Did the iPhone Outsell the Google Android G1 by 6 to 1?

Apple is set to announce their Q1 results at 5pm EST (2pm PST) and TiPb will bring you any and all iPhone related news that comes of it. In the meantime, analysts are saying that regardless of how well (or poorly?) the iPhone did during the holiday quarter, it did better than the Android G1. Quotes Apple Insider:

Based on polls of recent cellphone buyers, the analyst firm believes T-Mobile USA may have sold upwards of 300,000 of its touchscreen G1 handsets from launch in late October through to the end of 2008. In contrast, even Morgan Stanley's prediction of about 1.75 million iPhone 3G units sold through AT&T is about 5.9 times greater than what T-Mobile is believed to have managed.

(Note: That's the US T-Mobile, not the German T-Mobile which is busy boosting iPhone sales with heavy discounts.) Are the analysts right? Is this comparing international Apples to domestic Oranges... er... G1s? We'll have to wait in see. Regardless of what the iPhone sells, Bullish Cross (via Daring Fireball) reminds us:

Apple’s use of subscription-based accounting for iPhone revenue has significantly hurt its share price — casual investors who are only looking at Apple’s GAAP results don’t realize how much revenue they’ve deferred.

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Did the iPhone Outsell the Google Android G1 by 6 to 1?


It's all the other carriers own faults for ignoring Apple like a red-headed stepchild all these years and not supporting Macs. "Wow, we had no idea Apple made awesome products!" Well, now you do. Rot in h€ll T-Mobile! :lol:

G1... G2... G3... any model won't matter.. it's first has already failed in my eyes as a consumer. So i won't even check out it's next models..
The Palm Pre stands a better chance then Any phone coming out right now of getting my attention and also maybe a possible purchase.
I'm pretty much using the ZUNE logic for the G1 or Gx model phones...
I got the first ZUNE.. it was HORRIBLE... so then i said to myself.. hey maybe the second will be better so i bought that... Was it better? LOL nope..
one could also use this logic for the Tmobile Sidekick phones, remember those? I got the first and second as well.. still bad.

First rev of a new platform and it comes out in an odd handset with no programs on the nation's smallest carrier. And we expected it to sell anything close to the iPhone? This is even a story? I don't get it. And the G2 does not thrill me any more. This is the geek/nerd platform until it gets more carriers/handsets/apps behind it.

Checked out the G-2 on Engadget Mobile-wasn't overwhelmed. Looks exactly the same minus the physical keyboard. We'll see.

Honestly, to win against the iPhone you need to copy it outright in terms of function (capacitive multi-touch, appstore, 3-D rendering technology, fluid UI) and then improve on it (background processing, copy/paste, MMS, tethering, push notification for 3rd party apps (facebook, etc.) and open up the platform so that developers can take true advantage of the included apps). Now, I've rectified some of these things with clippy, backgrounder, insomnia, irealsms, swirlymms, and others, this is all without apples blessing, which might run me into problems later. Palm Pre is looking good, but I doubt it will overtake the iPhone's consumer base. Business users? Perhaps. But as far as the casual consumer is concerned, the iPhone is cool because it's the iPhone, just like the iPod was considered THE PMP for the last 7 or 8 years, despite how other developers have tried to trump it's base. It was a name, and people want a name. So far, Palm and the G1 just don't give the standard consumer a real reason to defect.

The stock is going through the roof after earnings are released tonight. Buy today, sell tomorrow right before the close (after the stock swings too far in the other direction).

hahaha the pre is only expected to sell 1.5 million in a year according to palm.
The iphone is expected to sell 45 million in 2009. Sad sad palm, your phone sucks =/

The problem with the G1 is that it is on an even worse network than the iPhone. Tmobile is just plain bad, had them for years before getting my iPhone.
Google would be wise to hurry up and get more models out there on other carriers before they lose more ground to Apple, and potentially the Pre.

Android is coming dangerously closer to failure. There may be a new G2 in may, but I expect long lines at Apple stores in June or July for the next iPhone.

If the iPhone sells 45 million the pre will sell alot more than 1.5.mil. Thanks for the heads up on palms stock.

I know I'm a little late to the discussion... but 5 of my friends (not including myself) own a g1.... ZERO own an iphone. 6 to 0..... hmmm... Just a little input from the real world.

Well if Raab was late to the discussion I am really late.... well when the G1 just came out I count my self as one of the first to say hell no!! but now being November 11 of 2009 I can honestly tell you that just by seeing what the G1 can do and how long it lasts not counting on how much more money you save on a T-Mobile plan compared to ATT, I can honestly tell all of you G1 criticts and IPhone enthusiasts that I will go to the G1 any day compared to the IPhone... I mean come on you might have games and apps on the IPhone but how much do you have to pay for each one and also how much do you pay for your plan? I will guess with the internet you will pay about $130 with like 500 minutes and internet?....now with the new Tmobile plans I can get internet on my 3G G1 and unlimited messaging and unlimited minutes for $79.99....$79.99!!!! i don't know about you guys but a NAME is not enough for me to waste about twice as much per month on a phone that everybody has and also that costs so much...... just a friendly reminder from a guy that started by hating the G1 and now that I have it i'm in love with it.... P.S. You guys should see how many games and apps are free in the Android market!!!! I mean i can play nintendo, super nintendo, and sega games on my G1 and all for free...and if you wanna save your progress you will have to pay about 1.99.... that is insane!!! i just love my white G1 its the best phone so far for me... and that is because i had a Blackberry 8900 and that was just a really boring phone.....If you want a really fun phone that won't cost you an arm and a leg to have and use just get yourself the G1 just get over the design and take it from an ex critic and new fan...

I can see that you might be an expert at your field! I am launching a web site soon, and your facts will be extremely useful for me.. Thanks for all your help and wishing you all the good results within your business.