iPhone Live! -- BIG Announcement! Tonight 8pm EDT/5pm PDT

TiPb iPhone Live-Cast!

iPhone Live! comes to you tonight (Wednesday, April 29) at 8pm EDT/5pm PDT.

Pre-show will start about 10 min. before if you want to drop by early. With iPhone 3.0 Beta 4 released like clockwork, we'll likely have a few things to talk about but more importantly, we'll have the live chat going to take your questions. You can also leave us questions in the comments below, or send them to @theiphoneblog on Twitter.

Oh, and we may just have a BIG announcement to make...

Join in via http://www.imore.com/live

Chat with you soon!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 30 comments. Add yours.

Sil3ntrid3r11 says:

I wonder what the big announcement will be?! I'll try to be there, but have class at 5:30!

Indy says:

BIG announcement eh? Cool.

thekevinmonster says:

Don't pull one of those 'big announcements' that's right at the end and is not actually big at all, like TV news. "Find out something important after you watch all our ads! HA HA it's just a picture of a cute puppy!"

Blake 2 says:

"This news may save your life!" "After these messages!" haha

lagmefragme says:

What... it's either the announcement that slingplayer finally is approved or they know the release date of the pre :)

lagmefragme says:

What... it's either the announcement that the slingplayer app for iphone finally is approved or they know the release date of the pre :)

Earless puppy says:

pictures of puppies are awesome...

frog says:

Rene is actually Steve Jobs!

Rene Ritchie says:

We'll do the announcement before Lost starts, b'okay?

charris says:

Wait I turned it on just as Rene said "well, that's our big announcement."
What was it??? The suspense is killing me

Eggzeon says:

Well Faraday just told Jack that Eloise was wrong. Where's the announcment

sargd66 says:

Any word on what the announcement was?

Andrew Rusch says:

Anyone there??
I had class. Let us know what the announcement was! :-)

Alcoholicaust says:

Charles widmore is farraday's dad. Eloise kills farrady.

TosaDeac says:

Come on guys some people have to DVR the show (or live on West Coast) and you're giving stuff away!

Matt Hall says:

Spoiled it for me. But still don't know what the announcement was.

Gib says:

Seriously, what was the announcement?

Davit says:

Must have been something really big as everybody alive here left!

Rene Ritchie says:

We announced TiPb's Birthday Bash! Big celebration here starting next week -- podcast will up later today for more details!

Steve says:

Who the héll are Eloise and Faraday? It's not All My Children, is it?

Omar says:

What a lame big announcement.

Rene Ritchie says:

@Omar: Sorry you feel that way, if you like, we can auto opt-out you from all the prizes we'll be giving away? Just let us know... ;)

patrickbballer says:

Haha Rene just owned omar. Can't wait for the prize giveaways.

Sidney says:

im due for a new phone the first week of may. was hoping this big announcement would of helped me out, but congrats on the bday. just wondering if you think its safe to get the iphone or wait. also if there is new hardware in june, could it really be that much better than the current model?

icebike says:

Lets see, May, then June...
Why rush?
Also, for those of us who do not change phones as often as we change underwear, can you define "Due for a new phone"?

Gib says:

Whoop whoop I love prizes!

Sidney says:

@ ice box
havent gotten a new phone in 2 years so it feels like ive been waiting for this day forever. if there is new hardware in june, when do you think they would announce it?

Sidney says:

lol sorry....i meant icebike