iPhone Ninjary: How Get More Than 11 Home Screens in iPhone 3.0

How to force more than 11 home screens on the iPhone

Daynah from PHP-Princess.net just couldn't abide the meager 11 pages and paltry 180 apps provided by iPhone 3.0, so she went about forcing Apple's SpringBoard home screen manager to give her more. How did she do it?

Check the link above for the details, but the but gist is filling up more than the default 11 pages (additional apps will still be hidden), then moving built-in apps to the last spot, then moving in an additional icon to force a built-in app off the 11th screen, the downloading an app to fill in the empty spot, and... presto -- 12th page.

Ninja level work-around to be sure, but if you can't live with 180 visible apps, and decide to experiment, let us know your results!

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iPhone Ninjary: How Get More Than 11 Home Screens in iPhone 3.0


Off course I have 350 apps on my iPhone so that really doesn't impress me. I do not even use the springboard to launch an app. I use the iPhone FINDER. It is faster than looking for an application amongst all those icons.
Works for me.

They have Badge notifications because they have they're iPhone jailbroken. Anytime someone mentions SpringBoard, it means they're already jailbroken.

Non-push badges are available for apps like Facebook and the App Store. You open it and it displays a badge with the count of untended items after you close it.
It worked that way before iPhone 3.0 as well. And has for me for a while now.
(Note the badge is updated AFTER you open and close the app. Push is not involved in those circumstances.)

Badge notifications will show up without push. Whenever you ignore a notification while the app is open and then quit it, you'll see the number on the icon. It won't update.
Best example is go to App Store. If there are updates to your apps and you quit the app, you'll see the number on the App Store icon. Once again, it won't update unless you reopen the app.
In the case of Facebook, if you open Facebook and you have a message in your inbox but don't read it and then close the app, you'll see a '1' on the Facebook icon.
It's been this way at least since OS 2.0.

@WHAT!?! WHAT?!?!?!? springboard does not refer to a jailbroken app, it is the standard app that manages the iphones homescreen, it has nothing to do with jailbreaking. your thinking of summer/winter board.
and its not push notifications because unless you open the app the badge will not change. you wont get numbers there automatically if you have unread messages.
if you open the app, DONT read your unread messages and then close it that badge will show up.

That is not push, when you open and close the fb app, if you have unread messages and things like that, the app puts up a badge. It's been like that since 2.x. The point of this article is that you can get more screens on a non-jailbroken iPhone so I'm pretty sure this is not a jb iPhone. Pretty cool if you ask me but I could never use that many apps personally, lol.


Anytime someone mentions SpringBoard, it means they’re already jailbroken.

No, you mean WinterBoard. Springboard is standard.

Daynah mentions specifically in the link that her iPhone is NOT jailbroken. As others have said, notifications have been around since 2.0, PUSH notification is new in 3.0 (and Facebook is particularly annoying with notifications :( )
SpringBoard is the default launcher :)

one word for this, CATAGORIES jailbreak application.
So much getter then multiple pages of applications. A simple menu type system that apple deliver with the iphone out of the box.

I have over 290 apps on my iphone. It is correct, when you fill your pages the apps are still downloaded to your iphone and you can find them by searching using 'Spotlight' (accessed by swiping to the right.) You can see how many apps you have by selecting settings, 'General' 'About' and it will display the number of apps you have loaded on your phone. (I send a list of all my apps to myself in an email so that I can remember the names of the apps that I want to look at when I have time to play with new ones.)
The way to access a list of the apps you have installed: Step 1: Run iTunes and sync your iPhone so that all your latest apps are displayed under 'Applications' (click on the left column to see all the app icons).
Step 2: Click on one of the icons on the right side and then using 'cmd A' select All the icons.
Step 3: Under 'iTunes' menubar ... Select 'Services', 'Mail', 'Send Selection'
Step 4: Enter your email address that you have on your iphone and you will receive a list of all the apps you have on your iPhone.
Step 5: Using Spotlight Search you can type the name of the apps and find them instantly. Click on the app name that is found and it will run.
I find it is faster just to type part of the name in the search of the apps I use all the time. Apple is going to allow developers to tag their apps with keywords, and I believe that will make it so easy to find our favorite apps by searching with Spotlight.

Please research the topic at hand before thinking you know everything. Springboard manages all the apps, etc. If it was only a jailbroken thing, why does the debugger screen in XCode show springboard? I don't think Apple would add a jailbroken item to the development software.

Once again Rene steps in to break up the fight! Darn it Rene! lol! I'll step back from this rant but in gonna have to tr out this trick here. Does anyone have an idea on what happens when a) you delete/rearrange apps b) update firmware and c) add apps past the page12. Pg 13 and 14 etc after that or what?

It's hard to believe that so many people have so little else in their lives that is more important than the previous comments would suggest.

Same as Roger as well, my stock, and contact app disappeared, without a 12th screen appearing. Running 3.01. Will not re-appear even with synching.

This sucks! Nothing worked for me and now I gotta go back and re-organize and try to get all my screens back on iTunes (which really really really sucks in organizing icons. It doesn't even work properly).
I wish there was a way to save your phone's state as is with everything in one easy step (haven't tried backup) sort of like restore point in windows.

This fix works with the latest update of 3.1.2 however the minute you sync with iTunes the extra page or pages goes away and it tries to clutter your non full pages with the other apps on the extra pages.

instead of trying the trick with your stocks or contacts. try it with your voice recorder app. Move it to the last page, Bottom Right. Then flip back a page. drag one of those icons over to the last page bumping the voice app off the screen. fill the gap left on the second page with something anything an internet shortcut. make sure all spots are filled, then reboot your device and when you do you will notice that the voice recorder will be on the first page and the second page will be new and contain only the one app that the voice recorder bumped off of the first page. I have tried this up to 20 pages and it worked flawlessly, except for the moment I synced with 3.1.2 in itunes I was back to the standard 11 pages.. so if you dont upgrade to 3.1 you should be fine syncing without losing your pages.

Currently I'm updating to newest firmware regularly with 15 screens and 211 apps all used regularly.

IPhone 3Gs, 32gig, OS 3.1.2:
I had accidentally created a 12th page without even trying, which is why I came searching for info on the subject. I would LOVE to have 15-20 homescreens, the more the merrier (because instead of bookmarks, I love adding webpages/icons to homescreens. It's how I remind myself of sites I need to check for various projects I'm working on -- I use each homescreen for separate projects.)
But now I can't make it create a 13th screen. I filled up every spot with homescreen webpage icons, then d/l a freebie app hoping it would force/create a 13th homescreen. So far hasn't worked.
So my question is. Will this work if you create/add a bunch of webpages/icons to homescreens? Or does it only work for apps?
Also, if when I sync via Mac, I sure wouldn't want to lose all my webpage icons.
Nor would I want iTunes to scramble up my many pages of apps & icons. It's a nightmare to rearrange everything right where you want them.
I'm totally "impressed" with anyone who has been able to create AND KEEP 15-20 homescreens w/o iTunes messing it all up.
More details please!

IPhone 3Gs, 32gig, OS 3.1.2:
UPDATE!!! Go to that Princess link at the top, then look in the Comments for the info posted by Xilo27, he's the KING GURU! Excellent instructions & it works = I now have 21 screens! I can't believe it! AWESOME!! I could keep making more but I'm pooped, so 21 is enough for now (I still have to organize what I want on those pages!! :)
I wish I had known this MONTHS ago when I first maxed out my 11 pages & since then it's been a real brainwracker again & again trying to decide which apps or icons to delete!!
Why the hay doesn't apple share this gem up front?? Do they not even know this is possible? If they do know but haven't made it publicly known, then they are jerks.
Now... my only "wonder" is what will happen next time I sync? I have iPhone 3Gs, 32gig, OS 3.1.2.
Lastly, what's the max number of pages anyone has created?? Someone should keep track, lol.

I’ve been running 19 screen pages for many months now without any problems. I´ve even tested running more pages but 19 is a practical number if you want to keep track of the dots. BUT yesterday I installed SbOrganiser and moved one full page with folders made by Categories. Guess what? My iPhone was stuck in a loop and made 4 coold boots and a number of respring. After half an hour I was back on square one with only 11 pages. Now I tried the trick again to get more pages. Seems a bit difficult this time. The very last icon doesn´t behave nicely, instead it jumps back and switch place with the one used for pushing. Be wery careful when playing with SBOrganiser.

Got all my apps and 19 pages back again. Try using the built in Apple app with the microphone. That particular app seems to work best. Other apps doesn't work or behave strange. If the very last app (the recorder with the microphone)on the last page jumps back an switch places with the one you use for pushing - then try and move the puching app first on top of the microphone and then slightly to the next app on the left. The trick is to squeeze it in between the two last apps.
The new pages is inserted as page number two. Then move your apps forward or respring to fill upp the empty space with your apps that has been deleted or left over because of lack of space when installed at your iPhone.
Just removed SbOrganiser - bad decision - my iPhone is stuck in a loop and has to be reinstalled all over.