iPhone Live 150: The Goram Batgirl

Rene Ritchie

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There are 8 comments. Add yours.

Maadi says:

awesome.. just to say ,,ALL IN ONE

MojoVersion8 says:

that puppet is so life-like

zero credibility says:

is there a video version this time ?

Darkstar says:

Dear God! What did I miss on that podcast???

felface says:

Took one lol and thoght exactly the same thing they really need to start recording the video aswell becuase it adds more fun and also it means we don't miss it on things like Georgia batgirl costume it would also mean i dont have to be up at 2:00AM to seethe video I do remember they posted it all on the website once it was a real shame they didn't do it again

TFausett says:

Hmmm not how I pictured that Dieter would look. Great podcast guys as always and Chad you come on anytime I like your input.

Leisha Lentsch says:

So freaking love this song, and this video, and this guy LOL I love him <3 Thanks so much!