea so we are going to pick on them"!!! All about what makes good news!!

Apple also gets credit for inventions and innovations that aren't theirs and loads of other positive media attention for the same reasons. You can't have it both ways.
And in any case, it doesn't excuse it. Apple certainly has the money to pay good wages.

Funnny how lilly white Apple is yet if this was a story about one of RIM's partners, they'd be burned at the stake.

This is getting old. Apple is not the only company that manufactures in china. But yet is the only one that steps up and does something to improve the conditions there. One of them being cut the working hours. So yes. Employees will not be happy. And this doesn't only happen in electronics manufacturing. It happens everywhere in china. Stop picking on apple's cash reserve. Geez

This is why hey say it's lonely at the top. It's a simple game of king of the mountain and their competition is simply trying to knock them off and take their place. As far as these "bloggers" and/or "activist groups", they get paid just like the rest of us working stiffs. As for who's paying them, that would an interesting find.

Yeah this is getting about as old as the patent infringement stories. Besides, statistically, a sample of 170+ interviews when there are hundreds of thousands of people working at Foxconn makes the claims moot. If the workers there want less hours then they get less pay. If hourly pay raises were given to make up for less hours, then the hourly raises would have to be huge. Works the same way everywhere else.
I'm not exactly saying that the workers need to quit their complaining especially if its still unsafe there but some needed changes do take time.
If people are gonna put out articles like this then they (bloggers or activist groups) need to look at other manufacturing facilities.