And here come the iPhone + iPad universal binaries!

universal binaries

And here come the updates -- if your favorite iPhone or iPod touch app is going Universal Binary to ALSO support the iPad, chances are you'll see it pop up in the on-device App Store any time now.

We're seeing IMDB, Pandora, Evernote, Instapaper Pro, PCalc, iSSH, Air Hockey, Dragon Dictation, Wolfram Alpha, and more. Let us know what you see!

Rene Ritchie

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MarilynneN says:

Shanghai Mahjong, Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List and LogMeIn Ignition showing up for me, aside from the ones mentioned in article.

B says:, Metal Gear Solid, Zillow for me (in addition to those already mentioned).

C says:

Also for me so far, Pandora and Sound Hound. Yea for LogMeIn Ignition! It's one of my must have apps.

C says:

C'mon SingPlayer and At Bat 2010 too!

C says:

It might be wishful thinking, but I wish there was an app for downloading audiobooks from directly to the iPad.

Dyc says:

oh and Beatmaker,,,which I think would be excellent on the iPad.

Geb Buxton says:

Comics also updated as universal as well as the Wordpress and Crosswords apps! Comics is going to be great full page on the iPad!!!!!

Matt says:

I'm very excited that Tab Toolkit has been made universal binary, as well as Metal Gear Solid, TextPlus, NY Times Crossword, and Stanza.

chris says:

@C MLB @ BAT 2010 has it's OWN iPad app. They did update the iPhone ONLY app though for us MLB.TV subscribers so I can watch everygame, instead of just the free game of the day. I have lots of "bi" app updates. Pandora, IM+, Chopper, Yellow Pages, 300 Bowl, Bubbles, Dragon Dictation and Air Hockey

Jellotime91 says:

@Chris bi apps? Hahaha.... Like Anna Paquin?

dmackdaddy says:

LogMeIN did the same thing! I can only imahine how DOPE LogMeIn will be on an iPad!!!

Sammy says:

Printershare and solitare city

Lui says:

Will this make the apps larger and take up more space? Just wondering.

chris says:

@Adam hahaha, yeah. Good call ;)
@iMe i have seen file size increases for these apps, yes

Paul says:

Never occurred to me that developers would issue universal binaries. They should be applauded for doing so.

Nati says:

Implode has been the only one so far.... it is now called Implode XL.

sting7k says:

I get an error message every time I download an update, but it still downloads.

Zay says:

I've noticed many of these updates popping up, some of the most exciting updates are those to already great games. Metal Gear Solid received a friggin awesomely worded update. The update reads, and I quote " Updated visuals to enhance viewing on iPad screen". has anyone out there had a chance to run a game on the iPad?