Get a New iPhone or iPod touch for Black Friday? Here's What You Need Next!

Apple 2009 Black Friday Sales Teaser

So you just picked up a new refurb iPhone 3GS or discount iPod touch G3 for Black Friday, and you're eager to know what to do with it next? TiPb's got you covered. Here are some helpful tips and tricks, apps and accessories, and reviews and overviews to get new users on their way. (Or, if you're already a pro, to send to those new users who would otherwise be bugging you all night for help).

Know Your iPhone (or iPod!)

ABCs -- Apps, Bluetooth, and Cases

Finally, the Forums

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Get a New iPhone or iPod touch for Black Friday? Here's What You Need Next!


Nice but hope these aren't AT&T coasters ... Please apple get these things onto multiple carriers ! It’s a move that would benefit everyone actually including AT&T as well since it would relieve their already strained and stained network. Who knows maybe AT&T will stop dumping money on luke Wilson and put it into fixn the dropped NYC calls.

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