Who Wants an iPhone "Pro" Slider for New Year?

Form-factor-palooza continues! During the iPhone Round Robin, our best frenemy CrackBerry Kevin spoke extensively about his desire for an iPhone Pro:

know a big part of the iPhone philosophy is to keep it simple, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to be a little more complicated, and luckily, tagging a product with "Pro" at the end covers the reduced intuitiveness of a professional device. At the bottom of the iPhone is a single home button. How about we toss a little Apple key to the left of it? Maybe when you hit that button you could get a few basic functions to pop up on the display... maybe like copy and paste? While we're at it, let's add a little back button to the right of that home key. The lack of a back key on the iPhone is one of my BIGGEST irks of all - you have to learn within each app the correct way to tap "back" to a previous menu (time waster). The most unified/simplistic means of getting back is via a back button. I know this is something that even iPhone fans (Rene, I'm looking at you) would like to see. Maybe add the ability to edit office docs natively - it's not something one typically does on a smartphone all that often (more likely to view than to edit), but sometimes "Pro" users do have to make changes on the go. And last but not least, give it a flashing red light. In other words, make it more like a BlackBerry! :-)

Seems he's not alone, though Gizmodo certainly takes it to another level entirely: enter the slider! (Or re-enter, as we heard rumors of the iSlider back in July...) It's not TiPb's cup of tea. We're still predicting an iPhone HD, but sans-slider. We highly doubt it's something Apple would ever consider either, but we're sure it would appeal to at least some of the HTC Pro/G1 crowd.

What do you think? Does the iPhone need it a big @$$ keyboard for 2009?

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Reader comments

Who Wants an iPhone "Pro" Slider for New Year?


at times i wouldn't mind one, but I think the iPhone is great as it is (besides the lack of copy/paste and the elusive push notification service).

please please please please apple do this!! oh my god this looks like the smart phone of my dreams! i'm even considering the gphone so I can get a decent keyboard.

Apple doesn't follow losers... never has... they're leaders for others to follow behind.
The anti-iPhone crowd will just have to suffer while the rest of us move forward into the future. :lol:

I'd pass on the keyboard as sliders just don't appeal to me and it's just one more point of possible failure to worry about. Why do we need a dedicated back button since apps have one builtin. I'd love to get the camera centered in the middle as in the pic with 5mp and something larger than a pin hole to take advantage of it. And that front facing camera would be nice too. But what I really want is apps running is he background, background notifications, cut/copy/paste and 32GB.

This would be great especially the apple and back button!! One amazing thing one be a better camera with flash!!
Also I love the 5 rows of icons instead of four!!

Why does everyone want this omgggggg this is the worst thing I've ever ever seen worst rumor worst ahhhhh I hope this never ever ever comes true

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  1. Sounds of NASCAR: No need to yell “Run ‘em off the road Dale!” while watching your favorite race. This handy app will do the yellin’ and whoopin’ for you with the touch of a button. Just pick from our list of top drivers (Juan Pablo Montoya not available) and popular sayings and your iPhone will do the cheering for you.

But what if Steve comes up with a great idea 6months down the track? How's he going to add a button to the plastic keypad once it's already shipped?
Not a hope in h*ll of ever happening.

H*ll no!
Except for the front camera that is. A front cam hidden behind the front glass would be really neat.

I like the iPhone keyboard. I know I can type just as fast if not faster on it than a physical one. If you don't want to put in the time to learn how to use it, then sure an iPhone pro woud work. Not for me though, and I don't think im alone on that.

I had a pocket pc with a keyboard. What a piece of c**p it was. I'd never go back. Constantly popping it in and out = Rubbish.
The back button maybe and the central camera definitely.

Actually, when i started my "comment" i was going to say that i would loved to have the option of having a slide out keyboard, but now, i've realized that if apple put in a fimware update the ability to have landscape typing, the keyboard wouldnt be such a big issue. Aside from the other obvious tweaks (copy/paste among other things), this would make it a lot better. Apple could always make two different iphones catered to different user groups.... All I'm saying is i want some options.

Oooh my god! this is "the most perfect" phone!
that's just what the iphone needs!!
i got an iphone myself, but dont like the virtual keyboard, when sending a text. it's to small.
And love doing that so. i neeeeeeeed apple to make this DREAM come true.......

Omg yes yes yes do this plzzzzzzz this is like a dream dnt listen to those other ppl they dnt no what they are talkin about just plzzzz do this It would be the #1 phone a full keyboard and an iPhone In one whoever came up with this idea rock :D

Plus the camera would be cool so plzzz do this I have the iPhone now and I kinda got use to texting with the key bored bug yea all I do is text so a full key board whould be awsome plzzzz :)

Wow!!! You people have a lot of time on your hands. Do any of you have a job or something to accomplish during the day? It's a Fu@#ing phone for god's sake!!!! Get over your Brand Fanaticism. Build something, create something, but please stop ranting about your devotion to a "back button". Get a life.