iPhone OS 3.0 Unlock Warning


Tomorrow is the start of WWDC and there are some people out there who truly believe Apple will official release the iPhone OS 3.0 software very soon. Whether or not it is released this week or within the next month, don't be so quick to pull the trigger on the upgrade button within iTunes if you are planning on unlocking your device. If you choose to update there is a high possibility that you will lose your option to unlock in the future. Don't want to listen to us, ok, will you take the Dev-Teams word for it?


blockquote>you all paid lots of money for your iPhones, and so we know that if you are depending on a software unlock, this is a sensitive issue. It’s a very sensitive issue to us too, which is why we can’t say or release anything prematurely that could potentially compromise any 3.0 software unlock.

In other words, don't do anything until the Dev-Team releases any official unlock for the 3.0 software. Also something to keep in mind, which we've warned you about in the past, don't be fooled these fake wanna be Dev-Team websites that are out there.


blockquote>We’re used to (though still aren’t happy about) less predatory websites, like quickpwn.com. That site (1) is not us. We don’t consult with them in any way (2) makes money from their Google hits (they’re usually near the top) (3) sometimes gives very very bad advice (like tweeting yellowsn0w users to use QuickPwn on 3.0 betas. Bad suggestion). (4) also owns yellowsn0w.net, another money making website.

For more information, be sure to check out the official Dev-Team blog. So there you have it folks, be careful out there.

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Reader comments

iPhone OS 3.0 Unlock Warning


I'm currently using a Turbo SIM to use my iPhone 3G w/ fw 2.2.1 on T-Mobile. Will this Turbo SIM also work with 3.0 anyone know? I see they are already selling iPhone 2009 Turbo SIMs on NYC craigslist.

I read their message as we aren't going to release details of 3.0 unlock so apple don't find out andclose the hole.

@Ben Gillam true i also understood that after reading their update, i sure do hope they release it soon and find a fix for the DFU problem on current iTunes.

What can Tell you with os 3.0 . you wont have to Jailbreak it or download a unlocking tool. Why i say that is T-mobile just update the network to 3g. i am a Tech support at T-mobile and word in the Tech room is we be supporting iphone on the website in 1day or so only tell you that have see the new iphone this week.

Is this for jailbreakers only OR those who had once jailbreaked before but not now OR didn't jailbreak before OR everyone?

He might be right on it. A 32 GB iPhone 3GSV appears on
T-Mobile Austria website today agin.

Interesting that T-Mobile's new site is for the 3g. Isn't there supposed to be new hardware?
I'm going to laugh if this iPhoneVid rumor remains a rumor.

Calm down guys,
tech probably work as support in one of the European countries where T-Mobile is the official iPhone provider and therefore he is right.
the world does not end with ATT at the shores on NY, after you cross the Atlantic there is still civilization out there..

I’m currently using a i-smart sim unlock card to use my iPhone 3G w/ fw 2.2.1 on T-Mobile. Will this ismart sim unlock card also work with 3.0 anyone know?

I’m currently using a Turbo SIM to use my iPhone 3G w/ version 2.2.1 with fw 2.30.03 on T-Mobile. but the apple itune won't support my sim card when I try to syuc itune my music to my i phone. Anyone know how to resolve this issue please help me. Thank you all.

To Paul.
I’m currently using a Turbo SIM to use my iPhone 3G w/ version 2.2.1 with fw 2.30.03 on T-Mobile. but the apple itune won't support my sim card when I try to syuc itune my music to my i phone. Anyone know how to resolve this issue please help me. Thank you all.

I used a TurboSim in my Iphone 3G, but when I upgraded to 3.0, my TurboSim didn't work any more. I finally had to buy some software to unlock it myself.

To Mike (commment #22),
You just need to turn on airplane mode and then connect the Iphone to you computer and open iTunes. It will then recognize it and you can sync normally. Just be sure to remain on airplane mode while connected. And, to everyone using Turbo Sim and wants to update to 3.0... it's not official and I haven't try it myself but, according to some blogs and it sounds logic to me, you just need to remove the Turbo Sim, insert the original AT&T sim (which iTunes recognizes and syncs normally), updte to 3.0, turn off, remove AT&T sim, put Turbo Sim w/ sim you want to use, turn it on and it should work perfectly fine.

anyone tried this yet (post#24) I've got a ismartsim that is working fine with 2.1.1 and baseband 02.30.03 and dont want to loose the unlock and dont want to jailbreak and ultrasn0w. just would like to use the sim... PLEASE let us know if the above works.

i have 3.0 version
but i want use in eourope.how can i get the to 2.1 version from 3.00?
thank you

does post #24 work? i don't want to have to buy another turbo sim. will the one im using on 2.2.1 work for the 3.0 update?

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Anyways, I figured you could use that in your bag of tricks too :-)

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