iPhone Live 144: No new iPhone

Rene Ritchie

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banjoe says:

You all are starting to get childishly annoying.

Darren says:

Got to be a April fools right ?

Tweger01 says:

Not true, I've had every iPhone since the beginning. I am not a fan boy by any means, I just want a new phone every year. If Apple doesn't have a new phone this year, I'll try out another phone this year. Unfortunately, it will be an AT&T phone because I'm not paying early termination fee.

frozencloud says:

That's the reason why I think this rumor is a hoax. It's probably just delayed. By having people like you switching to something else because apple not releasing a new iphone this year could potentially lead to losing a customer.

EarthWormJim says:

this is just getting annoying, considering we wont know anything until apple announces anything.

NumbLock says:

Whew, Chad is back! TiPb definitely needs more iChadman in the podcasts. He speaks for the masses of #teampure fanboys. You should all shut up and worship the Chadman when he speaks.

Bluecanary says:

This is stupid, the iPhone 5 WILL be released this year, stop believing stupid rumors.

Mrmercedes says:

Guys, it's a podcast! Take it easy on them. If you don't like it, don't watch! Its that simple.....

fastlane says:

I find the lack of moderating the comments to be the biggest problem with this site, not Georgia or content.

Rene Ritchie says:

Fixed. Feel free to discuss the topics, not the people. Name calling is easy, positing a cogent argument is what separates the adults from the kids :)

yodaxl7 says:

I agree with you. I'm a fan. Like your work. Are criticisms okay? This single podcast and just the first part about the "no iPhone" was a bit too strong on "sour grapes". Sure, I'm sadden on breaking the usual expectation. I want the iPhone to win and Apple to keep innovating. I like it when you aimed to analyze Apple's logic. Then, you guys got a bit too worried on the prospect rather than sticking to the facts. Chad won the discussion, I think.

fastlane says:

But we can still call Ballmer names, right?

bdot04 says:

My brother in law works for a company that supplies and sells chips to apple and he's been telling me since December that the iPhone 5 won't come out this year. But being a fanboy that follows the blogs closely I kept arguing that apple would never mess up their product cycle with the iPhone when they have stiff competition from android and has to answer to shareholders. And he kept saying we'll see. Now I'm wrong

Keith says:

Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another...
Look folks, we're in a transition phase to LTE - and I'd rather see them making things work right rather than rush with trying to keep to a calendar, just because it's keeping to the calendar.
I waited long enough to get an iPhone on a carrier that actually has decent service where I live, and I'd like to get at a year out of it at least :)

Moonbase0ne says:

No new iPhone? I'll get over it. Want going to get a new one anytime soon anyway.

MatttFresh says:

I think this could really hurt apple but apples not the common man product at all its more for people who love apple i have tons of friends only 1 has a mac and none have an iphone so the average consumer dosent but apple they get products that are a little less expensive which i cant blame them the new mac book top end over 3000 come on apple i got a better laptop for just about 2000 apple u gotta price ur stuff a little better i mean my laptop has bluray which u still dont offer come on apple gimmie somthing worth my money

yodaxl7 says:

My comment was not bad. I just agreed with the first few posts in here for this single show. I am actually a fan of the podcast. I enjoyed listening to both podcasts. Maybe you guys should listen to your podcast. This one was a bit much.

Rene Ritchie says:

In what way? Feel free to email if it's long form but specifics are appreciated!

frozencloud says:

does that mean that the verizon iphone was the phone consider for 2011? I think this whole rumor is just a hoax to milk the next gen iphone when they come out with a iphone 5 later this year.

Rene Ritchie says:

At first I thought it was just a rumor, and a crazy one, and put up a post saying it sounded wrong. Then reporters with very, very good sources started to say it was true, like Dalrymple, Topolsky, Siegler, etc. That means someone they trust (probably people at Apple) at telling them it's true in order to re-set expectations so people don't got into WWDC thinking we'll get a new iPhone like we have the past 4 years. That means:
1) We're not getting a new iPhone in June
2) Apple (or similar level sources) is playing a bunch of reporters so we think we're not getting it.
If Apple is playing the reporters, those reporters will feel burned and that's a very, very bad thing. That's why I'm guessing #1 is currently the situation. Something could always change, some horrible miscommunication could have happened, but absent that...
No new iPhone.
And yes, that distresses me on several levels.
If anyone didn't like that part of the podcast then good, we did our job properly. It was a major story, perhaps the biggest of the year, and a discussion anyone interested in the iPhone should be having.
(Though admittedly it's nice not being called a bunch of fanboys for a change...)

robnaj says:

I really hope that A the iPhone 5 is announced at WWDC and B Steve Jobs or who ever is giving the keynote com on stage and adrese the idea that Apple not realessing a iPhone each year is crazy and you boogers that to stop making things up.
Also let's not forget that regulare people buy the current iPhone tell the day that the new iPhone comes out. Also people you are forget phone contracts are 18 month "2 years" and even if you bought and iPhone 4 on the day it came out then normally your contract does end in June or July it ends a few months after later you are all Used to AT&T upgrading your contract dates really guess what now you have to wait for it to end 18 months latter not 12
Save your money what the lasts and greatest with phones there is a news Android phone everyday have fun catching up with that.

hilary says:

I, for one, have been wanting an iPhone for-EVER, but have been waiting for Verizon to start carrying them, as I REFUSED to go to AT&T for service.
As bummed as I was to discover there will likely not be an LTE iPhone released this year, I was THRILLED to hear that a white iPhone 4 will probably be released.
As a potential first-time iPhoner, I'm just excited to have one, and if I can get it in that pretty white, I'm perfectly content to wait another year for the LTE.
I only hope that what they say is true, I've been waiting for so long!

chobbs11 says:

My iPhone 4 still works flawlessly and I am not too upset about the "No New Phone" rumor. I can wait!