More iPhone OS on Mac and Apple TV Talk


A little while ago TiPb asked if the Apple TV should be switched over to the iPhone OS, but what about the Mac? Coincidentally, a recent Apple job offering was discovered by ComputerWorld that hinted Apple was seriously considering pushing the iPhone OS from phone, MP3-player iPod touch, and tablet iPad to further devices:

The Core Platform team within Apple's Core OS organization is looking for a talented and inspired manager to lead a team focused on bring-up of iPhone OS on new platforms. The team is responsible for low level platform architecture, firmware, core drivers and bring-up of new hardware platforms. The team consists of talented engineers with experience in hardware, firmware, IOKit drivers, security and platform architecture.

Now the New York Times blogs quotes a former Apple engineer musing about whether or not the iPhone OS could be implemented as a special layer on top of Mac OS X, the way Front Row or Dashboard work today. Push a button, the multi-touch iPhone OS screen zooms in, you flick and swipe and pinch though what you want to do, then tap and go back to your mouse and keyboard.

We're all fans of the iPhone OS here, do we want to see it everywhere else as well?

(ComputerWorld and New York Times blogs via MacRumors, twice)

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More iPhone OS on Mac and Apple TV Talk


The way I see it is, if apple could manage to level out both the iPhone OS and Mac OS into a somewhat more standard "middle ground" OS, that could be implemented onto both devices—but still with unique characteristics on each side—that could be the ultimate platform. Add some more advanced controls and options (features) to iPhone OS and give the Mac OS a touch of iPhone, no pun intended, like for example: the iPhone could have NATIVE app folders that can be renamed/reorganized/easy-to-use and the Mac could get itself some of the multitouch features maybe homescreen pages you can swipe to while on the desktop. (some might view that more as exposé). Either way I think apple should make some more cross-hatching of the platforms

I think that the iPhone OS would be ideally suited to the Apple TV platform, whether on the current one or an all new one. It has all of the features there that's required for a media device. It wouldn't have to be touch screen they could adjust the UI to be controlled entirely by te remote or other iPhones. Plus open up another App Store for them.

Not sure that it makes sense to repeat the interface of iPad on TV screens. But to lay a combination of ARM-centric hardware with a decent h.264-accelerating GP and iPhone OS architecture down as a foundation for the future Apple TV with a sort of new, mind-blowing ribbon interface... Hmmm, it may actually work!

I don't want to get up and gesture on my 52 inch LCD. It smacks of the evenings at my grandma's house when she'd make me change the channel from The Sonny & Cher Show to Johnny Carson.
However, I CAN be bribed to perform these tasks if given fresh cookies!

who would buy the ipad if you could run iphone apps on a macbook...thats the only thing the ipad has going for it because its too big to fit in your pocket so if I need a bag for it anyway I can bring a real computer

For "other" hardware great!!
On a Tower--nuts!!
Efficiency, speed, etc just would not work for power users doing design, video, etc.
The best idea of seen is using current scalable OSx with a "dashboard" type set-up for the phone os.

The Core Platform team within Apple’s Core OS organization is looking for a talented and inspired manager to lead a team focused on bring-up of iPhone OS on new platforms.

Does apple typically advertise for applicants that logically could only be filled from within?
This seems to me to me they might be looking toward a sort of Virtual Machine capability with in the "core platform" group to allow iPhone OS/Apps to be launched on other hardware or OSX systems.
Doesn't this lend more credence to possibility of the iPad being offered with OSX in the future?

A fullscreen multitouch interface will replace the current desktop interface with Exposé and the Dock used for multitasking. The concept of application windows has been out of date, made interfaces messy and space consuming for quite a while.

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