iPhone Mobile Browser Share Now... 67%

Heh. Internet Explorer, for reasons unfathomable to any modern web designer, still rules the desktop with a massive, if waning browser share. In the mobile space, however, things they are a different.

Net Applications (via CNet) is reporting that the iPhone owns 66.61% share, which compare to Java2ME (RIM's OS) 9.06% and WinPho's 6.91%, Android and Symbian's 6.15% each, and Palm's 2.37% and the assorted others' at 2.75%.

No doubt rivals will gain share as the overall market increases, and new products like the Palm Pre hit. What's interesting, however, is that the WebKit engine beneath Safari is also powering Android's Chome Lite and will also be powering the Palm Pre, making WebKit's share of the market extra impressive...

It should also be noted that, when looking at these numbers, even with 16+ million iPhones on the market, the sheer usability of Mobile Safari has to be factored in. Simply put, on many platforms the browsers are still crippled from a rendering standpoint, and frustrating from a interaction standpoint. Make it usable and people will use it, who'd a thunk it?

No doubt other platforms will be addressing this in future updates... but will it be enough to catch Apple's lead?

(Thanks to Phil from sibling site WMExperts for sharing!)

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Reader comments

iPhone Mobile Browser Share Now... 67%


"... frustrating from a interaction standpoint. "
Will there ever be a person hired on this blog that will do some editing of your posts? Seems like you guys can't do that. Most frustrating from aN interaction standpoint to see all this sloppy stuff.

I find this very very hard to believe.
Is this in North America only? In Europe symbian (Nokia) phones significantly outnumber everything else by several-fold.
You've also got to be sh!tt!ng me about Android being as-much-as/equal to windows mobile? The latter has been around for a lot longer and has a massive user base in comparison to Android which is basically one phone on one network (t-mobile G1) for less than a year.
More likely contributing to this is the fact that iPhone users as a group spend more time surfing the web than other smartphone users do. In addition you should also consider all the people sneakily identifying their browsers as mobile safari in order to leech free WiFi at hotspots.
There's something screwy about these numbers that just does not add up.

More people surf the web on iPhones because it's incredibly easy to use. That's the point of this article. So your point doesn't make any sense. (Unless you're validating the article)
As for the research, I'd have to agree that it's only in the US. I couldn't imagine iPhones holding 66% of ALL mobile web browsing. If so, more power to Apple...but I doubt it...

Agreed Blake. I never used Pocket IE on my Touch (even with 3G). Only in the most deseperate of situation. It was terrible. It wasn't until I got my iPhone that mobile browsing was tolerable for general use.
Believe it or not, I'll forgoe using my laptop at home in favor of surfing on my iPhone when I'm crashed on the couch! My laptop has since stopped talking to me and wants us to goto counseling...

I believe the numbers. I know I'm not the only person who once had a windows mobile phone who then switched to the iPhone for the browser. The browser was what graviated me to the iPhone. Flash ? My blackjack II could barely render a page properly and quickly as the iPhone does. I use mobile safari more on my phone than I use safari on my mac. I'm mostly on the go and the iPhone browser is an enjoyable experience ! Mind you , I'm viewing this site and replying from my iPhone 3G. I could see that number reaching 90% by June. The number was at 40% only a few months ago.