iPhone Remote App + Apple TV Plays Wrong Video Podcasts?

I typically choose to keep 10 episodes of any video podcast I subscribe to in iTunes. Back with version 1.0 of the Apple Remote App for the iPhone, when I would choose to play the latest episode of a show, the Apple TV would stubbornly start playing the oldest episode (sometimes oldest unwatched, sometimes just oldest) instead. "New" status seemed to have no effect.

This didn't happen if I did the same thing via the iTunes library on my computer, only when I used the Apple TV, which streams from that iTunes library. I could work around this, however, by waiting for the oldest episode to start, then tapping my iPhone screen to flip the artwork around and reveal the episode list, then tapping the newest episode again. If I jumped through that hoop, the Apple TV would begrudgingly give me the actual episode I wanted.

With Apple Remote App version 1.1? No dice. I get the oldest episode no matter what. Most perplexingly, the iPhone will initially display the proper episode name in the title bar, then visibly switch to, and begin playing, the wrong one.

(Now, as punishment for testing it and writing this, the little fella has crashed, but offered to let me restart, run diagnostics, or restore... I chose the middle option for now).

Needless to say, this has changed the App from a useful tool to non-starter, and brought the tiny little white Apple TV back out of retirement.

Anyone else experiencing this problem? Anyone have a fix?

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Rene Ritchie

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iPhone Remote App + Apple TV Plays Wrong Video Podcasts?

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My wife experienced this on her 1st Gen iPhone using Remote 1.0 and trying to play audio podcasts. It was totally useless. We tried to play a podcast, but would end up playing a completely different one. This was a few weeks ago and we never fixed it. I don't think she's tried it again since then. But you're not alone with the problem.