Who Wants an iPhone "Pro" Slider for New Year?

Form-factor-palooza continues! During the iPhone Round Robin, our best frenemy CrackBerry Kevin spoke extensively about his desire for an iPhone Pro:

know a big part of the iPhone philosophy is to keep it simple, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to be a little more complicated, and luckily, tagging a product with "Pro" at the end covers the reduced intuitiveness of a professional device. At the bottom of the iPhone is a single home button. How about we toss a little Apple key to the left of it? Maybe when you hit that button you could get a few basic functions to pop up on the display... maybe like copy and paste? While we're at it, let's add a little back button to the right of that home key. The lack of a back key on the iPhone is one of my BIGGEST irks of all - you have to learn within each app the correct way to tap "back" to a previous menu (time waster). The most unified/simplistic means of getting back is via a back button. I know this is something that even iPhone fans (Rene, I'm looking at you) would like to see. Maybe add the ability to edit office docs natively - it's not something one typically does on a smartphone all that often (more likely to view than to edit), but sometimes "Pro" users do have to make changes on the go. And last but not least, give it a flashing red light. In other words, make it more like a BlackBerry! :-)

Seems he's not alone, though Gizmodo certainly takes it to another level entirely: enter the slider! (Or re-enter, as we heard rumors of the iSlider back in July...) It's not TiPb's cup of tea. We're still predicting an iPhone HD, but sans-slider. We highly doubt it's something Apple would ever consider either, but we're sure it would appeal to at least some of the HTC Pro/G1 crowd.

What do you think? Does the iPhone need it a big @$$ keyboard for 2009?

Rene Ritchie

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There are 26 comments. Add yours.

pauloleandro says:

at times i wouldn't mind one, but I think the iPhone is great as it is (besides the lack of copy/paste and the elusive push notification service).

sietedos72 says:

please please please please apple do this!! oh my god this looks like the smart phone of my dreams! i'm even considering the gphone so I can get a decent keyboard.

Steve the Apple Zealot says:

Apple doesn't follow losers... never has... they're leaders for others to follow behind.
The anti-iPhone crowd will just have to suffer while the rest of us move forward into the future. :lol:

Wyatt says:

I'd pass on the keyboard as sliders just don't appeal to me and it's just one more point of possible failure to worry about. Why do we need a dedicated back button since apps have one builtin. I'd love to get the camera centered in the middle as in the pic with 5mp and something larger than a pin hole to take advantage of it. And that front facing camera would be nice too. But what I really want is apps running is he background, background notifications, cut/copy/paste and 32GB.

Jasonl says:

This would be great especially the apple and back button!! One amazing thing one be a better camera with flash!!
Also I love the 5 rows of icons instead of four!!

Matt Sawyers says:

meh. I am already used to the keyboarda centered and larger lens (hopefully wider) would be nice.

Glenn says:

Why does everyone want this omgggggg this is the worst thing I've ever ever seen worst rumor worst ahhhhh I hope this never ever ever comes true

Jason says:

What an insanely stupid idea

Steve the Apple Zealot says:

I think every app I use has back buttons. What's the problem?
And I don't want to have to wipe a "front" camera lens clean after every phone call. :lol:

MattyFresh says:

Nooooooooooooo apple dont do it

MattyFresh says:

also screw kevin hes just a berry fan boy nothing more

Daniel Durazo says:

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frog says:

But what if Steve comes up with a great idea 6months down the track? How's he going to add a button to the plastic keypad once it's already shipped?
Not a hope in h*ll of ever happening.

iBamse says:

H*ll no!
Except for the front camera that is. A front cam hidden behind the front glass would be really neat.

Milo says:

it looks crap, doesn't work, and is an all round failure...
no thanks

Rey says:

I like the iPhone keyboard. I know I can type just as fast if not faster on it than a physical one. If you don't want to put in the time to learn how to use it, then sure an iPhone pro woud work. Not for me though, and I don't think im alone on that.

ANA says:

No. Hand touch is enough for me

LozBlanko says:

I had a pocket pc with a keyboard. What a piece of c**p it was. I'd never go back. Constantly popping it in and out = Rubbish.
The back button maybe and the central camera definitely.

Mr. Hi-Definition says:

Man I really hope that Apple comes out with this even though I know they probably won't.

James says:

Actually, when i started my "comment" i was going to say that i would loved to have the option of having a slide out keyboard, but now, i've realized that if apple put in a fimware update the ability to have landscape typing, the keyboard wouldnt be such a big issue. Aside from the other obvious tweaks (copy/paste among other things), this would make it a lot better. Apple could always make two different iphones catered to different user groups.... All I'm saying is i want some options.

Anouk says:

Oooh my god! this is "the most perfect" phone!
that's just what the iphone needs!!
i got an iphone myself, but dont like the virtual keyboard, when sending a text. it's to small.
And love doing that so. i neeeeeeeed apple to make this DREAM come true.......

Brian says:

Omg yes yes yes do this plzzzzzzz this is like a dream dnt listen to those other ppl they dnt no what they are talkin about just plzzzz do this It would be the #1 phone a full keyboard and an iPhone In one whoever came up with this idea rock :D

Brian says:

Plus the camera would be cool so plzzz do this I have the iPhone now and I kinda got use to texting with the key bored bug yea all I do is text so a full key board whould be awsome plzzzz :)

Rob says:

Wow!!! You people have a lot of time on your hands. Do any of you have a job or something to accomplish during the day? It's a Fu@#ing phone for god's sake!!!! Get over your Brand Fanaticism. Build something, create something, but please stop ranting about your devotion to a "back button". Get a life.

nick says:

I think this looks freeeekin awesome!! :)