Do you use your iPhone, iPod or iPad on the holidays?

It's a holiday weekend for many of us, so here's the question -- are you using your iPhone, iPod, or iPad? For some, this is a deeply religious time and electronics or simply distractions have no place in it. For others, it's just a few extra days off work or school and they'll be spent browsing and gaming even more than usual. Even in religious families, traditionalists might eschew using any gadgets this weekend while modernists might use them to enhance their observances. Even in non-religious families, together time might mean no-gadgets allowed, while for others gadgets might be family entertainment for all. iMore is a technology site and an iOS enthusiast site and we're lucky to have a really rich, really diverse community of users. There are no right or wrong answers here (unless you tell us the iPads are going away so the JooJooPads can come out!). We're just curious to find out how you're spending your Easter, Passover, or long weekend?

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Do you use your iPhone, iPod or iPad on the holidays?


As this was posted during the holidays, you will find a skewed result to your question, as none of those who aren't using tech will see this today (or tomorrow). It would have been better to ask before the weekend or on Monday.

Ha, true true... Plus u either do/don't or don't care... I'm not sure why a "its complicated-see comments" is needed? That just throws off the results in these polls evertime...

This holiday weekend its just myself and my fiancee. I don't think either of us will be disconnecting. For non-religious people like us Easter is just an excuse to cook up a ham and have some jelly beans and chocolate.
I won't be e-mailing anyone about work issues or anything but I'll still play a round or two of Temple Run or check Facebook or Twitter on my iphone periodically. I think during dinner our phones will be away from us but that really isn't anything different than any other weekend or weekday.

I work in security so the "holiday" just means work is slow and I can use my iPad even more.

Hell yeah. Posting from a pub right now.
Feeling a little Catholic guilt, but it won't be the first time.
Mmm... Beer.

If I am cooking, need the iPad to get at recipes. Now I have noticed a family trend. After gathering, and eating dinner, everyone will settle down, and grab their various iDevices out. I will let it go on for a little bit, then turn off the WiFi. We then actually start talking to each other. The holidays are for the family to get together, and have fun.

Well considering I have been living in Alaska for the last three years and I spent three years stationed in Italy, FaceTime and Skype are the ways my family sees thier grandchildren and the rest of the family.

Oops, hit send too soon. I'll post a fairly observant Jew's response to this. Passover- yes. Quite a bit of iPhone/iPad usage. But for the major holidays (Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur), no I don't at all.