iPhone Live 184: iPhone 4S 2 months later

Rene, Seth, and Jon Fingas of Electronista talk iPhone 4S 2 months later, Galaxy Nexus competition, Nokia hipsters, iOS 5.1 beta 2, PhotoStream, fake iPhone strings, Netflix, Microsoft apps, newnew Twitter, UI, and more. This is iPhone Live!



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iPhone Live

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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iPhone Live 184: iPhone 4S 2 months later


Is it me or does John Fingas look like he is drunk/high for the entire video? Where did they get this guy? And why the hell is Rene's voice always out of sync with the video?

Its crazy what technology has become these days!! I remember when having a cell phone was like wtf is that lol..nd btw if anyone has a iphone or is planning to get 1 u should really take a look at this article at truthiphone.blogspot.com its a real “eye” opener The truth is out there ppl.. PEACE ND LOVE YAL!!