iPhone Live! Tonight at 8pm ET/5pm PT (12am GMT)


iPhone Live! comes to you LIVE tonight at 8pm ET, 5pm PT (12am GMT) so please join Rene, Chad, Leanna, and Georgia to chat about all the week's iPhone news, how-tos, and app and accessory reviews!


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Want to be part of the show?

Grab your iPhone, launch VoiceMemo (or your favorite voice recorder of choice!), and record yourself introducing the show. Tell us your name, where you live, your favorite iPhone app, and finish it off with "...and my favorite podcast is iPhone Live!" Then email it to news (at) tipb (dot) com. We'll pick one of you, and you'll be on the show!

  • Example: "Hi, this is Eric from Mountain View, my favorite app is Google Voice (Ad Hoc!), and my favorite podcast is iPhone Live!"

Chat with you soon!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

iPhone Live! Tonight at 8pm ET/5pm PT (12am GMT)


Ustream has totally changed the way they support shows on the iPhone now. We have to get a new encoder, jump through some hoops, and get accepted into some stream. We're looking into it, but it makes us very, very sad since it wasn't broken to begin with :(

Not to sure about upstream, but trying to be positive. Apple is hard at work making video formats work on the iPhone. Been getting that message for about a year or more everytime I click on a video. You would think it would work. I use a music site on the pc that plays in windows media. I clicked on the same link on the iPod Touch, and it played in QuickTime with no problems.

What a complete waste of time listening to nothing but how nobody has anything iPhone-related to discuss, but rather wanting to talk iPad because they don't even use their iPhones anymore, and would prefer napping, or eating pie, or staring into space with dead air instead...
Why not just cancel the show if there's no longer anything interesting to you about the iPhone? :roll:

@fastlane - You are totally correct. I like that there will be a jailbreak correspondent soon. Sure the people in TiPb live are very likable, but the information content is almost not existent. It is only the most cursory of headline news. Our iPhone is the best smartphone on the market, hands down, but TiPb talks about it like it is a Motorola Razor.
I heard a great discussion on the Engadget HD podcast about the device control by iPhone apps is now allowing automation controllers to reverse engineer IP-based two way control of stereo receivers, DVD players, lighting and TVs. It was such an interesting discussion that it made me long for a real iPhone geek podcast. I'm so tired of "iPad is so much better than iPhone", exhaustive coverage of competition, and consistent Apple bashing. How about how to do something cool? If you are going to review apps - compare the features of available apps. Have a developer on to discuss APIs and potential. The Dropbox discussion this week was the only thing that was interesting, but nobody but Rene had anything to say - WTF? The discussion of the Kin was longer than any other single discussion. Sure that is easy, but who cares. Come on guys step it up a bit.

I don't have any problem with iPad discussions. But, last night was supposed to be dedicated to the iPhone only, not about "Does anyone still use their iPhone now that they have an iPad?" followed by sighs, gasps, and shrugs.
I agree with your suggestions. There are many iPhone things to talk about that just don't seem to be of interested to this group anymore.

@fastlane - Again, you hit it on the nose. I don't mind iPad discussion either, but the lack of iPhone interest on this and several prior TiPB live discussions is stunning. There is so much interesting material to discuss about our iPhone, the top smartphone in the market. I like the TiPB people, but the information content is increasingly disappointing. Hopefully Rene et al. will read this.