iPhone, iPad make muted return to Costco with big discounts

Costco begins selling Apple products again, but online only this time.

After Costco had ended its partnership some years ago resulting in the yanking of iPod and iTunes gift card sales from its warehouse store shelves, it looks like the iPad and iPhone are both making a somewhat muted return to Costco. Whereas the old partnership of yore had Costco directly selling Apple products in its stores, the new arrangement seems to be online-only at this time.

Costco is offering some great deals for the iPhone and iPad through its online portal, with the base 16 GB iPhone 5S being discounted by as much as $120.

Costco is selling the Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T models of the iPhone 5S for $77.99 with a two-year contract. This price is for the 16 GB model of Apple's current flagship smartphone and Costco is listing the normal retail price at $197.99.

Additionally, the iPad mini with Retina Display for Verizon is being sold at a $100 discount. Normally listed for $620, Costco is offering the 16 GB iPad mini with Retina Display for $519.99.

Have you been holding off on buying an Apple iPhone or iPad mini with Retina Display because of the price? Are these Costco deals enough to lure you into a new purchase at this time?

Source: Costco 1, 2 via TGaap

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iPhone, iPad make muted return to Costco with big discounts


I don't understand the Speedtest picture in relationship to this article.

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It annoys me when they just say "Costco". I always assume now these articles are only talking about America, it should really be defined when the shop also exists in other countries, regardless of whether its an American website or not, people all around the world view it

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Costco UK has almost always sold the iPad, but never the iPhone. I bought my iPod Classic from Costco UK many, many years ago.