iPhone Live! Tonight 8pm ET/5pm PT - Got Questions?

TiPb Presents: iPhone Live!

iPhone Live! comes to you tonight (Wednesday, August 5) at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

If you have any questions or topics you'd like us to address, let us know in the comments below or tweet them to @theiphoneblog.

As always, pre-show will start about 10 min. before if you want to drop by early and reserve a space in our chat room. See you then!

Join in via http://www.imore.com/live

Chat with you soon!

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Reader comments

iPhone Live! Tonight 8pm ET/5pm PT - Got Questions?


Why does it say,
iPhone Live! comes to you tonight (Wednesday, July 29 ) at 8pm ET/5pm PT.
*****(Wednesday, July 29 )******
Do you mean Wednesday, August 5th?

lol sounds like a nice copy and paste job gone wrong :)
question for the show, what the hell happened to tomtom for the iphone?

Questions, hmmmm.

  1. Can I have the battery percentage option on my 3G without jailbreaking it?
  2. When's TomTom coming out?
  3. If I can get cycorder to record video on my 3G, how come Apple can't make it official and incorporated into a toggle ala the 3GS??

Can you guys cover printing apps on the iPhone and why a developer can't make an app that has basic print function for email/webpage/attachment/etc.? All of the apps currently either only print pics or require desktop/laptop to be on. Thanks.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but many of the lyric apps have been disapearing from the App Store, most recently LyricMate. Does anyone know why?

I'm interested in Tom Tom as well, also the concept of using the iPhone with augumentes reality and if somehow they could implement that into a game

@Jumpin Jack Flash
on the 3g the only way i know is to actually jailbreak your device, install sb settings, switch on battery percentage, run a backup in itunes, then restore your device to factory to remove jailbreak, then restore your backup. The battery percentage will remain without jailbreak once your backup has restored. Dont ask me how but it seems to work.