Could we get an iPhone nano like the Cricket Android Vitality?

The especially awesome Phil Nickinson from Android Central went hands on with the Android powered Samsung Vitality on Cricket, and I have to say I liked what he saw quite a bit -- namely:

As you'll see in the video above, Muve is an easy-to-use music service. But what really makes it shine is that Cricket's made the billing process as simple as can be. Actually, there is no billing. No per-song fee. You pay $65 a month for unlimited voice calls. And unlimited data. And unlimited Muve Music. And for our money, it doesn't get much better than that.

Now TiPb's heard going back to WWDC 2011 that Apple has an iPhone nano (or budget iPhone) type device pretty much done and ready to go, and TiPb's since heard that it may not be getting the traditional plans on traditional carriers either (or at least that we might be surprised where it ends up.)

A stripped down, low cost iPhone is one thing when it still requires $100+ on monthly voice and data charges, but a low cost iPhone with a low cost plan like $65 a month to go with it? Super. Sweet.

Apple doesn't compete in the bargain basement computer business. They kick it in the head with something like iPad or the new MacBook Air. But Apple does compete in the lower end MP3 player market with iPod shuffle and iPod nano, so they do understand the market for smaller, less expensive consumer electronics that still tie (not going to say seamlessly!) into their ecosystem.

Whether they ultimately pull the trigger on this, only Tim Cook now knows for sure, but again -- inexpensive iPhone nano with a cheap $65 all-you-can eat service plan? That'll bring a lot of young, mainstream more price sensitive, first phone and feature phone users into the Apple fold, wouldn't it?

Check out Phil's full hand's on via the link below and then come back and tell me what you think -- will we get an iPhone nano version of this deal?

[Android Central]

Could we get an iPhone nano like the Cricket Android Vitality?

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Reader comments

Could we get an iPhone nano like the Cricket Android Vitality?


Who would buy it though!? The difference between Apple and other competitors is the fact that Apple lovers wants the latest, biggest and best, regardless of price.

If you think most buyers see price as no object when it comes to a smartphone, you're wrong.
There's a reason why BOGO deals are so popular, and I have on many, many occasions seen customers pass on devices simply because they could save a buck buying a cheaper product. Granted, I've also seen many users do exactly what you describe; but, I think the trend is more skewed towards the thrifty.

Theres cheap customers out there that buy anything cheap, but they dont belong to the Apple Community.
While Apple may make a few extra bucks and steal some customers from competititors, in the long run I think theyre better off just doing what theyre best at. ;)
No need for no BOGO deals on Apple , or we're all in trouble

I agree with Asdollah, I do not see this happening. The fact they are talking package prices tell me this is not quite true, yet, as Apple has no direct influence over what a carrier charges for service packages. Also, it would bite into the iPod Touch market.

It's funny that people took my comment as being pro-Android or anti-Apple; I may have an Android bias, but the comment wasn't meant to tout either side.
In fact, in support of my argument, I'd actually point at the iPhone 3GS; there's a phone, with last-generation specs, outselling Android devices with some pretty compelling features (such as front-facing cameras and higher-quality screens) mainly on price for a lot of people. Now, I'm not saying that the high-end Android phones would start cutting into the 3GS's sales at $50; but cost is definitely a primary factor for many buyers.
There's obviously a market for a cheaper Apple device, regardless of what we (as the tech community) think of them.

I see your point, but I still dont think Apple will START from that level. Remember they had the 3GS on the market for a year before they came out with the cheaper version.

Well we know who's apple biased here then guess you iPhone 3g/3gs were not made out. of plastic right...umm wonder from my gs2 and ip4 which one has better signals and which is faster....serious note there's no problem liking a certain company or brand but know need to bash others and make statements which are clearly biased...

cheap nasty plastic pieces of shit? several android phones including the OG droid, droid x, droid 2, and droid x2 are made mostly of metal, and most high end android devices now have gorilla glass, yet iphones are made almost entirely of thin glass that breaks with a decent fall, especially onto the touchscreen. if you want to make an argument of iphone vs android make it about the software not the hardware because you will get degraded. something being expensive and pretty doesn't make it durable or well-built.
and as for "you pay for what you get in life," that's an ignorant remark coming from someone who's probably spoiled by rich parents, because anybody who has struggled to make any type of money in his or her life wouldn't make a dumb ass remark like that.

Quit crying you girl, you do pay for what you get, that is not dependant on how you've been brought up, to suggest someone is rich and spoiled because they make a comment about paying more for better quality just shows how ignorant you are.
The iPhone is well built, looks very good and is worth every penny, unlike every Android device, all are rubbish and tbh this is TiPb which I always understood to stand for "The iPhone Blog" so why are you on here sucking up to Android and having a paddy about valid opinions on Apple products?? Douchebag !!

I agree with Asdollah. I think Apple is different from other mobile companies in that they never had a spectrum of devices to choose from in different price ranges. They've always just had ONE iPhone and it's done pretty well. I think Apple as a company definitely has that "latest/greatest", "lifestyle brand" concept and they KNOW who their consumers are. They don't need to branch out, I think. And branching out like that tends to lessen or cheapen the brand (I'm mostly thinking of certain high-end designer labels here, the ones that make "diffusion" or straight-to-discount lines, so the parallel may not apply fully), and I don't think Apple has their sights on becoming some "ordinary" brand. I'm no Apple fanboy but I do think that Apple wants to keep their air of "exclusivity", whether that's their intention or not.

They actually have two iPhones, though; the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS.
The iPhone 4 is the best-selling phone on AT&T, but the 3GS is still 2nd, despite there being "better" Android devices on the market. Would you not say that price is a major factor in that?

Expect there is a diference between "apple lovers" and someone who just wants a simple, easy to use phone thats cheep.

Maybe the rumor of a "budget iPhone" and the rumor of a low-priced unlimited data / voice plan are for different devices. We all know Apple is going to build and sell a special iPhone just for the Chinese market. Built to their specs, to run on their networks. That could explain the "budget iPhone" rumors.
And we all hate the current cell carriers' lock-in tactics and high prices. Maybe Apple feels they will have enough clout to do an MVNO-like service. After the unified GSM+CDMA iPhone(s) are rolled out, I would love it if the iPhone could automatically pick the best carrier, where I happen to be at the moment, for voice and/or data. Transparently, so I don't even need to know which of the generic "dumb pipe" cell carriers I happen to be using.
Then I'd pay Apple every month, and they'd prorate payment to whichever carriers I happened to use that month. (And I don't care about "rollover minutes" on any carrier.)

tarnish the iPhone reputation? Its already popluar. Too popluar so having a low end iPhone won't do anything but make more sales.