iPhone Live! 3.0 Preview Tonight 8pm EDT/5pm PDT

TiPb iPhone Live-Cast!

iPhone Live! hits the nets again tonight (Wednesday, March 18) at 8pm EDT/5pm PDT (yes, we're on daylight savings time already in this part of the world, so check your local time carefully!).

Pre-show will start about 10 min. before if you want to drop by early because -- you guessed it -- we'll be jammed packed with news, views, and analysis based on Apple's iPhone 3.0 Preview Event (check out our Massive News Update Roundup for more if you haven't already).

Have any specific questions? Anything you really want us to talk about? As always, we'll take your chat questions live on the show, or leave them for us any time in the comments below, or send them to @theiphoneblog on Twitter.

Join in via http://www.imore.com/live

Chat with you soon!

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iPhone Live! 3.0 Preview Tonight 8pm EDT/5pm PDT


I've got a question about Gmail sync (using it as an Exchange server). When you sync your gmail contacts in 3.0, does it sync the groups as well? It didn't in 2.2.1, but I've read that the problem was on Apple's end. Apparently there's an app called "Sync in a Blink" that does it, but I don't want to waste the money if I don't need to. Thanks!

Dieter has complained alot in the past (and rightfully so), about how Apple did not give developers access to the dock. Now, with 3.0, that has seemingly changed. I would be curious about your take on that. Will the phone functions ever be available via the dock? (I'm thinking car integration). Will there ever be file syncing via USB (as opposed to Wi-Fi), now that there is access to the dock?